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Songs beginning with the letter T have been divided into three pages due to the large number of songs.


Table Grace
Take A Little Look
Take A Look
Take A Look In The Book
Take A Moment And Live
Take A Walk Through Bethlehem
Take Another Chance
Take Another Look
Take Away Jesus
Take Away The Stone
Take 'Em To The Lord
Take God By The Hand
Take Him At His Word
Take Him Down
Take His Hand
Take His Love
Take It From Me
Take It To God In Prayer
Take It To Jesus
Take It To The Cross
Take It To The Lord
Take Me As I Am
Take Me Back
Take Me Back To Col-Ler-Rad-Da Fer To Stay?
Take Me Back To My Birthplace
Take Me Back To The Cross
Take Me Back To The Old Rugged Cross
Take Me For A Cleansing
Take Me Home
Take Me In The Lifeboat
Take Me To Jesus
Take Me To The Throne
Take Me Up The Hill
Take My Hand
Take My Hand Precious Lord
Take My Life
Take My Word
Take My Word For It
Take Off Those Rags Lazarus
Take The Hand Of The Lord
Take The Name Of Jesus With You
Take These Burdens
Take This Trial Trip Beside Me
Take This Whole World

Take Time To Pray
Take Up The Cross
Take Up Thy Cross
Take Up Thy Cross And Follow Me
Take Us Home With You
Take What We Have
Take What You Have
Take Your Burdens To The Altar
Take Your Shoes Off Moses
Take Your Troubles To The Cross
Take Your Troubles To The Lord
Takin' It Back
Takin' My Time
Taking It Back
Talk About Jesus
Talk About Sufferin'
Talk About Suffering
Talk About The Good Times
Talk It All Over With Him
Talk To Him
Talk To The King
Talk To The Man
Talkin' About Heaven
Talkin' About The Love Of God
Talkin' To God
Talking About The Old Time Religion
Taller Than Trees
Tarry Here
Taste Of The Lamb
Tattler's Wagon
Teach Me Lord To Wait
Teach Me To Lean
Teach Me To Love Like That
Teach Them How To Pray
Teach Your Children
Tear Stains
Tear Stains On Mama's Bible
Tear Stains On The Bible
Tearing Down Kingdoms
Tearing Down The Kingdom
Tears Are A Language God Understands
Tears In A Bottle
Tears Of Joy
Tears Will Never Stain The Streets Of That City
Tears Will Stop This Side Of Heaven

Teenage Christian
Tell A Bible Story
Tell About, Sing About, Shout About
Tell And Sing The News
Tell Everyone You Know
Tell It Again
Tell It To A Friend
Tell It To Him
Tell It To Jesus
Tell Me
Tell Me His Name Again
Tell Me One More Time
Tell Me That Story Again
Tell Me The Story Again
Tell Me The Story Of Jesus
Tell Me Who
Tell Me Why
Tell Mother I'll Be There
Tell My Friends
Tell Of His Love
Tell Someone About Jesus
Tell Them What It's All About
Tell Your Children
Telling The Old Story
Temporary Home
Temporary Things
Temporary Tomb
Tempted Like Me
Ten Days In Coronary Care
Ten Men Came
Ten Thousand Angels
Ten Thousand Angels And Me
Ten Thousand Angels Cried
Ten Thousand Years
Tender Is The Love Of Jesus
Tennessee Mountain
Testimony Medley
Testimony Meeting
Texas Star

Songs: 0-9 A B C D E F G H I Ia-Iz J K L M N O P Q R S Ta-Tg Th Ti-Tz U V W X Y Z

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