Skylite Records

Also credited as Skylite Recording Company


Skylite Records was formed in 1959 as a joint venture of the Blackwood Brothers and the Statesmen. In 1966, the label was sold to Joel Gentry and merged with the Sing Records label. At that point, the company was branded as Skylite-Sing.

In 1970 and again in 1986, master tapes owned by Skylite-Sing were destroyed by fires suspected to be the result of arson. In early 1991, Gentry's interest in Skylite-Sing was sold at a public auction by a bank in Nashville, Tennessee. Gentry was convicted in 1993 for three incidents of armed bank robbery that occurred in 1991 and 1992.

The Skylite Records label has released albums by many artists including the Agape Singers, Ambassadors, "Big Chief" Wetherington, Bill Baize, Blackwood Boys, Blackwood Brothers, Blackwood Singers, Blue Ridge Quartet, Brashears, Cecil Blackwood, Coy Cook And The Senators, Diplomats, Donnie Sumner, Florida Boys, Gospel Harmony Boys, Harmoneers, Harvesters, Hovie Lister, Imperials, J D Sumner, J D Sumner And The Stamps, Jake Hess, James Blackwood Quartet, Jerry And The Goffs, Junior Blackwood Brothers, Ken Turner, Kingsmen Quartet, Lancers, Lesters, London Parris, Masters V, Mosie Lister, Mylon LeFevre, Oak Ridge Boys, Orrell Quartet, Palmetto State Quartet, Prophets, Rangers Trio, Rebels, Rhythm Masters, Smitty Gatlin Trio, Sons Of Harmony, Speer Family, Statesmen, Steve Warren, Swanee River Boys, Teddy Huffam And The Gems, Telestials, Toney Brothers, Troy Lumpkin, Wally Varner, Weatherfords, Wendy Bagwell And The Sunliters and Wills Family.

Skylite also published songs.

Published Songs

(Partial List)

Glad Reunion Day

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