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Songs beginning with the letter T have been divided into three pages due to the large number of songs.


Thank God
Thank God For Calvary
Thank God For Kids
Thank God For My Christian Home
Thank God For The Morning
Thank God For The Old Rugged Cross
Thank God For The Preacher
Thank God I Made It
Thank God I'm Free
Thank God I'm In His Care
Thank God I'm Not Jesus
Thank God I'm Reborn
Thank God I'm Saved
Thank God I've Made It
Thank Him For The Miracle
Thank The Lord
Thank The Lord For His Marvelous Grace
Thank You
Thank You Dear Lord
Thank You For Praying
Thank You For The Valley
Thank You For Touching My Life
Thank You Jesus
Thank You Lord
Thank You Lord For Holding Me
Thank You Lord For Loving Me
Thank You Lord For Saving My Soul
Thank You Lord For Your Blessing
Thank You Lord For Your Blessings On Me
Thank You Lord For Your Blessings
Thank You Medley
Thank You Momma
Thank You Mother
Thank You Sweet Jesus
Thank You, Thank You Jesus
Thankful For The Change
Thanks For Loving Me
Thanks For Sunshine
Thanks For The Memories, Won't You Come Along
Thanks Lord, For Loving Me
Thanks To Calvary
Thanks To Him
That Beautiful Name
That Certain Feeling
That City Four Square
That City On The Hill
That Day At Calvary
That Day Is Almost Here
That Fair City
That Feeling
That Glad Reunion Day
That Glory Train
That Golden City
That Great Big Feeling
That Great Judgment Day
That Happy Feeling
That Heavenly Home
That Holy Place In Me
That I Could Still Go Free
That Is My Land
That Jesus Loves Me Feeling
That Just Goes To Show
That Little Baby
That Lonesome Road
That Lonesome Valley
That Makes Me Love Him
That Meeting In The Sky
That Moment He Was There
That Morning
That Name That Set Me Free
That Night I Walked The Aisle
That Occasion
That Ole Gravel Road Was Easy Street
That Resurrection Morn
That Same Fire
That Same God
That Same Hand
That Same Spirit
That Says It All
That Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine
That Somebody Is Jesus My Lord
That Soul Was Mine
That Sounds Like Heaven To Me
That Sounds Like Home To Me
That Sounds Like Someone I Know
That Sounds Like Someone I'd Like To Know
That Started My Soul To Singing
That Third Day
That Very Moment
That We Might Know
That Will Be A Happy Meeting
That Wonderful Day
That'll Be The Day
That's 'A How I Know
That's All
That's All He Needs To Know
That's All I Need
That's All Right Brother
Thatís All That Matters
That's All That Matters To Me
That's All There Is To It
That's Alright By Me
That's Enough
Thats Enough To Know
That's Gospel Brother
That's Him
That's How Christmas Came To Be
That's How I Know
That's How I'd Be Without Jesus
That's Just God Doing What He Does
That's Just His Way
That's Just Like Jesus
That's Just What He Is
That's My Child
That's My Home Sweet Home
That's No Mountain
That's Not Ordinary
That's Not What It Takes
That's The Kind Of God He Is
That's The Man I'm Looking For
That's The Reason
That's The Thing He Wants Us To Do
That's The Way It Was
That's What Calvary Means To Me
That's What Champions Are Made Of
That's What Grace Is For
That's What He Did For Me
That's What I Am
That's When I Feel Amazing Grace
That's What I Like About Christmas
That's What I'm Living For
That's What I'm Talkin' About
That's What Jesus Means To Me
That's What Love Can Do
That's What Love Does
That's What Makes It Home
That's What Prayer Can Do
Thatís What The Blood Was For
Thatís Whatís Wrong
That's When He Becomes So Real
Thatís When The Angels
That's When The Angels Rejoice
That's Where I'm Going
That's Where My Battles Are Won
That's Why
That's Why I Gotta Sing
That's Why I Love To Call His Name
That's Why I Love To Sing
That's Why I Sing
Thatís Why Iíll Praise Him
That's Why I'm Praying For You
That's Why I've Got To Sing
That's Why I've Gotta Sing
That's Why There's A Christmas Day
That's Why They Call It Grace
That's Why We Give Him A Song
That's Why We Sing About Heaven
Thatís Worth Everything
The 23rd Psalm
The Absence Of Love
The American Way
The Amen Corner
The Anchor
The Anchor Holds
The Angels Must Have Cried
The Angels Of God Will Watch Over Me
