"All God's Children" (William J Gaither/Charles Millhuff)

  • Bill Gaither Trio (1970 At Home...In Indiana; 1972 Live; 1975 I Am A Promise)
  • Bobby Green (197? At Home With Bobby Green)
  • Doris Akers (1974 Doris Akers And The Original Members Of The Sky Pilot Choir; ???? All God's Children: Doris Akers Sings The Best Of Bill & Gloria Gaither)
  • Doug Oldham (1970 Bathing In The Sunlight Of God's Love; 1971 Sings The Best Of Bill Gaither; 1975 Doug Oldham And The Speers Live!)
  • John McKay (1973 Sings Bill Gaither)
  • McDuff Brothers (1971 The Dawning Of That Day)
  • Sonny Holland (197? My Reason For Living)
  • Speer Family (1975 Doug Oldham And The Speers Live!)
  • Statesmen (1978 His Love Put A Song In My Heart)
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