Lewis Family, Late '70s

Group Members

"Pop" Lewis

"Mom" Lewis

Talmadge Lewis

Janis Lewis Phillips

Miggie Lewis

James Wallace Lewis

"Polly" Lewis Copsey

"Little Roy" Lewis

Travis Lewis

Lewis Phillips

Lizzy Long

Lewis Family (1951-2009)


Roy and Pauline Lewis came to be known simply as "Pop" and "Mom" after forming the Lewis Family. They eloped in 1925 and were married for 77 years until Mom's death in early 2003. They had eight children: Miggie, Wallace, Esley, Mosley, Talmadge, Polly, Janis and "Little" Roy Lewis. During the 1940s, the brothers performed billed as the Lewis Brothers, but in 1951, the family including the sisters and Pop was scheduled to sing for a Woodmen of the World meeting. This was the birth of the Lewis Family. Their first recording sessions were completed later that same year and released on Sullivan Records.

In 1954, the Lewis Family began appearing weekly on WJBF-TV broadcasting from Augusta, Georgia. This relationship lasted 38 years and gained numerous fans for the family. Through this outlet as well as their regular concert appearances, the Lewis Family came to be known as ďAmericaís First Family of Bluegrass Gospel Music.Ē They worked with various labels over the years including moving to Starday Records in 1957 and various other labels including Canaan, Riversong, and Daywind over the years. Their catalog includes approximately 60 albums.

During the 1960s and 1970s, the older brothers left performing to pursue various business ventures. Sisters Polly, Miggie, and Janis remained with the group alongside their youngest brother, Little Roy, until the group ceased touring in 2009.

In the later years, several of Pop and Mom Lewis' grandchildren toured with the group. Some of these include Polly's daughter Sheri who met Jeff Easter in 1984 and married him ten months later, Janis' son Lewis, Wallace's son Travis, and Little Roy's foster daughter Lizzy Long.

The Lewis Family held a farewell performance in October 2009 at a pavilion that bears their name in their hometown of Lincolnton, Georgia. After the retirement of the Lewis Family, two new groups were formed to carry on the name. The Little Roy And Lizzy Show features the group's two namesakes along with a supporting cast of musicians. When Lewis Tradition formed in 2010, members included Janis, her son Lewis Phillips, Travis Lewis, and Travis' son Jameson Lewis representing the fourth generation of the Lewis Family.


1992 - Georgia Music Hall of Fame
2006 - International Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame
2010 - Georgia Senate Resolution
2015 - Blue Ridge Music Hall of Fame


1960 Singin' Time Down South (Starday Records/SLP-121): Carry On; You Can't Do Wrong And Get By; Help Me Understand; Jesus Is My King; I Do Believe; A Beautiful City; Wait A Little Longer Please Jesus; At The End Of My Journey; Just One Rose; He's Got The Whole World In His Hands; Hide You In The Blood; I'm Not Alone; I Shall Not Be Moved; I See Jesus; My Closest Kin; To Get My Reward.

1962 Anniversary Celebration (Starday Records/SLP-161): Are You Ashamed; World's Greatest Story; Some Sweet Happy Day; Child Of The King; Matthew 24; Wings Of A Dove; In Heaven; Out In The Country; Talking With Death; Stay On Top With Jesus; Are You Ready For Heaven; Somebody Loves Me; Dwelling In Beulah Land; The Heavenly Plan.

1962 Gospel Special (Starday Records/SLP-193): Jesus In The Rock; No One But Thee; When God's Chariot Comes; Ain't No Room In The Church For Liars; Dreaming Of A Little Cabin; Mother's Only Sleeping; Honey In The Rock; When I Walk Along The Streets Of Gold; The Empty Cross; I've Started Out To Find A Better Home; From The Manger To The Cross; Take This Whole World; My Lord's Gonna Move This Wicked Race; God's Great Stratosphere.

1963 Sing Me A Gospel Song (Starday Records/SLP-238): There's A Higher Power; Gloryland March; I Know My Lord Will Lead Me Home; As You Travel Alone; There Is A Happy Land; Family Bible; Little Moses; No Dark Shadows; Dust On The Bible; Standing And Wondering; Jordan; A Faithful Friend; We've Got To Keep Walking; One Way Ticket To The Sky.

1963 All Night Singing Convention (Starday Records/SLP-252): Heavenly Chimes; The Lamb's Book Of Life; Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho; There's Somebody Wrong About The Bible; The Only Way Home; Keep On The Firing Line; Old And In The Way; My Homeward Flight; There's Joy Ahead; You Go To Your Church (And I'll Go To Mine); Swing Down Chariot; He Made A Way; Seeking A Far Off Home; He's Sweeter.