The Angels Rejoiced Last Night
The Answer
The Answer Came
The Answer Is Calvary
The Answer's On It's Way
The Answer's On The Way
The Applause
The Appointment
The Army Of The Lord
The Babe Of Heav'nly Birth
The Baptism Of Jesse Taylor
The Battle Is Almost Won
The Battle Is Not Yours
The Battle Was Won In Gethsemene
The Battlefield
The Beautiful City
The Beautiful Life Beyond
The Bells Of Christmas
The Best For You
The Best Is Yet To Come
The Best That I Could Do
The Bible Tells Me So
The Bible Told Me So
The Bidding
The Bigger They Are
The Biggest Step
The Birthday Of A King
The Birthday Of The King
The Blessed Hill
The Blood
The Blood Bought Church
The Blood Covered It All
The Blood Covers It All
The Blood Found Me
The Blood Hasnít Ever Changed
The Blood Is Still Here
The Blood Medley
The Blood Of An Old Rugged Cross
The Blood Of Jesus
The Blood Of The Son Makes Us One
The Blood Runs Deep
The Blood Still Flows
The Blood That Stained The Old Rugged Cross
The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power
The Blood Will Secure
The Body And Blood
The Boneyard
The Book Of Life
The Book, The Blood, The Blessed Hope
The Boys Are Back
The Brave Apostles Twelve
The Bread Of Life
The Bride Coming In
The Bridegroom Cometh
The Broken Rose
The Broken Vessel
The Bus Is On Fire
The Cafe
The Call
The Captain
The Captain Of My Soul
The Carpenter From Nazareth
The Carpenter's House
The Change In Me
The Christ Of Every Crisis
The Christ Of Every Road
The Christian Way
The Christmas Song
The Church In The Wildwood
The Church Is Going Higher
The Church Is Still Alive
The Church Of Ashen Grey
The Church Of The Living God
The Church Still Stands
The Church Triumphant
The Church Will Always Stand
The Church Will Remain
The Church Will Rise
The Churchís Finest Hour
The Clay Street Pentecostal Tabernacle Church Of God In Christ
The Cloud Heís Coming Back On
The Coming Of The King
The Coming Of The Lord
The Common Man
The Conversation
The Country Needs The Cross
The Courage To Try Again
The Court Room?
The Courtroom
The Cross
The Cross Has Won Again
The Cross In The Middle
The Cross Jesus Carried
The Cross Makes The Difference
The Cross Now Is Empty
The Cross of Christ
The Cross Said It All
The Cross Still Stands
The Cross Was Built To Last
The Cross Was Enough
The Cross Was His Own
The Crossing's Wide
The Darkest Hour Is Just Before The Dawn
The Dawn Of This New Morning
The Dawning Of The Day
The Day Before He Saved Me
The Day He Autographed My Heart
The Day He Saved Me
The Day My Lord Was Raised
The Day Of Our Lord
The Day Of Miracles
The Day Of Wrath
The Day Will Come
The Days I Remember
The Dearest Friend I Ever Had
The Depths Of The Father's Love
The Desert Shall Bloom
The Devil And His Old Suitcase
The Devil Canít Harm A Praying Man
The Devil Can't Stand The Sight Of Blood
The Devil Is A Liar
The Devil Is Alive, But He Ain't Well
The Devil Lost His Keys
The Devilís Gonna Get You
The Devil's List
The Diffírence Is In Me
The Door
The Dove
The Dream
The Dreamer
The Early Morning Hours
The Eastern Gate
The Effectual Fervant Prayer
The Embrace Of Grace
The Empty Tomb
The Empty Tomb Says It All
The End Of Time Is Near
The End Was The Beginning
The Engineer's Child
The Eyes Of Jesus
The Fa Sol La Song
The Family All Together Now
The Family Altogether Now
The Family Bible
The Family Of God
The Family Who Prays
The Far Side Banks Of Jordan
The Farmer And The Lord
The Final Teardrop
The First And Last
The First Drop Of Rain
The First Look
The First Million Years
The First Nowell
The First Sonrise
The First Step
The First Step To Heaven
The First, The Last
The First Time I Saw Love
The Flowers Kissed The Shoes
The Foot Of The Cross
The Fourth Man
The Friendly Beast
The Fruits Of The Spirit
The Future's Looking Brighter
The Galilean
The Game Of Life
The Games People Play
The Garden Of My Heart
The Garden Said Goodbye
The Garment Of The Savior
The Gates Of Hell Shall Not Prevail
The Gathering
The Gentle Stranger
The Gift I Bring
The Gift Of Eternal Life
The Gift Of Salvation
The Giver
The Glory Goes To You
The Glory Road
The Glory Special
The Glory Way
The Gloryroad?
