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Labor Of Love
Laborers Together
Ladder Of Faith
Lamb Is No Stranger
Lamb Of Glory
Lamb Of God
Land Called Heaven
Land Of Beulah
Land Of Eternal Spring
Land Of Everlasting Peace
Land Of No More Tears
Land Of No Time
Land Of Peace
Land Of Promises
Land Of The Free
Land Of The Living
Land Of Victory
Land So Fair
Land Where Living Waters Flow
Land Where No Cabins Fall
Last Call To Heaven
Last Mile Running
Last Night
Last One Worthy
Last Train To Glory
Latter Rain
Lay Down The Burden Of Your Heart
Lay Down Your Burdens
Lay Hold On Eternal Life
Lay It Down
Lay It On The Altar
Lay Them Down
Lay Them Down And Leave Them
Lay Your Burdens
Lay Your Burdens At His Feet
Lay Your Burdens Down At The Cross
Lay Your Treasure In Heaven
Layed Back In His Love
Layin' Up Treasures
Laying Up Treasures
Lazarus Come Forth
Lead Kindly Light
Lead Me
Lead Me Back To Calvary
Lead Me Gently Home
Lead Me Gently Home Father
Lead Me Guide Me
Lead Me Higher
Lead Me Home
Lead Me In The Everlasting Way
Lead Me Lord
Lead Me On
Lead Me Savior
Lead Me To Calvary
Lead Me To That Rock
Lead Me To The Altar
Lead Me To The Rock
Lead My Steps By The River
Lead On
Lead On O King Eternal
Leading The Way
Leading To Calvary
Lean On Me Awhile
Lean On The Rock
Lean On You
Leaning On A Mighty Strong Arm
Leaning On Jesus
Leaning On The Arms
Leaning On The Arms Of Jesus
Leaning On The Everlasting Arms
Leaning On The Rock
Leaning Place
Learn To Give
Learn To Love Again
Learning To Just Believe
Learning To Lean
Least In The Kingdom
Leave A Blessing
Leave A Well In The Valley
Leave Behind The Wilderness
Leave It Alone
Leave It There
Leave The Light On Mama
Leave Your Sorrows
Leave Your Sorrows And Come Along
Leaving On My Mind
Led By A Cloud
Led By The Master's Hand
Led Out Of Bondage
Left Behind
Lend A Hand
Leroy Spiritual Man Howard
Less Of Me
Let Everything Praise The Lord
Let Everyone Sing
Let Faith Hold You Up
Let Freedom Ring
Let Go And Let God
Let Go, Let God
Let God Abide
Let God Do It
Let Him In
Let It Be
Let It Be Known
Let It Be Me
Let It Go And Lay It Down
Let It Ride
Let It Shine
Let It Snow
Let Jesus Change Your Heart
Let Jesus Do It For You
Let Jesus Fix It For You
Let Jesus Happen To You
Let Jesus Shine Through
Let Me Be A Witness
Let Me Be There
Let Me Be Worthy
Let Me Bring Your Children Home
Let Me Dream On Until I See
Let Me Fall
Let Me Feel Your Spirit
Let Me Feel Your Spirit Once Again
Let Me Live
Let Me Live Close To Thee
Let Me Pray
Let Me Ride
Let Me Sing Your Song
Let Me Tarry
Let Me Tell It Once Again
Let Me Tell You About Jesus
Let Me Tell You All About Him
Let Me Tell You His Name Again
Let Me Tell You What My Lord Can Do
Let Me Touch Him
Let Me Touch Jesus
Let Me Walk Lord By Your Side
Let Me Walk With Thee
Let My Life Be A Light
Let My Life Make A Difference
Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled
Let Others See Jesus In You
Let Someone Find Jesus
Let The Blood Of Calvary Speak For Me
Let The Church Arise
Let The Church Roll On
Let The Hallelujahs Roll
Let The Healing Begin
Let The Lord Come In
Let The Lower Lights Be Burning
Let The Old Man Die
Let The People Rejoice
Let The Redeemed
Let The Redeemed Say So
Let The Rocks Keep Silent
Let The Spirit Descend
Let The Sunshine In
Let The Waters Pour
Let The Wheel Of Glory Roll
Let The Whole World Know
Let The Whole World Sing
Let There Be Peace On Earth
Let Thy Mantle Fall On Me
Let Us Break Bread Together
Let Us Love One Another
Let Us Pray
Let Us Sing
Let Us Sing Praises
Let Us Travel On
Let Us Walk Together
Let Your Faith Do The Walking
Let Your Glory Shine Today
Let Your Heart Do The Walking
Let Your Light Shine
Let Your Love Shine On Me
Lets Put It Back
Let's All Get Together
Letís All Go Down To The River
Let's All Go Home Together
