The Weatherfords

Group Members


Tenor: Ray Loman (1944-????)
Alto: Lily Fern Weatherford (1945)
Tenor: Troy Lumpkin (????-????)
Tenor: O D Robinson (????-????)
Tenor: Foster Smith (????-????)
Tenor: A V Wall (????-????)
Alto: Lily Fern Weatherford (1948-1961)
Tenor: James "Hoppy" Hopkins (1961)
Tenor: Bobby Clark (1961-1963)
Alto: Lily Fern Weatherford (1963-Present)
Tenor: Mark McLaughlin (~1999-~2001) (alternated high harmonies with Lily Fern)

Earl Weatherford (1944-1991) (alternated on baritone)
Ted Simmons (1944-????)
Harold Turman (????-1945)
Earl Weatherford (1945)
Roy Jones (~1945))
Les Roberson (~1948-~1955)
Mack Evans (1950s)
Norman Wood (~1956)
Jim Hamill (~1956)
Glen Payne (~1957-1963)
Buddy Campbell (~1964-~1965)
Doyle Ankrom (1965-1966)
Dave Rowland (1966-????)
Glen Couch (~1966)
Billy Brisindine (~1966)
Roger Wiles (1960s)
Bill Wagner (1968-1969)
Tank Tackett (~1972)
Ken Williams (~1973)
Doyle Ankrom (1975-1976)
Cloid Baker (1970s)
Ken Carter (1970s)
Ken Felicano (1970s)
Tim Chevront (1970s)
Marlin Sparks (1970s)
Dallas Holm (early '70s)
Steve Weatherford (1976-Present)
Joel Caldwell (1990s)
Bill Plowman (????-????)
Claude Riggs (????-????) (also sang baritone)
David Engles (????-????)
Gayle Tackett (????-????) (also sang tenor)
Grady Weston (????-????)
Lee Jones (????-????)
Marvin Garrett (????-????)
Ralph Drake (????-????)
Roy Tremble (????-????) (also sang tenor)
Tommy Thompson (????-????)

Earl Weatherford (1944-1991) (alternated on lead, especially in early years)
Raymond Weston (1944)
Jack Bryson (1947)
Kenny Payne (1990-1994)
Kenny Payne (1995-1997)
Don Cook (1990s)
Cody Boyer (2007-2010)
Terry Robertson (~2010-Present)

Bob Gillis (1944-????)
Scranton Hall (~1945)
J B Watson (~1948)
Armond Morales (~1948-~1956)
George Younce (~1956)
Armond Morales (~1957-~1964)
Norman Huxman (~1964-~1966)
Fulton Nash (~1966)
Bob Thacker (~1966)
Fulton Nash (~1972)
Tracy Dartt (~1973)
Fulton Nash (~1974)
Mike Allen (~1990)
Nathan Pollitzzi (~1992)
Al Lyles (????-????)
Bob Fowler (????-????)
Buel Jarret (????-????)
Doyle McAlister (????-????)
Ray Bressler (????-????)

Dorothy Jo Bright Payne (1944-1945)
Roy Jones (1945-1946)
Ann Keel (1947)
Camilla Ray Smith (1948)
Raye Roberson (1948-1954)
Danny Koker (1955)
George Huston (1956)
Jerry Evans (1950s)
Henry Slaughter (????-1963)
Danny Koker (1963)
James Clark (~1964-1966)
Chris Hammond (1960s)
Dale Ellis (1960s)
Danny Larson (1960s)
Ray Cude (1966)
Earl Cox, Jr (????-1969)
LaJuana Murphy Brann (1969)
Haskell Cooley (1972-1974)
Glen Beeler (1976)
Debbie McQueen Baker (1970-1972) (added soprano on some songs)
Art Ross (1970s)
Scott Pratt (1990)
Kenny Payne (early '90s)
Avery Oakes (????-????)
Betty Reynolds (????-????) (also added vocals)
Billy Joe Hall (????-????)
Jerry Kirk (????-????)
Jim Holbrook (1970s) (also sang baritone/bass)
Kevin Costley (????-????)
Lois Ann Bryson (????-????)
Marilyn Peters (????-????)
Tommy Anderson (????-????)