The Glove
The God That Cannot Fail
The God Who Comes Through
The Golden Dawn
The Good Book Song
The Good Folks In My Life
The Good Lord Walks With Me
The Good Old Days
The Good Old People In The Little Old Chapel
The Good Ole Days
The Good Shepherd
The Good Side Of Goodbye
The Goodness Of The Lord
The Gospel Plow
The Gospel Truth
The Gossip Song
The Grace I Remember
The Grace Way
The Grass Is Greener On The Other Side
The Great Day
The Great I Am

The Great I Am Still Is
The Great Milky Way
The Great Speckled Bird
The Greatest Love
The Greatest Love Story
The Greatest Miracle
The Greatest Of All Miracles
The Greatest Of All These Things
The Greatest Of These Is Love
The Ground Is Level
The Half Has Never Been Told
The Half That's Never Been Told
The Hallelujah Chorus
The Hallelujah Roll
The Hammer Is Still Ringing
The Hand
The Hand Of God
The Hand Of The Potter
The Hand That Rocks The Cradle
The Hands
The Hands Of God
The Happy Jubilee
The Happy Song
The Harbor
The Harder The Battle The Sweeter The Victory
The Harvest
The Haven Of Rest
The Healer
The Healer Is Here
The Healer's Comin' Down The Road
The Healing Waters
The Heart Of God
The Heart That Was Broken For Me
The Heartbeat
The Heaven Of Rest
The Heavens Declare The Glory Of God
The Hem Of His Garment
The Highest Hill
The Hills Of Home
The Holly And The Ivy
The Holy City
The Holy Hills Of Heaven Call Me
The Home Coming Week
The Home Over There
The Home Stretch
The Hour Of Prayer
The Hypocrite
The Impossible Dream
The Infidel's Daughter
The Jailhouse Rocked
The Journey
The Journey's End
The Joy Of Heaven
The Joy Of Jesus
The Joy Of Knowing Jesus
The Joy Of Serving The Lord
The Joy That Came To Me
The Joy That Jesus Gives
The Judgement
The Just Shall Live By Faith
The Key
The Keys To The Kingdom
The Kind My Grandma Had
The King And I Walk Hand In Hand
The King Came Down
The King Is Born
The King Is Coming
The King Is Passing By
The King Is Still Coming
The King Of All Kings
The King Of Love
The King Of Who I Am
The Kingdom Of Heaven Is At Hand
The King's Back Home
The King's Highway
The King's Request
The Lamb
The Lamb Has Prevailed
The Lamb He Died To Save
The Lamb Is King
The Lamb Upon The Throne
The Lamb, The Lion And The King
The Land I Love
The Land Of Perfect Day
The Land Where No Cabins Fall
The Landing Lights
The Last Days
The Last Hill
The Last Long Mile
The Last Mile Of The Way
The Last Sunday
The Last Time I Saw Mama
The Last Train
The Laughing Song
The Least I Can Do
The Least That I Can Do
The Letter
The Life He Endured
The Life Of Christ
The Lifeboat
The Light
The Light Of Love
The Light Of The Lamb
The Lighthouse
The Lights Of Home
The Lily Of The Valley
The Little Boy From The Carpenter Shop
The Little Country Preacher
The Little Drummer Boy
The Little Green Mound On The Hill
The Little House By The Side Of The Road
The Little Wooden Church
The Living Word
The Loaves And The Fishes
The Locket
The Long Arm Of Love
The Long, Long Road
The Longer I Serve Him
The Lord Accepted Me
The Lord Drew Near
The Lord I Worship
The Lord Is A Busy Man
The Lord Is Coming By And By
The Lord Is Good
The Lord Is Great And Wonderful
The Lord Is My Shepherd
The Lord Is Sending A Rain
The Lord Just Sent An Angel
The Lord Knows What To Do
The Lord Laid His Hand On Me
The Lord Of Hosts
The Lord Said It
The Lord Stood By Me
