Group Members

Alden Toney (1955-1963)
Ron Booth (1963-1967, 1975-1976)
Kyer Toney (1968-1973)(also sang baritone)
Bill Shelton (1973-1974)
Dave Toney (1976-1978, 1980)(also sang lead)
Bob Oliver (1979-1980)
Jerry White (1980)
Jeff Toney (1981-1990)
John Fulton (1991)
Jarrod Toney (1991-1994)
Keith Gilliam (1994, 1995-1996)(also sang baritone and lead)
Jim Bradford (1995)
Nathan Bryan (1996-1998)
Mike Collier (1998-2000)
Michael Rushlow (2000)
Dallas Rogers (2000-2002, 2004)
Steven Cooper (2002-2003)
Jon Pennington (2003-2004, 2007-2009)(also sang lead)
Randy Lewis (2004-2005)
David Robinson (2006)
Royce Taylor (2009) (Switched from Lead)
Daniel Rivera (2009)
Daniel Childs (2009-2010)
Judson Horner (2010-2011)
Derrick Boyd (2011)

Jim Toney (1955-1978, 1991-1994)
Gary L Toney (1979-1980, 1999)(also sang baritone)
Dave Toney (1980-1990)(also sang tenor)
Keith Gilliam (1995, 1997-1999)(also sang tenor and baritone)
Kenny Dawson (1995)
Jimmy Duty (1996)
Joe Weaver (1996)
Mike Loprinzi (2000)
Jake Sammons (2000-2004)
Jon Pennington (2004)(also sang tenor)
Phil Sowders (2004-2005)
Jimmy McMillan (2005)
David Robinson (2006)
Royce Taylor (2006-2009) (Switched to Tenor)
Joe Kitson (2009-2010)
Kasey Kemp (2010-2011)

Kyer Toney (1955-1967)(Also sang tenor)
Bob Toney (1968-1977)(also sang bass)
Gary L Toney (1978, 1981-1999, 2000-2006)(Also sang lead)
Rob Schneider (1979)(also played piano)
Steve Ramsey (1980)(also played piano)
Jerry Lay (1981)(also played piano)
Keith Gilliam (1999)(also sang lead and tenor)
George Amon Webster (2007-2011)
Jake Sammons (2011)

Bob Toney (1955-1967, 1991-1993)(also sang baritone)
Gary G Toney (1968-1977)
Terry Toney (1978-1990, 1994-2011)(also played piano)

Carol Rooker (1955)
Charles Carnes (1956, 1973-1974)
Kenneth Apple (1956)
Bryan Jones (1956-1961)
Douglas Knight (1962-1965, 1977)
Jimi Talbott (1966-1973, 1974-1977)
Steve Ramsey (1978)(also sang baritone)
Rob Schneider (1979, 1988)(also sang baritone)
Jerry Lay (1980-1981)(also sang baritone)
Gary McMullen (1981-1987)
Terry Toney (1990-1993, 1996-1998)(also sang bass)
Glen Wilson (1993-1995)
Earl Lindsey (1998-1999)
John Edwards (1999)
Wayne Berry (1999-2001)
Rick Carpitcher 2001-2003, 2003-2004)
Joel Hare (2003)

Band Members
Greg Toney - Bass Guitar (1971-1972)
Bob Harris - Bass Guitar (1972)
Terry Toney - Bass Guitar (1972-1978)(also played piano and sang bass)
John Hildebrand - Bass Guitar (1981-1989)
Kerry Huckaba - Bass Guitar (1989)
Keith Gilliam - Bass Guitar (1992-1994)
Wallace Rains - Bass Guitar (1995-1996)
Debbie Toney - Organ (1971-1973)
Dave Toney - Steel Guitar (1973-1976)
Gary McMullen - Keyboard/Saxophone (1981-1987)
Mike Gilliam - Guitar (1984-1987)
Billy McCoy - Guitar (1987-1989)
Kenny Dawson - Guitar/Steel Guitar/Banjo (1995-1996)
David Ayers - Drums (1982-1989)
Derrick Mouser - Drums (1992-1994)
Jimmy Duty - Drums (1995-1996)
Bob Toney - Fiddle (1996-2002)
Gary L Toney - Guitar (1996-Present)
Wayne Berry - Guitar (1999-2001)
Jake Sammons - Guitar/Bass Guitar (2000-2004)
Steven Cooper - Guitar/Miscellaneous (2002-2003)

Toney Brothers (1955-2011)



1974 Heíll Hold My Hand (QCA Records/1901): Sing Me A Song About Jesus; God Has Not Changed; Heíll Hold My Hand; I Remember Mama; Hallelujah Square; One Day At A Time; This Heart Of Mine; This Love Is Mine; Touring That City; When I Wake Up To Sleep No More.

