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Queen Of Paradise


Race With Time
Radiant Lamb
Radio Preacher
Rain And Shine
Rain On You
Rainbow Of Love
Rainbow Over My Head
Raise The Roof
Raise Your Hands
Raised To Walk
Ranch House In Heaven
Rank Strangers
Rank Strangers To Me
Ransomed Millions
Rattlesnake Remedy
Reach For The Word
Reach For Your Faith
Reach Out
Reach Out And Touch
Reach Out And Touch The Lord
Reach Out For The Life Line
Reach Out To Jesus
Reach The World
Reaching Up
Read That Book
Read The Book
Ready And Waiting
Ready For A Blessing
Ready Or Not
Ready To Go
Ready To Leave
Ready When You Are
Real Faith
Real Good, Feel Good Song
Real People Of God
Realms Of Glory Bright
Reapin' In The Spirit
Reason Enough
Reason He Died
Rebuild The Fire
Red Hot Desire
Red Scarlet Cross
Redeemed Medley
Redeemed, How I Love To Proclaim It
Redeeming Love
Redemption Day Is Dawning
Redemption Draweth Nigh
Redemption Medley
Refuge Behind The Cross
Rejoice In The Lord
Rejoice, The Lord Is King
Rejoice With Exceeding Great Joy
Release Me
Release Me From My Sin
Remember Me

Remember Me Oh Lord
Remember These Things
Remind Me
Remind Me Dear Lord
Remind Me Lord
Remind Me Of Calvary
Rescue The Perishing
Rescued Me
Rest A Little While
Rest Assured
Rest Awaiting Us
Rest For Your Soul
Rest In Him
Resting In The Arms Of A Never Failing God
Resting Place
Restless Hearts
Restore My Soul
Resurrection Day
Resurrection Ground
Resurrection Morn
Resurrection Morning
Retirement Plan
Reunion Day
Reunion In Heaven
Revellie Blows From Heaven
Reverend Everette Beverly And Sister Anna Laura
Revival Days
Revival In The Land
Revival Is Here
Revive Us Again
Rhythm Guitar
Rich As I Can Be
Rich Man, Poor Man
Richest Poor Man On Earth
Ride In The Chariot
Ride On The Clouds
Ride On, God's Careworn Children
Ride That Glory Cloud
Ride That Glory Train
Ride That Glory Wagon
Ridin' High
Ridin' The Range
Riding On The Glory Train
Riding On The Wings Of Love
Riding The Range For Jesus
Right In The Middle Of It All
Right Now I’m So Happy
Right On Time
Right Place Right Time
Ring Christmas Bells
Ring Out The Message
Ring Out The Welcome
Ring The Bells
Ring The Bells Of Freedom
Ringing Of The Hammer
Rise Above It All
Rise Again
Rise And Be Healed
Rise And Shine
Rise And Walk

Rise Up
Rising Of The Son
River Medley
River Of Grace
River Of Jordan
River Of Life
River Of Love
River Of Peace
Rivers Of Joy
Road Less Traveled
Road Of No Return
Road That Leads To Heaven
Road To Glory
Road To The Valley
Roamin’ River
Robe Of Calvary
Robe Of White
Rock At The Door
Rock Bottom
Rock My Soul
Rock Of Ages
Rock Of Ages, Hide Me Again
Rock Of Ages Hide Thou Me
Rock-A-My Soul
Rocked On The Deep
Rocking On The Waves
Rocky Road
Rocky Top
Roll Away
Roll Away The Stone
Roll Away Troubled River
Roll Back River Jordan
Roll Call
Roll Jordan Roll
Roll On
Roll On Jordan
Roll Out The Red Carpet
Rollin And Kickin In The Noonday Sun
Rolling Along
Rolling Riding Rocking
Romans 8:28
Romans Ten Nine
Room At The Cross
Room For Me
Room Of Prayer
Rose Among The Thorns
Rose Beneath The Thorns
Roses For Mama
Roses Will Bloom Again
Rough Side Of The Mountain
'Round The Hills In Galilee
'Round The Kitchen Table
Roundup In The Sky
Row Your Boat
Royal Descendant
Royal Hands
Royal Priesthood
Royal Telephone
Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
Run And Not Be Weary
Run And Tell
Run On
Run To Jesus
Run To The Blood
Runnin' Free
Runnin' In The Rain
Running Back To Jesus
Running My Last Mile Home
Rusty Old Halo

Songs: 0-9 A B C D E F G H I Ia-Iz J K L M N O P Q R S Ta-Tg Th Ti-Tz U V W X Y Z

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