The Lord Will Go Before You
The Lord You Know
The Lord's Been Mighty Good To Me
The Lordís Crowd
The Lord's Gonna Smile On Me
The Lord's Got His Eyes On Me
The Lord's Last Supper
The Lord's My Shepherd
The Lord's Prayer
The Lost Sheep
The Love Of Christ
The Love Of God
The Love Of God Forever Shall Remain
The Love Of The Lord
The Love That Lifts
The Love That Lifts Me
The Lovely Name Of Jesus
The Lowest Valley
The Lows Could Never Equal The Highs
The Man I Used To Be
The Man In The Middle
The Man Is Quicker Than The Eye
The Man Of Galilee
The Man Upstairs
The Man Who Came To Dinner
The Man Who Really Hung The Moon
The Man Whom I Have Worked For
The Maranatha Church Revival
The Master Locksmith
The Masters Call
The Master's Love
The Master's Voice
The Me I Want To Be
The Medley
The Message Of His Coming
The Middle Man
The Miracle Man
The Miracle Of Emmett Jones
The Miracle Of Faith
The Moment I Get Up There
The Monkey Song
The More I Think About It
The More Things Change
The Most He Had To Offer Me
The Most Important Thing
The Most Inconvenient Christmas
The Mother Of Judas
The Mountain
The Mountain Climber
The Mountains Will Be Shaken
The Mysterious Man
The Mystery Of His Way
The Nail That Nobody Saw
The Name Of Jesus
The Name Of The Lord
The Narrow Road
The Narrow Road To Glory
The Narrow Road To Gloryland
The New Jerusalem
The New Jerusalem Way
The News Is Out
The Next Cloud
The Next Step
The Next Step You Take
The Next Time I See Mama
The Next Time That You See Me
The Next Time You See Me
The Night Before Christmas
The Night Before Easter
The Night Heaven Kissed Earth
The Night Of Jesus' Birth
The Night Watch
The Ninety And Nine
The Oil And The Wine
The Ol' Wooded Brook
The Old Account Was Settled Long Ago
The Old Ark's A Moverin'
The Old Country Church
The Old Days
The Old-Fashioned Home
The Old Fashioned Meeting
The Old Gospel Man
The Old Gospel Ship
The Old Landmark
The Old Missionary
The Old Rugged Cross
The Old Rugged Cross Made The Difference
The Old Ship Of Zion
The Old Song
The Old Tear Stained Altar
The Old Time Preacher Man
The Old Time Way
The Old Weapons Still Work
The Old White Flag
The Ole Crossroads
The One
The One I Love
The One I'm Dying For
The One Left Behind
The One That I Love
The One Who Died For Me
The One Who Is Unworthy
The One Who Leads The Way
The Only Fire I'll Ever Feel
The Only Gospel Somebody Will Read
The Only King
The Only One
The Only Real Peace
The Only Thing Broken
The Only Thing He Can't Do Is Fail
The Only Thing In Heaven Made By Man
The Original Superman
The Other Miracles
The Other Side
The Other Side Of Calvary
The Other Side Of Life
The Other Side Of The Apple Tree
The Other Side Of The Cross
The Party's Over
The Past
The Past Is A Promise
The Peace Of My Heart
The Peace That My Savior Has Given
The Pearly Gates
The Pilgrim Song
The Place Where The Hungry Are Fed
The Pledge Of Allegiance
The Potter
The Potter Knows The Clay
The Power Of Praise
The Prayer Perfect
The Prayers I Learned On Mother's Knee
The Preacher
The Preacher And The Bear
The Precious Love Of Jesus
The Precious Old Story Of Love
The Prettiest Singing
The Price He Paid
The Prodigal Son
The Prodigal Sonís Coming Home
The Promise
The Promised Land
The Race
The Really Big News
The Realness Of The Spirit
The Reason For The Cross
The Reason That I'm Standing
The Red White Blue & Grey?