LaJuana Murphy Brann (????-1969)
Brenda Clark (1970s) (also contributed vocals

Vic Clay (????-????)

Bass Guitar
Richard Martin (????-????)
Jeff Issak (????-????)

The Weatherfords

Weatherfords (1944-Present)


The Weatherfords began with Earl Weatherford, who was born in Oklahoma. He grew up listening to Gospel music and was heavily influenced by the male quartets. He moved to California during World War II to work in the shipyards and it was while in this area that he formed his own singing group.

While attending a singing convention, Earl met the beautiful sixteen year old Lily Fern Goble (later Lily Fern Weatherford) who would have profound influence on the his future. Lily knew of mixed groups such as The Speers from her Nazarene connection.

Lily and Earl hit it off and were married in 1945. A patient teacher, Earl taught Lily to sing with "heavier tones" and "blend with men." Little did he know that he was preparing his wife for her eventual career in The Weatherfords.

In 1945, lead singer Harold Turman left the Weatherfords. Earl moved to the lead position and Lily was asked to "fill in" until a new tenor could be located. Whenever a new member was hired, Lily was replaced and sent back home. Lily soon tired of the constant replacements and in 1948 persuaded Earl to give her a regular singing position in the group. By this time, The Weatherfords were well on their way to a successful career in Gospel music. they performed three live radio shows per day and sang in a church or concert nearly every night. All the while, they still worked regular jobs.

As 1949 dawned, The Weatherfords finally hit the road full time. Full time status meant "full time" members. several Weatherfords opted for the security of a "regular job" so Earl and Lily had to form a new group. Sixteen year old Armond Morales was hired as bass singer. before it was over, he would spend 14 years of his illustrious career with the group. Earl and Lily, along with Armond Morales, and another husband and wife couple, Les Roberson and Raye Roberson, hit the road full time. In an era that predated the quartet bus, this group tour the country in first class fashion in a 1948 Buick pulling a one-wheel trailer.

The Weatherfords ended up at WOWO in Fort Wayne, Indiana. At that time, all music was based on radio play, usually live, and Gospel was no different. As a 50,000 clear channel station with a nationwide reach, WOWO literally introduced America to The Weatherfords and the calls started coming. During their Ft. Wayne years, Armond Morales was drafted into the military and George Younce replaced him. Longtime member Raye Roberson got pregnant and also decided to quit traveling. Danny Koker was brought on board to fill that vancany.

It was about this same time that a young preacher had an idea for a weekly television program, which was still a brand new medium of communications. Rex Humbard was preaching in an old, refurbished theater in Akron, Ohio called Calvary Temple. He had heard The Weatherfords on the radio and extended them an open invitation to move to Akron and work at his church on his fledgling TV show. In 1953, WOWO went to "canned" music, which left The Weatherfords without a radio contract. Deciding that the time was right, Earl Weatherford moved the group to Akron and went to work with Humbard. This was not a difficult decision because church work was Earl Weatherford's first calling. He was more interested in a church setting.

Just a couple more member changes and the group would be set. One of their lineups during that transition period included Lily, Earl, George Younce, Jim Hamill and Danny Koker. Eventually, George Younce left. Recently discharged Armond Morales was back. Les Roberson went to The Oak Ridge Quartet. Soon, Glen Payne and Henry Slaughter were added.

The Weatherfords were now Earl, Lily, Glen Payne, Armond Morales, and Henry Slaughter, a lineup that stayed together for nearly eight years from 1955-1963. The Weatherfords sang for Humbard on Sundays and filmed TV on Mondays. That gave them five days for "Weatherford" business, a business that was making more demands on the group as Rex Humbard's ministry mushroomed. Rex wanted a full time group on staff to be at The Cathedral every day, but the Weatherfords felt their work was in a different field, namely traveling and singing. Henry Slaughter left the group to lead the choir at The Cathedral of Tomorrow in early 1963. Lily left the group to spend more time with a new son. When the situation finally came to a head, the group was Earl, Armond Morales, Glen Payne, Bobby Clark, and Danny Koker. Rex called these men into his office and told them of his plans for a full time group at the church. He asked who wanted to stay and who wanted to go. Glen Payne, Danny Koker and Bobby Clark formed the now legendary Cathedrals - first the Cathedral Trio, then the Cathedral Quartet when George Younce joined a year later from the Blue Ridge Quartet.

