Group Members


Roy McNeal (1959-1963)
Jerry Redd (????-????) (McNeal sang lead when Redd sang tenor)
Darrell Johnson (1963-19??)
Greg Harelson (1992-199?)

David Ingles (1959)
Clark Thompson (1960-1963)
Mack Evans (1963)
Richard Coltrane (1963)
Ronnie Page (1963?-1966?)
Bill Nelson (1992-1998)

David Reece (1959-19??; 1992-1998)(also played piano)

David Reece (1959-19??; 1992-1998))(also sang baritone)

Rangers Trio (1959-Present)


The Rangers Trio was formed by former Rangers Quartet member David Reece a couple of years after the quartet disbanded in 1956. Over the years, the Rangers have performed both as a trio and as a quartet. There were some periods of inactivity.

The modern Rangers Quartet are a part-time group headed by Mike Nelson, whose father, Bill, secured the rights to carry on the name from David Reece prior to Reece's death in 1999.


1960 Gospel Song Collection (Sing Records/LP-301): His Hands; He's A Personal Saviour; I'd Rather Have Jesus; When The Saints Go Marching In; Room At The Cross; Life Will Be Sweeter Each Day; He's Got The Whole World In His Hands; Not My Will; What A Day That Will Be; Lord I'm Coming Home; He Knows Just What I Need; He'll Be Waiting At The End For Me

1961 The Rangers (Sing Records/LP-303): Because Jesus Said It; If God Isn't Real; If I Can Help Somebody; Brighten The Corner Where You Are; Let Us Break Bread Together; Love Like The Love Of God; Take My Hand Precious Lord; It's So Wonderful; The Mockingbird; I See The Work Of The Lord; Oh What A Love; Our Thanks To Thee (David Reece, Clark Thompson, Roy McNeal).

1962 I Believe (Skylite Records/SRLP/SSLP-5992): I Believe; Iíll Be Ready To Go; What A Homecoming Day That Will Be; Godís Hands; Just To Live With My Faith In God; I Never Knew Til Now; God Will Take Care Of You; Love Is Why; The Land Of Perfect Day; Keep Me; Closer To Thee I Would Be; Dear Jesus, Abide With Me (David Reece, Clark Thompson, Roy McNeal).

1963 Up There In The Sky (Scripture Records/LP-103): Old Time Religion; I Love To Tell The Story; Oh Why Not Tonight; Jesus Is Calling; The Lord Will Make A Way; Just A Closer Walk With Thee; I Feel Like Travelin On; That Lonesome Valley; Never Alone; Oh How I Love Jesus; Do Lord; When The Saints Go Marching In (David Reece, Ron Page, Darrell Johnson).

1964 Songs Of The Trail and Hymns Of The Cowboy (Chalice Records/JLP-1004): Song Of The Bandit; Texas Rangers; Cool Water; Along The Santa Fe Trail; Tumbling Tumbleweeds; Tennessee; Master's Call; Big Boss; Cowboy Campmeeting; Roundup In The Sky; He Walks The Wild And Lonely; At The End Of The Trail (David Reece, Ron Page, Darrell Johnson).

1965 So Small Am I (Custom Records): Life Will Be Sweeter Some Day; This Is The Hour Of Prayer; Oh What A Love; Come Along With Me; A Resting Place; So Small Am I; Because Jesus Said It; Savior Abide With Me; I Know; Everyday Of My Life; The Mockingbird; Let Us Break Bread Together (David Reece, Ron Page, Darrell Johnson).

1966 Recorded Live In Person From Europe (Scripture Records/LP-116): Way Down In The Bottom Of My Heart; So Many Reasons; O Come Angel Band; Faith Is The Way; Whisper A Prayer; They Tore The Old Country Church Down; Thy Will Be Done; Honey In The Rock; He Has Shown Me The Way; I'm Bound For The Promise Land (David Reece, Ron Page, Darrell Johnson).

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