Let's Begin To Reign
Let's Build A Bridge
Let's Celebrate Jesus
Letís Do It Again
Let's Get To Work

Let's Go In
Letís Go Tell It
Let's Go To Church
Letís Go To That Land
Let's Have A Revival
Let's Just Praise The Lord
Letís Keep Prayiní For Each Other
Letís Make A Baby King
Let's Restore The Family Altar
Let's Turn Around
Let's Turn The Lights On
Letting Go
Life Can Have New Meaning
Life Evermore
Life Goes On
Life Is Complicated
Life Is Good
Life Is So Fragile
Life Is Worth Living
Life Will Be Sweeter
Lifeline, Worthy
Lifeís Evening Sun
Life's Railway To Heaven
Lift Him Higher
Lift Me Up
Lift Me Up Above The Shadows
Lift Me Up Blessed Jesus
Lift Off Any Time Now
Lift Up The Name Of Jesus
Lift Your Shades
Lifted From Sin
Lifting Up Jesus
Light A Candle
Light Ahead Is Gloryland
Light At The End Of The Darkness
Light At The River
Light Doesn't Make A Sound
Light From Heaven
Light In Yonder Mountain
Light Of The World
Light Up The Sky
Lights In The Valley
Lights Of Heaven
Lights Of Home
Like A River Glorious
Like A Tree
Like Flowers We're Fading
Like Never Before
Like The Wind?
Lily White Stone
Listen For The Sound
Listen To The Bells
Listen To The Call
Little Annie's Christmas Wish
Little At A Time
Little Biddy Chapel
Little Bitty Mustard Seed
Little Boy King
Little Boy Lost
Little Brown Church In The Grove
Little By Little
Little Children
Little Country Church
Little David
Little Deeds
Little Faith
Little Flowers
Little Grain Of Sand
Little Gray Donkey
Little Is Much
Little Is Much When God Is In It
Little Joe's Prayer
Little Moses
Live, Live, Live
Little One
Little Pine Log Cabin
Little Ralph Morton
Little Store Front Church
Live A Little More
Live A Lot
Live By Faith
Live Forever
Live Like Jesus
Live No More Without Jesus
Live Right, Die Right
Live To Tell
Live With Jesus
Lived And He Loved Me
Livin' Forgiven
Liviní For The Moment
Livin' Forever
Livin' In The Promised Land
Livin' On The Mountain
Living A Life Of Love
Living By Faith
Living For Jesus
Living In A Brand New World
Living In Canaan
Living In Canaanland
Living In Gloryland
Living In His Word
Living In The Arms Of Mercy
Living In The Light Of God
Living In The Middle Of An Answered Prayer
Living In The Middle Of Love
Living It Up
Living Lessons
Living Life In Theory
Living Like There's No Yesterday
Living On The Edge
Living On The Sunny Side
Living On The Winning Side
Living Out The Dream
Living Proof
Living Sacrifice
Living Up On This Mountain
Living Water
Living Water, Bread Of Life
Living With Jesus
Living Without Your Love
Living Your Life For The Lord
Lonely Mile
Lonely People
Lonely Road
Lonely Road Up Calvary's Way
Lonely Voices
Long As I Got King Jesus
Long Black Train
Long Gone
Long Long Journey
Long Time Comin'
Long Walk Home
Long Winding Road
Longing For Beulah
Longing For Beulah Land
Longing For Home
Longing To Go
Longing To Go There
Look Around
Look Around You
Look At My Side Thomas
Look Away Mama
Look Away To Heaven
Look Down That Lonesome Road
Look For Me
Look For Me Around The Throne
Look For Me At Jesusí Feet
Look For Me, I'll Be Looking For You
Look For Me In Gloryland
Look No Further
Look On The Brighter Side
Look Over The Beautiful Fields
Look The Other Way
Look To God
Look To Him
Look Up
Look Up High
Look What God Gave Me
Look What God Has Done For You
Look What He's Already Done
Look What He's Done For Me
Look What He's Done To My Heart
Look What I'm Trading For A Mansion
Look What I've Traded For A Mansion
Look What Jesus Has Done
Look What The Lord Has Done
Look What You Have Done
Look What's Coming Down The Road
Look What's Happened To Me
Look What's Waiting For Me
Look Who Just Checked In
Look Who's On The Winning Side
Looking At Calvary
Looking At You
Looking Away

Looking Away To Heaven
Looking Back At Calvary
Looking For A City