1964 Singin' In My Soul (Starday Records/SLP-289): Singin' In My Soul; Gonna Keep My Love Light Burning; Look Away; Moving Onward; Go Out And Tell The News; Why Not Tonight; Over The Rolling Sea; Shine, Shine, Shine; Born Again; Climbing Jacob's Ladder; The Ship To Glory; God's Heaven.

1965 Singin' Time Down South (Nashville Records/Starday Records/NLP-2016): Carry On; You Can't Do Wrong And Get By; Help Me Understand; I Do Believe; A Beautiful City; Wait A Little Longer Please Jesus; At The End Of My Journey; Just One Rose; He's Got The Whole World In His Hands; Hide You In The Blood; I'm Not Alone; I Shall Not Be Moved; To Get My Reward; Dwelling In Beulah Land.

1965 The First Family Of Gospel Song (Starday Records/SLP-331): Crying Holy Unto The Lord; Jesus Is Coming; His Blood Now Covers My Sin; No Trouble In Heaven; Where Did You Get Your Religion; I've Got A Home; I've Found A Hiding Place; Where The Shades Of Love Lie Deep; When I Reach That City; Precious Moments; The Purple Robe; I Like The Old Time Way.

1966 The Lewis Family Sings The Gospel With Carl Story (Starday Records/SLP-364): I Would Not Be Denied; Standing In The Need Of Prayer; I'm On My Way To Canaan's Land; Will The Circle Be Unbroken; Heaven Bound Train; Fire And Brimstone; The Friends Who Prayed For Me; There's Never An Unguarded Moment; No Hiding Place Down Here; Precious Moments; I Am A Pilgrim; Sinless Summerland.

1966 Lewis Family Album (Starday Records/SLP-381): There's A Little Pine Log Cabin; Pentecost; One More River To Cross; Ashamed To Speak His Name; We Don't Have The Right To Cast A Stone; Picture On The Wall; Walking My Lord Up Calvary's Hill; Read Your Bible; Walk With Christ; Man Of Galilee; Wait For Me; Where He Leads Me.

1967 The Lewis Family Takes You To A Gospel Sing Out (Nashville Records/Starday Records/NLP-2045): Keep On The Firing Line; I Am A Pilgrim; Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho; Swing Down Chariot; You Go To Your Church (And Iíll Go To Mine); Climbing Jacob's Ladder; Crying Holy Unto The Lord; Honey In The Rock; Shine Shine Shine; Little Moses.

1967 Shall We Gather At The River (Starday Records/SLP-395): Shall We Gather At The River; In The Garden; When The Morning Comes; Never Alone; On Jordan's Stormy Banks I Stand; Haven Of Rest; Brighten The Corner Where You Are; Down By The Riverside; In The Sweet Bye And Bye; Bringing In The Sheaves; Uncloudy Day; Old Rugged Cross.

1967 Time Is Moving On (Starday Records/SLP-408): Time Is Moving On; Each Ring Of The Hammer; Don't Be Ashamed Of Jesus; We Will Have No Fear; I Want To Sing; Heaven Is Calling Me Home; I'll Soon Be Leaving; I Ask Not; Across The River From Here; I Know It Can't Be Far; Sitting Here Thinking; Hiding In The Rock.

1968 All Day Singing And Dinner On The Ground (Starday Records/SLP-419): Rank Strangers To Me; Go Tell It On The Mountain; This Little Light Of Mine; That Is Where I Want To Go; I'll Be No Stranger; Old Brush Arbors; Tramp On The Street; Calvary; Nearer Home; I'm Marching Toward Gloryland; Just For Me; I Can Feel The Spirit Moving.

1968 Golden Gospel Banjo (Starday Records/SLP-422): Home Sweet Home; Where The Soul Of Man Never Dies; The Gospel Train; Happy Rhythm; Dry Bones; When They Ring Those Golden Bells; Lead Me; Battle Hymn Of The Republic; Power In The Blood; The Church In The Wildwood; Walking On The Water; Rainbow Of Love.

1968 The Gospel Singing Sensations From Dixie (Nashville Records/Starday Records/NLP-2062): Carry On; Over In Gloryland; He Knew Just What To Do; The Everlasting Arms; Got To Cross Jordan; Grand Homecoming; Spread Sunshine; Where There's A Will, There's A Way; What A Friend; A Voice From Heaven.

1969 Did You Ever Go Sailing Down The River Of Memories (Starday Records/SLP-433): Did You Ever Go Sailing; Walking With My Saviour; The Storm; He's Building A Mansion For Me; My Lord Is Taking Me Away; Stand By Me; A Lonesome Highway; Work For The Night Is Coming; Lord, I'm Ready To Go; Sing; Christ Will Ride The Clouds Of Glory; Dreaming Of Heaven.

