Earl Weatherford (October 10, 1922 - June 17, 1992)

Earl Weatherford

The Weatherfords

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Earl Weatherford was born in Oklahoma. He grew up listening to Gospel music and was heavily influenced by the male quartets. He moved to California during World War II to work in the shipyards and it was while in this area that he began to join local singing groups.

While attending a singing convention, Earl met the beautiful sixteen year old Lily Fern Goble (later Lily Fern Weatherford) who would have profound influence on the his future. Lily knew of mixed groups such as The Speers from her Nazarene connection.

Lily and Earl hit it off and were married in 1945. A patient teacher, Earl taught Lily to sing with "heavier tones" and "blend with men." Little did he know that he was preparing his wife for her eventual career in The Weatherfords.

Earl and Lily had two children. An older daughter did not take an interest in the quartet but son, Steve Weatherford did. One day, on the road, the baritone singer got sick and had to fly home. Like his mother before him, Steve begged his dad for the chance to sing. He kept bugging him until finally one day, Earl said in exasperation, "All right? Show us what you can do"" The rest is Weatherford history. Steve has traveled with the group every since.

A life of full time touring finally took its toll when Earl died of congestive heart failure while on the road in Long Beach, California.


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