Lily, Earl and Armond hit the road with Mack Evans hired from The Rangers to sing baritone and Jerry Evans came from the Couriers. Soon Mack answered his country's call for the armed forces in 1963 and Armond Morales answered Jake Hess' invitation to become an Imperial in 1964. As so often happens in gospel music, they had to regroup yet again.

Throughout the sixties and seventies, The Weatherfords traveled the country. Earl and Lily had two children. An older daughter did not take an interest in the quartet but son, Steve Weatherford did. One day, on the road, the baritone singer got sick and had to fly home. Like his mother before him, Steve begged his dad for the chance to sing. He kept bugging him until finally one day, Earl said in exasperation, "All right? Show us what you can do"" The rest is Weatherford history. Steve has traveled with the group every since.

A life of full time touring finally took its toll when Earl died of congestive heart failure while on the road in Long Beach, California. Father, teacher, Pioneer, and great Gospel singer had come full circle and died on June 17, 1992, where it all started in Southern California.

Throughout it all, Lily and Steve Weatherford carry on with Kenny Payne, whose mother was one of the group's original pianists. The Weatherfords work as a trio but have kept that smooth vocal blend which comes from years of singing together. Church ministry is still their first love although they can be seen on many concert stages across America.



1958 Rex Humbard Presents The Cathedral Of Tomorrow - Old-Time Religion In A Modern Way (RCA/LPM-1794): I Just Steal Away And Pray; Hide Me Rock Of Ages; Is He Satisfied; Near The Cross; How Can I Be Lonely; Not My Will; Every Hour And Every Day; Heaven; He Is So Precious To Me; He Washed My Eyes With Tears; Someone To Care; His Hand In Mine (Lily Fern Weatherford, Glen Payne, Earl Weatherford, Armond Morales, Henry Slaughter).

1959 In The Garden (RCA Victor/LPM/LSP-2034): What A Precious Friend Is He; When I'm Walking In The Garden; One God; I Heard God Today; Footprints Of Jesus; In The Garden; House Of Gold; I'll Never Be Lonely; Why Should He Love Me So; He's The Lily Of The Valley; Hide Me In The Palm Of Your Hand; Let The Lower Lights Be Burning. (Lily Fern Weatherford, Glen Payne, Earl Weatherford, Armond Morales, Henry Slaughter). (The orange cover that claims to be "re-recorded" is actually a reissue of the original RCA Victor album. The original master was not used for the re-issue, so there is a considerable decline in quality.)

1959 The Finest In Gospel Singing (Weatherford Records/LP-100): The Jericho Road; The Old Rugged Cross; The Highest Hill; Rock My Soul; These Things Must Be; If You Know The Lord; Suppertime; Maybe Itís You, Maybe Itís Me; Just Waiting My Time; Room At The Cross; The Sinnerís Plea; Not My Will; I Donít Know About Tomorrow; Every Day And Every Hour. (Lily Fern Weatherford, Glen Payne, Earl Weatherford, Armond Morales, Henry Slaughter) (also issued as The Highest Hill).

1960 Iíll Follow Jesus (Skylite Records/SRLP/SSLP-5970): Tenderly; Do You Know Jesus; Iíll Follow Jesus; My God Wonít Ever Let Me Down; He Will Show You The Way; Sinnerís Plea; The Greatest Of These Is Love; Heíll Put A Little Heaven In Your Soul; Old Time Way; I Want To Tell The World About His Love; If You Only Know The Lord; Iím Thankful. (Lily Fern Weatherford, Glen Payne, Earl Weatherford, Armond Morales, Henry Slaughter).

1960 God Is The Answer (Weatherford Records/LP-101): God Is The Answer; Pass Me Not; Iíll Never Be Lonely Again; Till The Last Leaf Shall Fall; In His Time; Amazing Grace; Let The Lower Lights Be Burning; Tenderly He Watches Over You; When I Got Saved. (Lily Fern Weatherford, Glen Payne, Earl Weatherford, Armond Morales, Henry Slaughter).

