QCA Records


QCA Records began in Cincinnati, Ohio in the early 1950s. The company was originally called Queen City Album, after the city nickname - the Queen City, but shortened the name to QCA in the late 1980s. The company has produced and manufactured records, tapes, and CD's for many music genres, in addition to Southern Gospel. The company is still active, though no Southern Gospel artists currently use this label.

Bill Baize, the Blue Ridge Quartet, Burl Strevel, Calvarymen Quartet Of West Virginia, Dixie Melody Boys, Donnie Seabolt, Easter Brothers, Heaven Bound, Hoppers, J D Sumner And The Stamps, Jerry And The Goffs, Kenny Gates, Kingsmen Quartet, the Lesters, London Parris And The Apostles, Prophets, Rosie Rozell And The Searchers, Sheltons, Singing Cookes, Toney Brothers, Weatherfords, and Willie Wynn And The Tennesseans are among the artists to record on the QCA label.

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