The Redeemed Are Coming Home
The Rest Of The Way
The Resurrection Morn
The Return
The Riches Were Free
The Richest Man I Know
The Right Side Of The Dirt
The Risen Lamb
The River
The River Of Love
The River Still Flows
The Road Home
The Road Less Traveled
The Road To Damascus
The Road To Forgiveness
The Road With Jesus
The Robe Of Calvary
The Rock
The Rock A Bye Song
The Rock I'm Leaning On
The Rock That Is Higher Than I
The Rock Will Never Tremble
The Rock's Between The Hard Place And You
The Rocks Shall Not Cry Out
The Rose
The Royal Telephone
The Runt
The Same Old Fashioned Way
The Sandals
The Saving Kind
The Savior I Sing Of Today
The Savior Is Waiting
The Savior's Love
The Sea Walker
The Search Is Over
The Secret I Met God In The Morning
The Secret Place
The Seed's Alive
The Seeker
The Shadow Of His Love
The Shadow Of The Cross
The Shepherd Died For The Sheep
The Shepherd Who Became The Lamb
The Shepherd's Call
The Shepherds Found A Lamb
The Ship Sails On
The Ship Will Not Go Down
The Sights Of Heaven
The Signs By The Side Of The Road
The Sinner's Been Set Free
The Smile On His Face Never Fades
The Soldier Won The Battle
The Solid Rock
The Son Hath Made Me Free
The Son Is Gonna Reign
The Son Is Shining
The Son Rose
The Son Shines Down On Me
The Son Starts To Rise
The Son Will Rise
The Son Will Still Be Shining
The Son's Coming Up
The Song Of The Redeemed
The Sooner, The Better
The Soul Of Me
The Soul Spangled Banner
The Source Of My Song
The Spacious Firmament
The Spirit And The Bride Say Come
The Spirit Of Brokenness
The Spirit Of Christmas
The Star Carol
The Star Spangled Banner
The Stone Was Rolled Away
The Storm Is Passing Over
The Story
The Story Of Brother Coury
The Story Of Brother Ira
The Story Of Little Jim
The Stranger
The Stranger Of Galilee
The Streets Of Gold
The Sun Didn't Shine
The Sun Never Moves
The Sun Will Shine Again
The Sun's Coming Up
The Sun's Still Shining In The Valley
The Sunset Valley
The Sunshine Special
The Sweet And Gentle Stranger
The Sweet Desert Rose
The Sweetest Gift
The Sweetest Name I Know
The Sweetest Song
The Sweetest Song I Know
The Sweetest Sound I Know
The Sweetest Words He Ever Said
The Tabernacle
The Taller Your Shadow Will Be
The Teacher
The Teardrop
The Test Of Time
The Ten Commandments
The Three Nails
The Time Is Now
The Time That Remains
The Tomb Is Empty
The Tomb Is Empty Now
The Tombstone
The Torch
The Touch Of God's Hand
The Touch Of His Hand
The Touch Of Mama's Hand
The Touch Of The Master's Hand

The Touch Of The Master's Strong Hand
The Triumph Song
The Troops Are Coming Home
The Trumpet Of Jesus
The Truth Is
The Twelve Days Of Christmas
The Undertaker
The Unseen Hand
The Upper Window
The Upward Way
The Value Of His Blood
The Very Least Of Us
The Victory Road
The Victory's Already Been Won
The Video Song
The Virgin Mary Had A Baby Boy
The Virgin's Slumber Song
The Voice I Could Not Resist
The Voice Of The Lord
The Voices Of Rejoicing Love
The Walk
The Walls Came Tumbling Down
The Walls Come Down
The Walls Of Jericho
The Wanting In Me
The Warmest Night Of The Year
The Wassail Song
The Way
The Way Of The Cross
The Way That He Loves
The Way, The Truth, The Life
The Way, The Truth, The Light
The Wayfaring Stranger
The Weather Forecast
The Wedding Day
The Wedding In Mount Zion
The Welcome
The Well Of Grace
The Whale Swallowed Jonah
The White Paling Fence
The Wicked Shall Cease Their Troubling
The Wilderness
The Wind Blew In
The Wind Is Like The Spirit
The Woman In My Little Girl's Room
The Wonder
The Wonder Of Christmas
The Wonder Of His Love
The Wonder Of Wonders
The Wonderful Week
The Wonderful World Of Christmas
The Wondrous Cross Medley
The Wondrous Word
The Word
The Workshop Of The Lord
The World Didn't Give It To Me
The World Lost A Friend
The World Needs A Melody
The World The Way I Want It
The World's Greatest Story
The Writer
Then Came The Morning
Then He Bowed His Head And Died
Then He Moved
Then He Said Sing
Then I Found Jesus
Then I Met Jesus
Then I Met The Master
Then I'll Know
Then I'll Know That You Know My Jesus
Then I'll Know That You Know My Savior
Then I'll Know What You're Talking About
Then My Lord I'll See
Then The Answer Came
Then The Lord Came Forth
Then We Played Carnegie Hall
Then We Shall Rise
Then We Shall Sing
Then We'll Be Glad
Then We'll Be Gone
Then Where Would I Be
Then Why The Tears
Then You Need Jesus To Carry You Through
Then You'll See
There Ain't No Grave Gonna Hold My Body Down
There Ain't Nothing In The World
There At The Cross
There But By
There Go I
There Had To Be A Sacrifice
There Has Never Been A Man Like This Man
There Is
There Is A Balm In Gilead
There Is A Change
There Is A Cross In Your Way
There Is A Fountain
There Is A God
There Is A Greater Joy
There Is A Haven
There Is A Higher Power
There Is A Hope
There Is A Kingdom Coming
There Is A Land
There Is A Light
There Is A Longing
There Is A Love
There Is A Mountain
There Is A Place
There Is A River
There Is A Savior
There Is a Song Within My Heart?