1979 Shine On Me (Skylite Records/SLP-6226): Lord, Shine On Me; He Gave Me A New Song; Over The Next Hill Will Be Home; He Did It All For Me; How Great Thou Art; I'm Going Home; Farther Along; Life Is Fragile; The Great Speckled Bird; He Was There All The Time.

1980 Supply (Skylite Records/SLP-6238): Goodbye, World, Goodbye; Close As The Mention Of His Name; The Savior Will Supply; The Glove; He Rose Again; He Can Be Depended On; His Amazing Love; The Narrow Road; Restore My Soul.

1981 Carry On (Skylite Records/SLP-6258).

1981 All For One (Skylite Records/SLP-6276).

2000 As For Me And My House (Chariot Music Group/990531): With Him; It's Happening Again; I Want To Live In That Fair Land; Master Of The Sea; Old Time Religion In My Heart; Hide Thou Me; Among The Hills; Take Control; Me And My House; Crossing Chilly Jordan.

2000 Just Passing Through (New Millennium Music Group/NMD-2030): Just Passing Through; He's Not There Anymore; Nothing But The Blood; I'm Going Home; The Red Of His Blood; It's Not Who I Am; See The Lights; Just Look Up; One Of God's Children Is Gone; You Ain't Seen Nothing yet. (Terry Toney, Gary Toney, Bob Toney, Jake Sammons, Michael Rushlow, Wayne Berry).

2001 Wonderful Grace (Zion Music Group/273): Gonna Make My Getaway; We're Not Gonna Do It; Praise And Worship; I Choose To Believe; Let's Go In; Laborers Together; Mercy Came Down; Wonderful Grace; Lord Part The Waters; Under The Blood. (Terry Toney, Gary Toney, Jake Sammons, Dallas Rogers).

2008 Live In Daytona Beach: Introduction; I Feel Like Travelin' On; In My Robe Of White; Group Introductions; God On The Mountain; I'd Rather Have Jesus; Lord Feed Your Children; Bass Singing Survey; Unclouded Day; Walk With Me; Blessed Assurance; George's Testimony; Child Of The King; He Loves Me; No Hill For A Climber; A Question.

???? Timeless Classics: I've Been Changed; Then I Met The Master; I'll Have A New Song; Look For Me; Light Up The Sky; No One Ever Cared For Me; I'm Feelin Fine; God Knows; Blessed Assurance; The Man I Used To Be; The Lamb.

???? Sing Out (Custom Records/100): Lonesome Valley; Mansions Can't Be Bought In Heaven; Near The Cross; I Believe In The Old Time Way; Farther Along; What A Friend We Have In Jesus; Our Debts Will Be Paid; Just A Closer Walk With Thee; If The Lord Wasn't Walking By My Side; The Good Lord Knows; Teach Me Lord To Wait; The Old Rugged Cross.

???? Our Favorite Memories: Love Them While We Can; It's Real; I Know He's Coming; I Sing The Mighty Power; Get Out Of The Boat; Love Lifted Me; Mighty Lord; Nobody; He Is Risen; He Can Be Depended On; As For Me And My House; Close To You; The Glove; The Narrow Road To Gloryland; Over The Next Hill; He Rose Again; I Would Crawl All The Way; What Sins; Restore My Soul; Have You Made Your Reservation; Thanks For The Memories, Won't You Come Along.

???? Until Then (Crown Album Corporation/3540): Oh What A Love; Dear Jesus Abide With Me; Open Your Heart; Lovest Thou Me More Than These; Iíll Meet You In The Morning; Until Then; I Want To Live In That Fair Land; Itís Different Now; The Way To Glory Land; When Jesus Breaks The Morning; Sweeter As The Days Go By; This Little Light Of Mine.

???? Hymntime (Crown Album Corporation/3541): Battle Hymn Of The Republic; Rainbow Of Love; Empty Mansion; Sweet Jesus; Wait Upon The Lord; Some Wonderful Day; Someday; Oh, To Be Like Thee; In Times Like These; It Took A Miracle; In The House Of The Lord; Without Him.

???? 10th Anniversary (Crown Album Corporation/3542): Lonely Road Up Calvaryís Way; Wasted Years; Every Day With Jesus; He Touched Me; The Fight Is On; Because Of Him; Ship Ahoy; Lord Teach Me How To Pray; Living By Faith; Iíve Been To Calvary.

???? Songs Of Inspiration (Crown Album Corporation/3543): My Jesus I Love Thee; In The Garden; God Will Take Care Of You; Is The Heart Right; Hand In Hand With Jesus; Rock Of Ages; Lord, I Need You Again Today; Kneel At The Cross; The Precious Blood; Near To The Heart Of God; Heaven; Pass Me Not.

