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Sacred Spot
Sacred Treasures
Sacrifice Of Praise
Safe Beneath The Shelter Of His Wings
Safe In My Father's Arms
Safe In The Arms Of Jesus
Safe Now
Safe On The Glory Side
Safely In The Arms Of Jesus
Sail Away Home
Sail Away Someday
Sail For The Other Side
Sail On
Sail On Over
Sail On Toward Home
Sailin On The Sea Of Your Love
Sailing Away
Sailing On Home
Sailing Toward Home
Saints Don't You Know
Saints Will Rise
Salvation Has Been Brought Down
Salvation Is The Miracle To Me
Salvation's Plan
Samaritan's Heart
Same Old Fashioned Way
Same Old Story
Same Train
Santa Bring My Baby Back To Me
Santa Bring Your Elves
Santa Claus Is Back In Town
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
Santa's Song
Satan And The Saint
Satan And The Saints
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Satisfied Feeling
Satisfied Mind
Satisfied With Me
Save Me A Seat
Saved By Grace
Saved By The Hands
Saved, Saved
Saved Through Jesus' Blood
Saved To The Uttermost
Saving Business
Saving Grace
Savior And King
Savior Don't Ever Let Go
Savior Gently Take Me Home
Savior Like A Shepherd Lead Me
Savior To Be Proud Of
Sawdust And Folding Chairs
Say A Prayer
Say A Prayer For Me
Scars And Stripes
Scars In The Hands Of Jesus
Scars Won't Matter
Sea Walker
Search Me Lord
Searching For Reality
Season Of Love
Second Fiddle
Second Opinion
Second Time Around
See How She Loves Him
See Old Glory Fly
See That Light On Yonder Mountain
See Those Clouds
See What God Can Do
See You In The Morning
Seed Of The Righteous
Seeing Eye Dog
Seeing Is Believing
Seek And Ye Shall Find
Seek Ye First
Seek Ye First The Kingdom Of God
Seeking For Me
Seeking Out The Good Things
Send A Miracle
Send Aaron
Send In The Clouds
Send It On Down
Send Me
Send The Blood
Send The Light
Send Your Rain
Sending Up Some Boards
Sending Up Timber
Set Another Place At The Table
Set Down
Set Me Free
Set Me On The Rock Joshua
Set My Feet On The Rock
Settle On My Soul
Sevenfold Amen
Shadow Of His Hand
Shadow Of His Love
Shadow Of The Cross
Shadow Of The Steeple
Shadow Of Thy Wing
Shadow Of Your Wings
Shady Green Pastures
Shake Hands With A Poor Boy
Shake Hands With Mother Again
Shall I Crucify Him
Shall We Gather At The River
Shamed By A Rock
Share It With Jesus
Shattered Dreams
She Cries
She Found Jesus Alive
She Knows
She Loved
Shed For Even Me
Shelter From The Storm
Shelter Of His Arms
Sheltered By The Master's Arms
Sheltered In The Arms
Sheltered In The Arms Of God
Shepherd Of The Hills
Shepherd's Heart
She's Loved Him For So Many Years
Shine Jesus Shine
Shine On
Shine On For Jesus
Shine On Me
Shine On Us
Shine Shine Down On Me
Shine Through Me
Shine Your Love
Shining In
Ship Ahoy
Sho Do Need Him Now
Shoulder To Shoulder
Should've Been Loving You
Shout And Shine
Shout Brother Shout
Shout It From The Housetop
Shout It Out
Shout Of Glory
Shout To The Lord
Shoutin' Ground
Shoutin' Happy
Shoutin' Shoes
Shoutin' Sounds
Shoutin' Time
Shoutin’ Time In Heaven
Shouting Time
Show Me A Little Love And Kindness
Show Me The Cross
Show Me The Grave
Show Me The Way
Show Me The Way To Go
Show Me The Way To Calvary
Show Me Thy Ways
Show Me Thy Ways, Oh Lord
Show Me Your Way
Showers Of Blessing