There Is A Way
There Is An Eye
There Is Coming A Great Day
There Is Grace
There Is Hope
There Is Joy In Serving Jesus
There Is More To Life
There Is No God But God
There Is No Greater Love
There Is None Like You
There Is Only One
There Is Only One King
There Is Power In The Blood
There Is Still Forgiveness At The Cross
There Is Sunshine In My Soul
There Is This Need
There Must Be A Better Way
There Rose A Lamb
There Stands A Cross
There Will Be No Disappointments In Heaven
There Will Be Peace
There Will Never Be Any Peace
There Won't Be Any Tears In The Morning?
There'll Be A Lot Of Singing
Thereíll Be A Payday At The End Of The Road
There'll Be A Reunion
Thereíll Be A Song In The Morning
There'll Be An Answer Bye And Bye
There'll Be Joy
There'll Be No Peace Till Jesus Comes Again
There'll Be No Shadows
Thereíll Be Shouting On The Hills
There'll Be Someone Looking For Me
Thereíll Come A Day
Thereíll Never Be A Tear Shed In Heaven
There's A Beautiful Home
There's A Beautiful Land Called Heaven
There's A Better Day A-Coming
There's A Better Life
There's A Bigger Blessing
There's A Blessing Coming Down
There's A Brighter Day
There's A Certain Kind Of Certainty
There's A City Being Built
There's A Difference In The Difference
There's A God Somewhere
There's A Higher Power
There's A Highway To Heaven
There's A King On The Way
There's A Leak In This Old Building
There's A Leaning Place
There's A Light
There's A Light At The End Of The Darkness
There's A Light At The River
There's A Light Guiding Me
There's A Little Log Cabin
There's A Little Old Church
Thereís A Little Pine Log Cabin
There's A Long White Robe In Heaven
There's A Man In Here
There's A Mansion There For Me
There's A New Kid In Town
There's A New Name Written Down
There's A New World Coming
There's A Payday
There's A Payday For The Saints Of The Lord
There's A Rainbow
There's A Reason For It All
Thereís A Sweetness Through It All
There's A Testimony
There's A Time
There's A Time To Reap And A Time To Sow The Bible Told Me So
There's A Way To Cross Over
There's A Whole Lot Of People Going Home
Thereís Always A Place At The Table
There's Always A Rainbow?