???? Something Old And Something New (Artistís Recording/770832): Without The Lord; Stand By Me; The Savior Is Waiting; I Believe What The Bible Says; Where Could I Go; Lifeís Railway To Heaven; Camping In Canaanís Land; If You Have Jesus; Where The Soul Never Dies; Iíll Take Jesus.

???? New Sound (QCA Records/1905): City Of Gold; King Of Kings And Lord Of Lords; Something About That Name; Take Me Home; The Christian Way; Jesus Lifted Me; Thereís Enough Of God's Love; Now I Have Everything; This Is The Day; The Haven Of Rest; Thank God Iím Free.

???? Thatís Gospel (QCA Records/1907): Get That Frown Off Your Face; Youíre Gonna Love Your New Life; John The Baptist; My Jesus Knows; What A Time; He Pilots My Ship; It Wonít Be Long; Because He Lives; Take Up Thy Cross; Itís Just Like Heaven; Take Me As I Am; Learning To Lean.

???? Radio Favorites: Mercy Came Down; Clapping Of The Nail Scarred Hands; Laborers Together; Under The Blood; We're Not Gonna Do It; He Hung The Moon; See You In The Morning; Little Is Much; Wonderful Grace Of Jesus; Gonna Make My Getaway; A Question.

???? Makin' Gold: He Set Me Free; At Calvary; At The End Of My Hope; Makin' Gold; Jesus Is Right; Let's Go In; He Didn't Come Down; The Lord Still Lives In This Old House; Wake Up The Master; Tougher Than Nails.

???? I'll Have A New Song (QCA Records/1906): I'll Have A New Song; He Came Back; The Lily Of The Valley; This Could Be The Dawning Of That Day; Crown Him King; Don't You Be Left Behind; He's Ready To Come, I'm Ready To Go; Welcome Home My Child; Scars In The Hands Of Jesus; Some Morning Fair; He's Still Living.

???? Keep On Singing (QCA Records/1903): I'm Gonna Keep On Singin'; Get All Excited; After Calvary; Medley-Jesus Is Coming Again/Are You Ready To Meet The Lord/The Coming Of The Lord/Redemption Draweth Nigh/While Ages Roll; All Because Of God's Grace; The Lighthouse; One More Valley; Jesus Took Care Of It All; I Should Have Been Crucified; Over And Over.

???? The Toney Brothers In Nashville (Southern Heritage Records/4052): He's Ready To Come I'm Ready To Go; Love Lifted Me; Rise Again; I Wouldn't Take Nothing For My Journey Now; Palms Of Victory; I'm Standing On The Solid Rock; Haven Of Rest; What Sins; Streets Of Gold; He Ransomed Me (Terry Toney, Gary Toney, Rob Schneider, Bob Oliver).

???? The Toney Brothers Quartet (Bibletone Records/3506): Just A Little Talk With Jesus; Tell My Friends; Peace In The Valley; In My Father's House Are Many Mansions; I Want To Go There; Then I Met The Master; How Long Has It Been; How Great Thou Art; I Need No Mansion Here; While Endless Ages Roll; I Want To Be More Like Jesus; Take My Hand Precious Lord.

???? Jesus Is Mine (QCA Records/1902): Light Up The Sky; Freedom; Walk With Me; Stepping On The Clouds; There Is A River; I've Got More To Go To Heaven For; Over The Moon; Jesus Is Mine; Till The Storm Passes By; Old Brush Arbor Days.

???? Gospel At It's Best (Keepsake Records/1009): Great Big Wonderful God; In The Shelter Of His Arms; I Believe What The Bible Says; Unworthy; What A Friend We Have In Jesus;' The Answer Is Already On The Way; Come And Dine; Remind Me Dear Lord; Does Jesus Care; I Know Who Holds Tomorrow; I'm Nearer Home; After.

???? Something For You (Steeple Records/2509): My Labor Will Be O'vr; He Looked Beyond My Fault; At The Crossing; Meet Me Up In Heaven; Home Sweet Home; Lord I'm Ready Now To Go; For God So Loved; Medley-I'll Be Somewhere Listening, I'll Fly Away, I Feel Like Traveling On- Just Over In The Gloryland; The Great Judgement Morning; Had It Not Been; Why Should I Worry Or Fret; The Lord's Prayer.

???? God Bless The USA: It's Real; Camping In Canaan; He Is Risen; For God So Loved; God Bless The USA; Take Control; Life's Railway To Heaven; Lord I'm Ready Now To Go; First Thought; Crown Him King.

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