1960 Sings (Weatherford Records/LP-102): The Lord's Prayer; Just A Closer Walk With Thee; Show Me The Way; Peace In The Valley; The Greatest Of These; Sooner Or Later; Meet Me In The Promised Land; Tell My Friends; Known Only To Him; Don't You Want To Go To Heaven; In The Sweet By And By; So Small Am I. (Lily Fern Weatherford, Glen Payne, Earl Weatherford, Armond Morales, Henry Slaughter).

1961 Gospel Favorites (Weatherford Records/LP-103): It's Different Now; Hide Thou Me; How Great Thou Art; If The Lord Wasn't Walking By My Side; Oh How I Love Jesus; How Long Has It Been; Hide Me Rock Of Ages; What A Day That Will Be; What A Friend We Have In Jesus; I Can Call Jesus Any Time; Glad Reunion Day; Prayer Is The Key (James Hopkins, Glen Payne, Earl Weatherford, Armond Morales, Henry Slaughter).

1961 Iíll Praise His Name (Skylite Records/SRLP/SSLP-5988): Iíll Praise His Name; I Want To Walk As Close As I Can; Because Of Him; I Know Heíll See Me Through; My New Home; As I Talk To The Master This Morning; Itís Different Now; Love Is Why; My Wonderful Friend; Iíve Got That Old Time Religion; When Iím Alone; Climbing Up The Mountain. (James Hopkins, Glen Payne, Earl Weatherford, Armond Morales, Henry Slaughter).

1961 The Cross (Crown Records/CV-1023): The Cross; The Seawalker?; Near The Cross; The Song Of The Sinner; The Song Of The Prodigal; I Want To Know; Heaven; It Matters To Him; God Is God; If God Before You; Jesus Holds My Hand (James Hopkins, Glen Payne, Earl Weatherford, Armond Morales, Henry Slaughter).

1962 At The Cathedral Of Tomorrow (Weatherford Records/LP-104): I'll Be There; Teach Me Lord To Wait; Surely I Will, Lord; My Jesus Knows; Will The Lord Be With Me; Sweet Hour Of Prayer; His Eye Is On The Sparrow; I'd Rather Have Jesus; Climbing Higher And Higher; The Healer Of Broken Hearts; When I've Gone The Last Mile Of The Way; God Be With You (Bobby Clark, Glen Payne, Earl Weatherford, Armond Morales, Danny Koker) (Re-issued in 1971 as The Last Mile of the Way).

1962 Encores (Weatherford Records/LP-106): Sweeter As The Days Go By; My Home Sweet Home; Fling Wide The Gates; I'm Redeemed; You'll Never Walk Alone; Rainbow Of Love; The Old Time Way; When I'm Walking Close To God; Not My Will; I Want To Walk As Close As I Can; Dear Jesus, Abide With Me; Wonderful Savior (Also released in 1964 on Crown Records/CV-1073 titled The Rainbow Of Love) (Bobby Clark, Glen Payne, Earl Weatherford, Armond Morales, Danny Koker).

1963 Over The Moon (Weatherford Records/LP-110): Over The Moon; There Is A Change; I Know He Hears My Prayer; Round Up In Glory; Jesus Fills My Every Need; Jesus Holds The Keys; Heavenly Love; The Love Of God; When I Got Saved; Love Is Why; This Great Caravan; Do You Know My Jesus. (Bobby Clark, Glen Payne, Earl Weatherford, Armond Morales, Danny Koker).

1963 Autograph Album (Crown Records/CV-1049): Closer To Thee; Wasted Years; Then The Answer Came; I've Done What The Lord Said Do; Out Of The Depths; Until Then; The King And I; Stranger Of Galilee; Now I Belong To Jesus; When He Reached Down His Hand; Sweetest Name I Know; He's Coming Soon (Bobby Clark, Glen Payne, Earl Weatherford, Armond Morales, Danny Koker).