There's Been A Change
There's Been A Change In Me
There's Been A Few Times
There's Been A Lot Of Changes
There's Been A Wonderful Change
There's Enough Of God's Love
There's Gonna Be Shouting And Singing
There's Gonna Be Singing
Thereís Gonna Be Some Changes Made
There's Gotta Be
There's Glory On The Winning Side
There's Hope In The Boat
There's Just One Way
There's More Where That Came From
There's Never Been
There's Never Been Love Like Jesus Has
There's No Back Door To Heaven
There's No Better Time Than Now
There's No Change
There's No Disappointment In Him
Thereís No Doubt
There's No Need To Die
There's No One Lonely Here
There's No Other Name Like Jesus
Thereís No Other Way
There's No Place Like Home
There's No Stopping Us Now
There's No Such Thing
There's No Time Till You Take It
There's No Tomorrow
There's Not A Crown
There's Nothing Like The Feeling
There's Nothing My God Can't Do
There's Nothing New About Jesus
There's One
There's Only One Messiah
There's Only One Real Hero
There's Power In God's Son
There's Power In Prayer
There's Power In The Blood
There's Rest Just Ahead
There's Something About My Jesus
There's Something About That Name
There's Something Going On
There's Something Going On In Bethlehem
There's Something In The Air
There's Still A Lot Of Blood At Calvary
There's Still Power In Prayer
Thereís Still Power In The Blood
Thereís Still Power In The Old Rugged Cross
There's Still Room, There's Still Hope, There's Still Time
These Are The Blessings
These Are The Miracles
These Are The Things
These Are The Things That Matter
These Are They
These Drops Of Blood
These Feet Are Ready
These Hands
These Hands Of Clay
These Hands Of Mine
They All Wore Wigs
They Canít Take My Crown
They Can't Take That Away
They Canít Take That Away From Me
They Can't Explain The Change
They Could Not
They Crucified The Rose
They Didn't Believe
They Don't Know What God Knows
They Found Him
They Sang A Hymn
They Saw Him Not
They See God There
They Shall Walk With Me In White
They Should Have Cried Holy
They That Sow
They That Sow In Tears
They Tore The Old Country Church Down
They Walked The Savior Up Calvary
They'll Welcome Me Home
They're Getting Ready In Glory
They're Having A Big Revival
They're Holding Up The Ladder
They're Playing Our Song
They've Got A Place For People Like Me
Thimble Full Of Memories
Things Are Gettin' Mighty Wierd
Things Are Gonna Be Better Afterwhile?
Things God Gave Me
Things I Believe In
Things Looked Different From The Cross
Things Over My Head
Things That God Can't Do
Things That I'm Seeing
Things That Last Forever
Things That Matter
Think About The Good Things
Think About What Jesus Said
Think About You
Think Of Him
Think On Good Things
Think On The Good Things
Thinking About Home
Thinking Of A Mansion
Thinking Out Loud
Thirty Minutes Of Silence
Thirty Pieces
Thirty Pieces Of Silver
This Battle's Not Over Yet
This Changes Everything
This Changing World
This Could Be
This Could Be The Dawning Of That Day
This Could Be The Day
This Flight That Is Leaving Soon
This Great Love Of Jesus
This Heart
This Heart Of Mine
This I Know
This Is A Mean World
This Is America
This Is It
This Is Just What Heaven Means To Me
This Is Like Heaven To Me
This Is My Country, This Is My Flag
This Is My Father's World
This Is My Valley
This Is The Christmas Story
This Is The Day
This Is The Last Mile
This Is The Only Life For Me
This Is The Time I Must Sing
This Is War
This Is What Heaven Means To Me
This Is What Love Looks Like
This Jordan
This Joy Is Mine
This Land Is Your Land
This Little Light Of Mine
This Little Pilgrim
This Love Is Mine
This Love Of Mine
This Man
This Old House
This Old Place
This Old Ship
This Old Sinner Testifies
This Old World's Not My Home
This Ole House
This Ole Sinner
This Poor Man Cried
This Road Home
This Same God
This Same Jesus
This Ship Is Going Home
This Ship Will Make It Home Alright
This Ship Will Sail
This Ship's Made To Sail
This Side Of Heaven
This Side Of The Cross
This Thing Called Faith
This Time
This Time One More Will Do It
This Train
This Train Is Bound For Glory
This Well Travels
This World Can't Stand Long
This World Has Turned Me Down
This World Is Not My Home
Tho Autumn's Coming On
Tho Iím Unworthy
Those Shining Lights
Those Tender Hands
Thou Didst Leave Thy Throne
Thou Light Of Light
Though I've Failed The Lord
Though Your Sins Be As Scarlet
Thousands Of Tears
Thread Of Hope
Three Crosses
Three German Police Dogs
Three Rugged Crosses
Throne Of Grace
Through Every Storm
Through Faith I Still Believe
Through It All
Through My Window
Through The Blood
Through The Eyes Of Faith
Through The Eyes Of God
Through The Fire
Through The Valley
Thru The Years
Thus Saith The Lord
Thy Hand In Mine
Thy Hand Shall Lead Me
Thy Will Be Done

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