Looking For A Place To Cross
Looking For Jesus
Looking For That City
Looking For The Lights Of That City
Looking For You
Looking Forward To The Day
Looking In The Wrong Place
Looking Out For You
Looking Through The Eyes Of Love
Looking Through The Windows Of Heaven
Look's Like Everybody's Going Home
Loose Him And Let Him Go
Lord Accepted Me
Lord Build Me A Cabin In Glory
Lord Carry Me Home
Lord Do It Again
Lord Do A New Thing
Lord Don't Move That Mountain
Lord Don't Take Your Love From Me
Lord Feed Your Children
Lord Give Us Victory
Lord Help Me Bury The Hatchet
Lord Help Me Live Today
Lord Help Me When I Aim
Lord Here I Am
Lord Hold My Hand
Lord, How Long
Lord I Believe
Lord I Can't Picture Me Without You
Lord I Have No Doubt
Lord, I Hope This Day Is Good
Lord I Know You Must Have Suffered
Lord I Need A Blessing
Lord, I Need A Little Heaven
Lord I Need Thee
Lord I Need You
Lord I Need You Again
Lord I Need You Now
Lord I Need Your Touch
Lord I Want To Be A Blessing
Lord I Want To Go Home
Lord I Want To Go To Heaven
Lord I Want To Love You More
Lord I Will
Lord I'd Be Lost Without You
Lord, Iíll Be Lost Without You
Lord I'll Be Praising You
Lord I'll Sing
Lord I'm Come Asking
Lord I'm Coming Home
Lord Iím Coming Home To Thee
Lord I'm Depending On You
Lord I'm Feeling Mighty Fine
Lord I'm Just A Little Branch
Lord, I'm Learning To Say I Love You
Lord Iím Not Ashamed
Lord, I'm Ready Now To Go
Lord I'm Unworthy
Lord, In The Morning
Lord Is It I
Lord, It's Me Again
Lord I've Been A Hard Working Pilgrim
Lord I've Been Ready For Years
Lord I've Got Some Singing To Do
Lord, Iíve Tried
Lord Jesus I Need Thee
Lord Keep Me Close To Thee
Lord Keep My Feet
Lord Keep Your Hand On Me
Lord, Lead Me Home
Lord Lead Me On
Lord, Leave Your Light On
Lord, Let Me See The People
Lord Let Me Walk Another Mile
Lord Let Me Walk Beside Of You
Lord Make Me A Vessel
Lord Most High
Lord Of The Dance
Lord Of The Harvest
Lord, Please Shine Your Light
Lord Reach Down And Touch Me
Lord Remember Me
Lord Save Me
Lord Send Me
Lord, Send Me, I'll Go
Lord Send Revival Again
Lord Show Me Your Hands
Lord Somebody Needs You
Lord Stay Near Me
Lord Take The Hand
Lord, Teach Me How
Lord Teach Me How To Pray
Lord Tell Me Again
Lord To Be Used Of Thee
Lord To Know That I Have You
Lord To Sing About You
Lord Use Me
Lord You Still Believe In Me
Lord You Know I've Been Wrong
Lord, Your Word Is Still True
Lord You're All I Need
Lord You've Been Mighty Good To Me
Lord You've Got To Be Tired
Lost, Searching, Found
Love And Grace
Love Beyond Compare
Love Beyond Measure
Love Bigger Than Heaven
Love Brought Me Back
Love Came Calling
Love Came Gently
Love Can Turn The World
Love Comes Through
Love Did
Love Doesn't Get Any Deeper Than This
Love Found A Pardon
Love Found A Way
Love Gift From Jesus
Love Grew Where The Blood Fell
Love Held My Savior To The Cross
Love Him So
Love Is A Cross You Bear
Love Is A Tool
Love Is Alive Forever
Love Is Like A River
Love Is Not Love
Love Is The Key
Love Is The Thing
Love Is Why
Love, It Comes In All Colors
Love Leads The Way
Love Letters
Love Lifted Me
Love Like The Love Of God
Love Like The Sun
Love Me Like A Rock
Love Medley
Love MIA
Love Never Fails
Love Reached Down
Love Shines
Love Smashed Upon The Rocks
Love So Divine
Love Still Calls
Love Still Does
Love Them While We Can
Love Thy Neighbor
Love Took It Away
Love Unending
Love Was In The Room
Love Went Deeper
Love Will
Love Will Have It's Way
Love Will Roll The Clouds Away
Love Without Fear
Lover Of The Lord
Loves Me Like A Rock
Love's Never Too Late
Love's Sweet Song
Love's What He's All About
Lovest Thou Me
Lovin' Out Loud
Loviní This Liviní For The Lord
Loving Arms
Loving God Loving Each Other
Loving The Lamb
Low Down The Chariot
Lucky We Met

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