1963 The Sounds Of The 50's (IDR Records/LP-106): Goodbye World Goodbye; One God; The Touch Of His Hand; Do You Know My Jesus; Song Of A Sinner; Sea Walker; The Smile On His Face; Why Should He Love Me So; Teach Me Lord To Wait; If To Gain The World; Old Time Faith; God Is God; Follow Me (Previously recorded songs from the early 1950's).

1963 In The Shelter Of His Arms (Sword And Shield Records/LPM-7001): Come Ye Children Let's Sing; In The Shelter Of Your Arms; Speak His Name; Faith And Prayer; Then The Answer Came; Have You Had A Gethsemane; In The Upper Room; I'm Bound For That Promised Land; Dear Jesus, Abide With Me; Sweeter As The Days Go By; Lovest Thou Me; Farther Along (Lily Fern Weatherford, Mack Evans, Earl Weatherford, Armond Morales, Jerry Evans, Vic Clay).

1964 Sweet And Smooth (Heartwarming Records/Benson Records//Stereo Version LPS 1786/High Fidelity Version LPHF 1787): Do Not Ask; Living By Faith; It's In Your Hands; Nearer To Thee; The Healer; Do You Need A Friend; It's In The Book; Without Him; I'll Go Where You Want Me To Go; Sittin' Around The Table Of The Lord; He Cared That Much For Me; Sweet Jesus (Lily Fern Weatherford, Buddy Campbell, Earl Weatherford, Norman Huxman, James Clark).

1964 Time For The Hymns (Heartwarming Records/Benson Records//Stereo Version LPS 1788/High Fidelity Version LPHF 1789): Pass Me Not; He Hideth My Soul; Cross Medley: The Old Rugged Cross/Near The Cross/Room At The Cross; O I Want To See Him; Amazing Grace; The Haven Of Rest; Whosoever Meaneth Me; Whispering Hope; What A Friend; Lord, I'm Coming Home; The Last Mile Of The Way (Lily Fern Weatherford, Buddy Campbell, Earl Weatherford, Norman Huxman, James Clark).

1965 Great Gospel Songs By The Famous Weatherford Quartet (Heartwarming Records/Benson Records//Stereo Version LPS 1812/High Fidelity Version LPHF 1813): He Touched Me; In The Upper Room; Then The Answer Came; The Angels Must Have Cried; The Light Of The Day; Love Held Him To The Cross; Thereís A Difference; Lonely Road Up Calvaryís Way; Hold To Godís Unchanging Hand; They Tore The Old Country Church Down; Jesus, Use Me; Tell My Friends. (Lily Fern Weatherford, Buddy Campbell, Earl Weatherford, Norman Huxman, James Clark).

1966 Blessed Assurance (Mark Records/MRS-2106): Joy In The Camp; Hand In Hand With Jesus; I Will Follow Thee; Blessed Assurance; They That Sow In Tears; Home Coming Week?; Jesus; I Can Call Jesus Any Time; Wonderful Peace; Swing Low, Sweet Chariot; I'm Going Home; Who Am I (Earl Weatherford, Lily Fern Weatherford, Glen Couch, Chris Hammond, Fulton Nash).

1967 Come On Let's Sing (Canaan Records/CA-4627/CAS-9627): It Will Be Worth It; I Can Tell You The Time; I Wouldn't Take Nothing For My Journey Now; Trouble In The Amen Corner; He's Everything To Me; Come All Ye Children; Walk In Jerusalem; Someone To Care; Standing By The River; There's A Light Guiding Me; No, Never Alone; I'm Free Again (Earl Weatherford, Lily Fern Weatherford, Glen Couch, Bob Thacker, James Clark).

1967 Listen To Those Smooth Weatherfords (Canaan Records/CA-4635/CAS-9635). Meeting Tonight; That Heavenly Home; God Will Take Care Of You; On The Sunny Banks; Precious Memories; The Answerís On The Way; God Takes Good Care Of Me; Lifeís Railway To Heaven; Medley: Do Lord/Somebody Touched Me; Shine On Me; When I Prayed Through; Iíve Got A New Born Feeling. (Lily Fern Weatherford, Glen Couch, Earl Weatherford, Fulton Nash, James Clark).