Showing My Appreciation
Sights Of Heaven
Sign Me Up
Signed, Sealed, Delivered
Signs Of A Good Life
Silence Of The Lambs
Silent Bells
Silent Cries
Silent Night
Silent Night Medley
Silver And Gold
Silver Bells
Silver Haired Daddy
Silver That Nailed Him To The Cross
Simple Faith
Simple Is This Cross Of Mine
Simple Love
Simple Man
Simply I Love You
Sin Ain't Nothing But The Blues
Sin Died Here
Sin Met Grace
Sin Will Take You Farther
Since He Gave My Life A New Start
Since He Put A Little Sunshine In
Since I Found Jesus
Since I Found The Lord
Since I Got This Feeling
Since I Have Been Redeemed
Since I Met Jesus
Since I've Been Born Again
Since I've Found Jesus
Since I've Used My Bible For A Roadmap
Since Jesus Came In
Since Jesus Came Into My Heart
Since Jesus Came Into This Heart Of Mine

Since Jesus Medley
Since Jesus Moved In
Since Jesus Passed By
Since Jesus Spoke Peace To Me
Since Jesus Touched Me
Since The Comforter Came Down
Since Then
Since You Gave Me A Song
Sincerely, I Remain
Sing A Little Song
Sing A New Song
Sing A Song
Sing A Song About The Lamb
Sing A Sweet Song
Sing All Over Heaven
Sing And Be Happy
Sing And Shout
Sing, Be Happy
Sing Brother Sing
Sing For You
Sing Hallelujah
Sing His Great Love
Sing It Brother
Sing Me A Going Home Song
Sing Me A Good Ole Gospel Song
Sing Me A Gospel Song
Sing Me A Happy Song
Sing Me A Song
Sing Me A Song About Jesus
Sing Me A Song Of Sharon's Rose
Sing Me A Song That Blesses My Soul
Sing Me A Song Tomorrow
Sing Me Home
Sing Me On Home
Sing On The Way
Sing One More Song About Heaven
Sing Shout Dance
Sing, Sister, Sing
Sing The Glory Down
Sing To Me Of Heaven
Sing We Now Of Christmas
Sing With The Angels
Sing, You Children
Sing Your Blues Away
Singin' For You
Singing And Rejoicing
Singing As I Go
Singing In My Soul
Singing In The Choir
Singing In The Heavenly Choir
Singing In The Midnight Hour
Singing In The Promised Land
Singing News Blues
Singing On The Other Side
Singing With The Angels
Singing With The Saints
Sinner Come Home
Sinner Let Me Tell You
Sinner Man
Sinner Saved By Grace
Sinner You'll Miss Heaven
Sinner's Plea
Sin's Dark Sea
Sister's Keeper
Sit Down Servant
Sit Down Together
Sittin Around The Table
Sittin' Around The Table Of The Lord
Sittin' By The Fire With You
Sittin' Round The Table
Sitting At The Feet Of Jesus
Sitting Round The Table
Sixty Four Roses
Sleep Baby Sleep
Sleep, My Little Lord Jesus
Sleep On
Sleep On And Take Your Rest
Sleigh Ride
Slow Down
Slumber Song Of The Infant Jesus
Smack Dab In The Middle Of His Will
Small Men Cast Long Shadows
Smile Again
Smile On His Face
Smile On Your Face
Smilin' Through
Smoke Of The Battle
Smooth Sailin'
Smooth Sailing
So Close To Home
So Close To The Truth
So Dearly
So Good To Me
So Great Salvation
So Happy I'll Be
So Hard To Fall
So High
So High, So Low
So I Gave My Heart To Him
So I Love Him Dearly
So Long And Goodbye
So Many Reasons
So Many Times
So Many Years
So Much God
So Much Mercy
So Much Singing To Do
So Possible To Love
So Shall We
So We Could Become Like Him
Softly And Tenderly
Soldier In The Army
Soldier Medley
Soldier On
Solid As The Rock
Solid Ground
Some Children See Him
Some Dawning
Some Day
Some Day I'm Going Home With Jesus
Some Day Soon
Some Day We'll Know?
