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Packin' Up
Paid In Full
Palm Of His Hand
Papa's Banjo
Parable In F
Paradise Awaits
Paradise Is Waiting
Paradise Island
Paradise Valley
Part Time Servant
Pass Me Not
Pass The Faith Along
Passin' The Faith Along
Past To Presence
Pathway Built For Two
Patriotic Medley
Paul And Silas
Paul's Ministry
Pay As You Go
Payday For The Saints Of God
Peace In The Midst Of The Storm
Peace In The Shelter
Peace In The Valley
Peace Like A River
Peace Of God
Peace Of Mind
Peace Of The Rock
Peace Shall Come
Peace, Sweet Peace
Peace, Wonderful Peace
Peaceful Stream
Peaceful Waters
Pearly Gate
Pearly Gates
Pearly Gates Swing On Open
Pearly White City
People Got To Be Free
People Need The Lord
Perfect Joy
Perfect Love
Perfect Stranger
Perfectly Honest
Peter Was A Fireball
Pickin' Up Paw Paws
Pickin' Up Speed
Pilgrim In Need
Pilgrims And Strangers
Pity The Man
Place Where I Sleep
Plain Olí Everyday People
Plain Old Country Folk
Plan Of Salvation
Plant A Seed
Playing The Game
Playing To Win
Please Come Down To Me
Please Don't Let Another Nation Die
Please Don't Say No
Please Don't Tell My Daddy
Please Forgive Me
Please Remember Me
Please Search The Book
Please Search The Book Again

Please Sweet Jesus Rescue Me
Pleasin' Jesus
Plenty In Heaven
Plenty Of Time
Pocket Full Of Seeds
Poetry Corner
Poets Song
Point Of No Return
Pointing Only To The Cross
Poor As A Beggar
Poor Carpenter's Son
Poor Rich Man
Poorest Man In Heaven
Port In The Storm
Portrait Of Grace
Portrait Of Love
Potter And The Clay
Pour It On
Pour It On Down
Power In Prayer
Power Of The Holy Ghost
Power When We Pray
Powerful Name
Practice What You Preach
Praise Be To Jesus
Praise For The Lord
Praise God And Country
Praise God Anyhow
Praise God He's Alive
Praise God I'm Free
Praise God Iím Rich
Praise God, It's Settled, I'm Saved
Praise Him
Praise Him Now
Praise Him, Praise Him
Praise Makes The Walls Come Down
Praise Medley
Praise, My Soul, The King Of Heaven
Praise The Lamb Of God
Praise The Lord
Praise The Lord And Pass The Soup
Praise The Lord Everyday
Praise The Lord Hallelujah Amen
Praise The Lord I'm Going Home
Praise The Name
Praise The Name Of God
Praise To The King
Praise You
Praises To Our King
Praising The Risen Lamb
Pray Daniel Pray
Pray For Me
Pray For The Power
Pray For The USA
Pray For Your Brother
Pray My Way Back Home
Prayed Up, Packed Up
Prayed Up, Paid Up, Ready To Go
Prayer Changes Me
Prayer Is The Key
Prayer Is The Key To Heaven
Prayer Is The Soul's Sincere Desire
Prayer Moves The Heart
Prayer Still Changes Things
Prayer Will Take Heaven By Storm
Prayers For Vietnam

Prayin' For Deliverance
Praying For You
Praying Hands
Praying Man
Praying Your Troubles Away
Preach On Pray On
Preach The Word
Preacher And The Dog
Preacher Man
Preachin' In Prison
Preaching To The Choir
Precious Blood
Precious Friend Of Mine
Precious Hands
Precious Is He To Me
Precious Jesus
Precious Jesus Don't Forget
Precious Lamb Of Calvary
Precious Lord
Precious Lord Keep Your Mighty Hand On Me
Precious Memories
Precious Name Of Jesus
Precious Old Book
Precious Old Story Of Love
Precious Savior
Prepare The Dwelling Place
Prepare To Meet Your Maker
Prescription For Salvation
Press Along
Press Along To Gloryland
Press On
Pressing On
Pressing Toward The Prize
Prettiest Flowers
Pretty Creek
Pretty Little Baby Child
Pretty Paper
Prints Of Peace
Prior To A Prayer
Prisoner Of Hope
Prisoner Of Love
Prisoner On Death Row
Product Of Love
Promise You'll Meet Me
Promise Land
Promised Land
Promised Land Prelude
Promises One By One
Prophet's Admiration
Proud Of The American Flag
Provided By His Love
Pure Mercy
Put A Good Word In To Your Father
Put A Part Of You In The Heart Of Me
Put A Little Love In Your Heart
Put Me Down
Put Me In That Crowd
Put My Hand In His Hand
Put My Little Shoes Away
Put Your Arms Around Me Blessed Jesus
Put Your Dreams Where Your Heart Is
Put Your Hand In The Hand
Put Your New White Robe On
Puttin' The Ax To The Root Of My Troubles
Putting On Your Armor

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