1968 The Smooth Sound Of The Weatherfords (Golden Shield Records/LPS 115): Just Keep On Walking; Glorious Freedom; When God Seems So Near; Since Jesus Passed Bye; Jesus I Believe What You Said; When He Set Me Free; More About Jesus; Something Worth Living For; For God So Loved The World; They That Sow In Tears (Earl Weatherford, Lily Weatherford, Fulton Nash, Dave Rowland; Danny Lawson).

1968 Sing Gaither (Golden Shield Records/LPS 116): Why Should I Worry Or Fret; Sweeter Than The Day Before; I've Just Seen Jesus; When Jesus Breaks The Morning; A Little Bit Of Sunshine; Happiness; IĎm Free; I'll Walk Into That Beautiful Sunset; Born To Be Crucified; Through My Tears (Earl Weatherford, Lily Weatherford, Fulton Nash, Dave Rowland; Danny Lawson) (Re-issued on (Custom Records/LP-116) as Sing Beautiful Sunset).

1969 It's Been Worth It (Golden Shield Records/LPS-130): It's Been Worth It; The Precious One From Galilee; Between Two Thieves; I've Got A Longing; Don't Question God; Hand In Hand With Jesus; A Christian's Prayer; Lord I'm Coming Home; Living Free; The Ransomed One (Earl Weatherford, Lily Fern Weatherford, Bill Wagner, Fulton Nash, Earl Cox).

1969 The Cross Made The Difference (Benson Sound/LPS-166): The Old Rugged Cross Made The Difference; I Will Serve Thee; Thanks To Calvary; He Is So Great; It's Glory For Me; Jesus Is Coming Soon; I Believe In A Hill Called Mount Calvary; Broken Pieces; Yesterday; It's No Wonder (Earl Weatherford, Lily Fern Weatherford, Bill Wagner, Fulton Nash, Danny Larson) (Also re-issued on (QCA Records/2138).

1970 Smooth Country (Artists Records/760122): Something Good Is About To Happen; He Is The Great I Am; Shout All Over Heaven; The Blood Will Never Lose It's Power; How Great Thou Art; Jesus, We Just Want To Thank You; Mansion Over The Hilltop; Whatever It Takes; He Came Back; The American Way (Earl Weatherford, Lily Fern Weatherford, Tim Chevront, Fulton Nash).

1970 Glorious Freedom (Praise Records/PRS 155): Glorious Freedom; I Find No Fault In Him; Thank God I Am Free; If That Isn't Love; I'll Walk Into That Beautiful Sunset; What A Precious Friend Is He; Everybody Ought To Know; I Know; Let The Lower Lights Be Burning; Great, Great Day (Earl Weatherford, Lily Fern Weatherford, Fulton Nash, Roy Tremble, Debbie McQueen Baker) (Also re-issued on (QCA Records/2137).

1971 Something Beautiful (QCA Records/2122): Something Beautiful; The Eastern Gate; A New Name Written Down; He Touched Me; Jesus Walked All The Way; There's Something About That Name; City Of Gold; Broken Vessel; Oh, What A Happy Day (Earl Weatherford, Lily Fern Weatherford, Debbie McQueen Baker, Tank Tackett).

1972 He Means All To Me (QCA Records/20712): Look What's Happened To Me; I Want To Thank Jesus; I Love Jesus Everyday; He Did It All For Me; Because He Lives; Through It All; The Lighthouse; What Heaven Means To Me; He Means All To Me; There Is A River (Earl Weatherford, Lily Fern Weatherford, Haskell Cooley, Tank Tackett).

1973 Listen For The Sound Of The Weatherford Quartet (Calvary Records/STAV 5083): Get That Frown Off Your Face; Thank On These; The Ninth Hour; It's All Right; The Joy Of Knowing Jesus; Bell Of Joy Keep Ringing; Devil, Get Out Of My Way; Reach Out To Jesus; Lord, You Know; Listen For The Sound; The King Is Coming (Earl Weatherford, Lily Fern Weatherford, Ken Williams, Tracy Dart, Haskell Cooley).