Some Glad Day
Some Glad Day When Jesus Comes
Some Glorious Day
Some Golden Daybreak
Some Good Of Me
Some Happy Morning
Some Morning Fair
Some Sweet Day
Some Sweet Daybreak
Some Things I Must Tell The Children
Some Things I'd Change
Some Things Never Change
Some Wonderful Day
Somebody Bigger Than You And I
Somebody Called My Name
Somebody Did A Golden Deed
Somebody Did Some Praying For Me
Somebody Died For Me
Somebody Else Will
Somebody Give Me A Stone
Somebody Here
Somebody In Heaven
Somebody Loved Me
Somebody Loves Me
Somebody New
Somebody Prayed For Me
Somebody Run
Somebody Sing
Somebody Sing Me A Gospel Song
Somebody Stepped On Board
Somebody Touched Heaven
Somebody Touched Heaven For Me
Somebody Touched Me
Somebody Touched The Lord
Somebody Up There Loves Me
Somebody's Knockin' At Your Door
Somebody's Prayin'
Somebody's Waiting At The Shore
Someday Soon
Someday There'll Be No Tomorrow
Someday We Know
Someday We'll Know
Someday Will Be Sunday All The Time
Somehow He Will
Someone Is Praying For Me
Someone Like Me
Someone Like You
Someone To Care
Someone To Talk To
Someone To Throw The Rock
Someone Who Cares
Someone Will Love Me In Heaven
Someplace Green
Somethin’ Within
Something Beautiful
Something Exciting
Something From The Throne Room
Something Going On In The Graveyard
Something Good
Something Got A Hold Of Me
Something Got Ahold Of Me
Something Happened To Daddy
Something I Can Feel
Something In My Heart
Something In The Upper Room
Something In The Water
Something Keeps Pulling Me Home
Something Lifted Off Of Me
Something Mighty Special
Something New
Something New And Something Old
Something New Under The Son
Something Old, Something New
Something Out Of Nothing
Something To Hold On To
Something To Say
Something To Shout About
Something Took Hold Of Me
Something Within
Something Within Me
Something Wonderful Happened To Me Last Night
Something Worth Living For
Something’s Happening
Sometimes A Mountain
Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child
Sometimes I Get Homesick
Sometimes I Wish
Sometimes I Wonder
Sometimes It Seems
Sometimes My Feet Wanna Dance
Sometimes This Is Like Heaven
Somewhere Along The Way (He'll Find You)
Somewhere Every River Has A Bridge
Somewhere In Gloryland
Somewhere In The Night
Somewhere In The Shadows
Somewhere On Your Knees
Somewhere Someday
Son Shines Down On Me
Song For The Man
Song Of A Soul
Song Of David
Song Of Praise

Song Of Solomon
Song Of Songs
Song Of Victory
Song Ringing In My Heart
Songs In The Night
Songs Of America Medley
Songs Of Praise
Songs That Answer Questions
Songs We Used To Sing
Sonshiny Day
Soon And Very Soon
Soon The Day Will Come
Soon This Trial Will Pass
Soon We Will See
Sooner Or Later
Sorrow Not
Sorry I Never Knew You
Soul Fillin Station
Soul Saving Meeting
Soul's Harbor
Sound Of The Trumpets
Sounds All Around
Sounds Like The Truth To Me
Sounds Of Love
Sounds Of That City
Sound The Battle Cry
Source Of Strength
Speak For Me
Speak The Word Lord
Speak To Me
Special Kind Of Man
Spend A Little More Love
Spend A Little More Love This Christmas
Spend A Little Time With Him
Spirit Filled Choir
Spirit Of The Living God
Spiritual Medley
Spread A Little Love Around
Spread The News
Spread The Word Around
Spreading Like Wildfire
Spring Time's Coming
Springtime In Glory
Springtime In Heaven
Springtime In The Smokies
St Anthony's Etude
Stand And Praise The Lord
