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Cabin In The Valley Of Pines
Cabin On The Hill
Call Home
Call It What It Is
Call Me Blessed
Call Me By Name
Call Me Gone
Call Of The Cross
Call On God For Power
Call On Jesus
Call On The Lord
Call Out My Name
Call Upon The Name
Called In, Called Up, Called Out
Called Out
Calling All Hearts
Calling Jesus
Calling Me Home
Calm The Raging Storm
Calm The Storm
Calm This Storm For Me
Calmer Of The Storm
Calvary And Amazing Grace
Calvary Answers For Me
Calvary Calls
Calvary Came Through
Calvary Conquers It All
Calvary Dallas Memphis LA
Calvary Painted A Picture Of Grace
Calvary Reminds Me
Calvary Took It All
Calvary Will Come To You
Calvary's Hill
Calvary's Story
Camp Meetin' Time
Camping In Canaan
Camping In Canaan Land?
Camping In Canaan's Land
Camping In Canaanland
Campmeeting Days
Campmeeting Medley
Can He, Could He, Would He
Can I Get A Witness
Can The World See Jesus In You
Can We Get To That
Can You Believe It
Can You Imagine
Can You See The Clock
Canaanland Is Just In Sight
Canaan's Land
Canít Be A Cowboy
Can't Nobody Do Me Like Jesus
Can't Stop Talking About Him
Can't You Feel His Presence
Captain Jesus
Captain Of Sunshine
Carol Of The Bells
Caroling Caroling
Carpenter's Tool
Carried Away
Carried By Grace
Carry Me
Carry On
Carry On Church
Carrying On The Business For The King
Carved In Stone
Cast In The Sea
Cast Your Faith Upon The Waters
Cast Your Net
Cast Your Net Upon The Sea
Castles In The Sand
Cathedral Of Dreams
Caught Up
Caught Up Together
Celebrate Jesus' Name
Celebration Day
Celebration To The King
Center Of My Joy
Certain Kind Of Certainty
Chains Of Yesterday
Champion Of Love
Change In Me
Change Me Like You
Changed By A Baby Boy
Changed Forever
Changing Of The Seasons
Chapel In The Sky
Chapter Two
Check It Out
Cheer The Weary Traveler
Cherish That Name
Chicken On The Ground
Child Child
Child Come Home
Child Forgiven
Child Of God
Child Of Love
Child Of The King
Child Of The Light
Child Welcome Home
Child You're Forgiven
Childhood Memories
Children Go Where I Send Thee
Children Of The Dust
Children Stand
Children's Medley
Chilly Waters
Choose God
Choose You Again
Choose You This Day
Choose Today
Chorus Medley
Christ Arose
Christ Is A Wonderful Savior

