"I'd Rather Have Jesus" (copyright 1935, renewed 1963 Luther G Presley/Bridge Building Music/BMI)

  • Cathedral Quartet (1968 Focus On Glen Payne; 1981 Cherish That Name)
  • Chuck Wagon Gang (1937 78 RPM single; 1948 on 78 single; 1950 on 78 single; 1950 Favorite Country Hymns; 1960 Perfect Joy; 2001 Gospel Classics Hall Of Fame Series Volume 3; 2002 America's Popular Family Quartet; 2009 Keep Travelin' On; 2010 Treasures Of Yesteryear)
  • Hoppers (2017 The Hoppers Honor The First Families Of Gospel Music)
  • Jimmie Davis (1959 Suppertime)
  • Jordanaires (1961 To God Be the Glory)
  • Jubilee Quartet (1961 Jubilee Favorites; 1962 In My Father's House; 1970 You Knew)
  • Mark Trammell (2003 Treasures Of The Heart, Volume One)
  • Rangers Trio (1960 Gospel Song Collection)
  • Roy Knight Singers (1985 Little David)
  • Sunshine Boys (1959 Sing Unto Him)

"I'd Rather Have Jesus" (Text copyright 1922, renewed 1950, now Public Domain Rhea F Miller/Music copyright 1939, renewed 1950 George Beverly Shea/Rodeheaver Music/Chancel Music/BMI)

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