1973 The Last Sunday (Calvary Records/STAV 5086): The Last Sunday; Then I Found Jesus; Thankful; Just One Life To Live; Tell My Friends; He Didn't Come Down; The Richest Of Men; Reach Out; He Walks With Me; He Pilots My Ship; I'll Be Listening (Earl Weatherford, Lily Fern Weatherford, Ken Williams, Tracy Dart, Haskell Cooley).

1974 Because Of Yesterday (Calvary Records/STAV 5114): Because Of Yesterday; Tell Me The Story Again; God Looks After His Children; Joy Comes In The Morning; Heaven's Jubilee; There'll Be No Peace; One Day At A Time; What A Beautiful Day; Wonderful Peace; Suppertime (Earl Weatherford, Lily Fern Weatherford, Fulton Nash, Jim Holbrook).

1976 Tried, Tested And True (Associated Records/AAS 12036): Rise Again; We Have This Moment Today; Old Rugged Cross; Heaven For Me; One More Night With The Frogs; I've Never Been This Homesick Before; This Is The Time; I Heard Footsteps; It Is Well With My Soul; Learning To Lean (Earl Weatherford, Lily Fern Weatherford, Steve Weatherford).

1983 The Weatherfords Tradition Continues "With Henry Slaughter" (One Accord Records/TO-6019): On Some Happy Tomorrow; There's Something Good About Walking With The King; It Was Love; Eye Has Not Seen, Ear Has Not Heard; He Washed My Eyes With Tears; Day Of Independence; El Shaddai (You've Been A Good God To Me); Life Begins At Calvary; God's Given Me The Victory; I Surrender All (Earl Weatherford, Lily Fern Weatherford, Steve Weatherford).

1987 Here We Are (Custom Records): Better Hurry Up; He's Still Working On Me; Sweet Beulah Land; Gone; Here We Are; All God's Children; Blessing After Blessing; Prayer Is The Key; I'll Never Be Lonely; My House Is Full (Earl Weatherford, Lily Fern Weatherford, Steve Weatherford).

1987 60th Album (Custom Records): Talkin' 'Bout Gloryland?; He Could Not Save Himself?; Compassion?; I Take Thee To Love?; Vessel Of Honor; Give And It Shall Be Given?; Holy Is Thy Name; The Brush; Come To The Savior (Earl Weatherford, Lily Fern Weatherford, Steve Weatherford).

1988 Touch Through Me (Custom Records): I'm Gonna Live Forever; Jesus Be Jesus In Me; He's Coming Back; I Will Glory In The Cross; Oh What A Savior; Soul Filling Station; His Name Is Wonderful; Look For Me; Jesus I Believe What You Said; Touch Through Me (Earl Weatherford, Lily Fern Weatherford, Steve Weatherford).

1991 Both Sides Of The River (Custom Records): He's Still Real; I've Got A Feeling; Sailing Away; Into His Presence; Where Would I Be; Both Sides Of The River; He Loves Me; God On The Mountain; Old Time Way; Changing The Image.

1991 Faith & Prayer

1995 Standing On Tradition (Homeland Records): Let's Sing Praises; Without A Cause; Every Hour And Every Day (with Bill Gaither); Not My Will; We Shall Rise; The Greatest Of These (with Glen Payne); Heaven; All Things; Joy In My Soul; I'll Still Have Jesus.

2001 Spirit Of The West: Live From Tombstone (WQP Productions): Cowboy Paradise; Cool Clear Living Water; Taller Than The Trees (Featuring Roy Pauley); House Of Gold; Riding The Range; Christian Cowboy (Steve Weatherford 1969); Christian Cowboy; Shadows Behind You; Big Boss; Cowboy Meeting; Thirst Is The Coin To God's Kingdom; Master's Call; At The End Of The Trail; At The End Of The Record.

???? Old Favorites: Somebody Love Me; Heaven Will Surley (sic) Be Worth It All; I'll Live In Glory; How Beautiful Heaven Must Be; Beautiful Life; Leaning On The Everlasting Arms; Sweet Bye And Bye; When We All Get To Heaven; Higher Ground; Where Could I Go.

???? The Weatherfords Sing 40 Great Gospel Hits On 4 Great Albums (4-LP boxed set including the albums Autograph Album, Over The Moon, Sing Encores, and The Last Mile Of The Way).

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