Christ Is All
Christ Is Born In Bethlehem
Christ Is Born Today
Christ Is So Wonderful
Christ Is The Answer
Christ Still Lives
Christ The Lord Is Risen Today
Christ The Rock
Christís Love Is All I Need
Christian Family
Christian In The House
Christians Never Say Goodbye
Christmas Again
Christmas At Calvary
Christmas Carol
Christmas Cookies
Christmas Country Style
Christmas Eve
Christmas In Heaven
Christmas In Indiana
Christmas In July
Christmas In The Country
Christmas Is Believin'
Christmas Is For Children
Christmas Is Paintin' The Town
Christmas Means Christ To Me
Christmas Means Heaven To Me
Christmas Means Jesus
Christmas Medley
Christmas Praise
Christmas Shoes
Christmas Time Is Here
Christmas Timeís A Cominí
Christmas Waltz
Christmas With A Capital C
Church Twice On Sunday
City Called Heaven
City Lights
City Limits Of Heaven
City Not Made With Hands
City Of Gold
City Of Light
City Of The Living
City That's Coming Down
City Where Nobody Cries
Clap Your Hands
Clapping Of The Nail Scarred Hands
Cleanse Me
Climb Every Mountain
Climb Ev'ry Mountain
Climb That Mountain
Climbing Higher
Climbing Higher And Higher
Climbing Up The Mountain
Clinging To A Saving Hand
Clinging To The Master's Hand
Close To The Cross, But Far From The Blood
Close To The Master
Close To The Throne
Close To The Well
Close To You
Closer Dear Lord To Thee
Closer Still
Closer Than Ever
Closer To Home
Closer To Jesus
Closer To Thee
Closer To Where I'm Going
Closer To You
Closer To You Lord
Cloudless Day
Clouds Roll Back
Coat Of Many Colors
Cold Cold Night In December
Cold Jordan
Come A Little Closer To The Lord
Come All Ye Children
Come Along And Join Me
Come Along My Loving Children
Come Along With Me
Come And Dine
Come And Get Me
Come And Get Your Bride
Come And Go With Me
Come And See
Come And See The Rising Son
Come As You Are
Come Away My Love
Come Forth Like Gold
Come Holy Spirit
Come Home
Come Home Children
Come In The Prayer Room
Come In The Room
Come Go With Me
Come Make A Place In Me
Come Morning
Come On And Join Us
Come On And Ride This Train
Come On And Sing
Come On Back
Come On Back Jesus
Come On Be Happy
Come On Children
Come On Down
Come On Down To The Altar
Come On Home
Come On Home To Jesus
Come On In
Come On Let's Face It
Come On Letís Go To That Land
Come On Letís Praise Him
Come On Out Of The Wilderness
Come On Over

Come On Ring Those Bells
Come Out Of The Night
Come Out Praising
Come Out With Your Hands Up
Come See About Me
Come See Me
Come See This Man
Come Spring
Come Sunday
Come Take My Hand
Come Thirsty
Come Thou Almighty King
Come Thou Fount
Come Thou Long Expected Jesus
Come To Calvary
Come To Jesus
Come To Me
Come To The Feast
Come To The Fountain
Come To The Savior
Come To The Water
Come To The Waters
Come To The Wedding
Come Unto Jesus
Come Unto Me
Come With Me
Come, Ye Thankful People, Come
Comfort Me
Coming After His Bride
Coming Back
Coming Back On Time
Coming Home
Coming Into His Presence
Coming Of The Lord
Coming Out And Moving In
Coming Out Of The Wilderness
Committed To The Cause Of Christ
Common Garments
Common Little Things
Company With Angels
Compared To You
Congratulations Are In Order
Connect Me With Heaven
Consider The Cross
Consider The Lilies
Consider The Price
Constantly Aware
Constantly Aware Of His Love
Cool Chilly Water
Cool Drink Of Water
Cool Water
Cool, Clear, Everlasting Living Water
Coronation Day
Cost Of Living
Could I Wish
Could You Make Room In Heaven
Count Me In
Count On Me
Count On You
Count The Scars
Count Your Blessings
Count Your Blessings Again
Counting Sheep
Country Boy
Country Boyís Dream
Country Sunday
Covered By The Blood
Covered In Red
Cowboy Camp Meetin'
Cowboy Medley
Cowboy's Paradise
Crazy Not To
Create In Me
Created In His Image
Crimson River
Cross And Nails
Cross Chilly Jordan
Cross Medley
Cross Over
Cross Over Jordan
Cross Over To The Other Side
Cross The Faith Line
Crossing Chilly Jordan
Crossing Jordan
Crossing The Finish Line
Crown Him King
Crown Him Lord Of All
Crown Him With Many Crowns
Crown Of Bright Glory
Crown Of Thorns
Crowned With Glory Now
Crowning Of The Lamb
Crucified Heart
Crucified With Christ
Crucifixion Day
Crumbs From The Table
Cry For The Children
Cry From The Cross
Cry Of His Child
Cry Of The Newborn
Crying Holy Unto The Lord
Crying In The Chapel
Crying In The Garden
Crystal River And Golden Street
Cut From The Rock

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