"Lord I Want To Go To Heaven" (James S Wetherington/SESAC)

  • Easter Brothers (199? Happy Are The Days)
  • Kingsmen Quartet (1979 From Out Of The Past)
  • Masters V (1998 The Original Masters Five Live)
  • Oak Ridge Boys (1964 Singing The Gospel)
  • Songfellows Quartet (1961 Get Happy; 2013 The Way It Was - 30 Songs From The Original LPs Combined Into 8 Medleys)
  • Sons Of Song (1959 Riverboat Jubilee)
  • Statesmen (1957 The Statesmen Quartet with Hovie Lister; 1969 Taller Than Trees; 1973 In Memory Of "Big Chief" Jim Wetherington and Denver "Crump" Crumpler; 1992 The Bible Told Me So)
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