Lily Fern Weatherford (November 25, 1928 - )


Lily Fern Weatherford was born Lily Fern Goble on November 25, 1928 in Bethany Oklahoma to a strict Nazarene family. Her family moved to the Los Angeles, California area when she was four years old so that her father could pursue his ministry. In 1944, she met Earl Weatherford. Lily and Earl were married in 1945. She eventually joined his group, the Weatherfords.

In early 1963. Lily left the group to spend more time with a new son. Eventually, Lily and her son, Steve Weatherford, made their way back to the group. After Earl's death, Lily and Steve added Kenny Payne and continued to travel for many years as a trio.


SGMA Hall Of Fame (2000)

Solo Discography


1999 With All My Heart (autobiography co-written with Gail Shadwell)
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