Stand By Me
Stand By Me Jesus
Stand By The Power
Stand By The River
Stand For Jesus
Stand For You
Stand Still
Stand Still And See His Glory
Stand Up
Stand Up And Be Strong
Stand Up For Jesus
Stand Up For What I Stand For
Stand Up Stand Up For Jesus
Stand Your Ground
Standin' In The Need Of Prayer
Standing In The Forgiveness
Standing In The Loading Zone
Standing In The Need Of Prayer
Standing In The Presence
Standing In The Presence Of The King
Standing In The Safety Zone
Standing On Holy Ground
Standing On The Banks
Standing On The Outside Looking In
Standing On The Promises
Standing On The Rock
Standing On The Solid Rock
Standing Once Again
Standing Out
Standing Outside
Standing Somewhere In The Shadows Of The Garden
Standing Tall
Star Of Heaven
Star Of The East
Stars Below
Start Listening For The Sound
Start With Me
Statement Of Faith
Statue Of Liberty
Stay Close To Me
Stay Near Me All The Way
Steady As Mount Zion
Steady As She Goes
Steal Away
Steal Away And Pray
Steel On Steel
Step Across The Line
Step Along
Step Back Angels
Step By Step
Step Into The Water
Step To The Right
Steppin' On The Stars
Steppin' Out In Faith
Steppin' Out On The Water
Steppin' Stones
Stepping In The Light
Stepping In The Steps
Stepping On The Clouds
Still Be Believing
Still Blessed
Still Drinking Water From The Well
Still Enough Blood
Still Feelin' Fine
Still He Came
Still Holdin' On
Still Lovin’ Me
Still One Nation Under God
Still Small Voice
Still Standing After The Storm
Still Thrilled
Stir Up The Fire
Stop And Pray
Stop Still And Listen
Stop, Look, And Listen For The Lord
Stopped Looking, Started Listening
Storefront Mission
Storm Now And Then
Storms I Never See
Stormy Waters
Stormy Weather
Straight Road To The Sky
Strange Way To Save The World
Streams Of Mercy
Street Corner Preacher
Streets Of Gold
Strike Up The Band
Stroll Over Heaven
Strong Hand Of Love
Strong In The Strength
Stronger For It
Stuff Of Life
Such A Time As This
Such Is Life
Such Is The Kingdom Of Heaven
Suddenly A Rainbow
Suddenly Jesus
Suddenly There's A Valley
Suffer The Children
Summer Prayer
Sunday Go To Meetin' Medley
Sunday Meetin' Time
Sunday School
Sundays Are Made For Times Like These
Sunday's Coming
Sunlight, Sunlight
Sunny Banks Of Sweet Deliverance
Sunny Day
Sunny Side Of Life
Sunrise In The Morning
Sunset Is Coming
Sunshine And Roses
Sunshine Of Today
Sunshine, Shine On
Supernatural Man Who Can
Surely God Is Able
Surely Goodness And Mercy
Surely I Will Lord
Surely Our God Is Able
Surely The Presence
Sweeping All The Debt Away
Sweet Baby Girl
Sweet Bethlehem
Sweet Beulah Land
Sweet Bye And Bye
Sweet Glory There
Sweet Heaven
Sweet Holy Spirit
Sweet Hour Of Prayer
Sweet Is Thy Spirit
Sweet Jesus
Sweet Land Of Rest
Sweet Land Of Victory
Sweet Life
Sweet Mystery
Sweet Peace
Sweet Relief
Sweet Song Of Salvation
Sweet Sweet Smile
Sweet Sweet Song Of Salvation
Sweet Sweet Spirit
Sweet Victory
Sweet Zion's Song
Sweet, Sweet Spirit
Sweeter As The Days Go By
Sweeter As The Years Go By
Sweeter Each Day
Sweeter Every Day
Sweeter Gets The Journey
Sweeter His Way
Sweeter Than The Day Before
Sweetest Mother
Swing Down Chariot
Swing Low
Swing Low Sweet Chariot
Swing That Golden Chariot Low
Swing Wide The Gates
Swing Wide Ye Golden Gate
Swing Wide Your Golden Gate
Swingin' And Marchin'
Swingin' On The Golden Gate

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