1970 Sing In Gospel Country (Canaan Records/CAS-9676): Sunday Christian; Noah; Something For You And Me; Alone In The Garden; There's A Light Guiding Me; He's Passing This Way; Jesus, Hold My Hand; Joshua; His; The Nearer, The Harder; I Want To Stroll Over Heaven; That Lonesome Valley.

1971 Lewis Country (Canaan Records/CAS-9690): Try A Little Kindness; Oh What Love; I'll Fly Away; Keep On The Sunny Side Of Life; The Glory Road; Way Up On The Mountain; I'm Bound For That City; I'm Using My Bible For A Road Map; Jesus Take A Hold; Daddy Was An Old Time Preacher Man; Going Up.

1971 Beautiful (Canaan Records/CAS-9700): I'd Rather Be An Old Time Christian; Walking The Sea; Jesus Sure Changed Me; I'll Be There Anyway; I Know; That's All; Put Your Hand In The Hand; When It's Lamplighting Time; Children Talk To Angels; What Will You Say; They Crucified Our Savior; Old Camp Meeting Days.

1972 Best By A Country Mile (Canaan Records/CAS-9709): Ezekiel Saw The Wheel; I Claim Jesus First Of All; You've Got To Walk That Road; I Saw The Light; Step Out In The Sunshine; Let Me Live; Will You Be Ready To Go Home; Take Me Home Please Jesus; Stormy Waters; When Mama Prayed; What A Savior; I'll Be Satisfied.

1972 Just Us (Canaan Records/CAS-9720): Marching Up The Glory Land; Joy, He Cares For Me; Iíve Got Jesus; I Can Feel Heaven In My Soul; By The Spirit, Iím Lifted; Me And Jesus; Turn Your Radio On; Light Of The Lord; We Canít Serve Two Masters; Will The Angels Play Their Harps; Jesus Took My Burdens; He Whispers Softly To Me.

1972 Gospel Banjo Little Roy And The Lewis Family (Canaan Records/CAS-9722): Are You Washed In The Blood; Tis The Old Time Religion; Wildwood Flower; Waiting For His Return; Medley: Standing On The Promises/Bringing In The Sheaves/I Am Bound For The Promised Land/No Not One/Down In My Heart/Give The World A Smile; The Bells Of St Mary's; Grandfather Clock; Jesus Is Coming Soon; Little Roy's Banjo; Medley: America The Beautiful/God Bless America.

1973 Country Sunday In Georgia (Canaan Records/CAS-9730). I Wonder How John Felt; Let's Have An Old Time Revival; Come Walk With Me; Those Happy Days; I Walk In The New Jerusalem Way; Sailing, Sailing; Let's All Go Down To The River; How Can You Refuse Him Now; Try Jesus; Jesus Loveth Even Me; Someday; Honey In The Rock.

1973 The Lewis Family Lives In A Happy World (Canaan Records/CAS-9738). I'm Living In A Happy World; The Preacher And The Bear; Steal Away And Tell It To The Lord; Nothing Fancy It Is; Glorybound; I'm Gonna Sing Sing Sing; He's All The World To Me; Leaning On The Lord; Someone Will Love Me In Heaven; Will He Call Out My Name; Let Him Lead You; Only With Jesus.

1974 High In Gospel Country (Canaan Records/CAS-9753): Pick Me Up Lord; Beyond The River; Today's Gonna Be A Brighter Day; I've Been A Waitin'; That Old Ship; That Old Time Preacher Man; A Key To A Mansion In Glory; Come Closer To Me; I'm Workin' My Way; The Baptism Of Jesse Taylor; Take Your Shoes Off Moses; The Only Man Made Things In Heaven.

1975 Absolutely Lewis (Canaan Records/CAS-9764): You Can't Be A Beacon; I Take A Little Jesus For My Sin; Life's Railway To Heaven; Just One Rose Will Do; Some Of These Days; Walk Around Heaven; On The Way Home; Jesus Lead Me All The Way; The Old Time Way; Will You Be Ready; King Jesus Will Roll All My Burdens Away; You Gotta Live Your Religion.

1976 Family Style Gospel (Canaan Records/CAS-9782): Won't It Be A Happy Time; Will The Circle Be Unbroken; Everybody Will Be Happy Over There; Just In Time; I Just Can't Believe It Jesus; Jesus Is The Key To The Kingdom; Hand Me Down My Silver Trumpet Gabriel; Thank God For The USA; It's Great To Have Someone Like You; Livin' In The Name Of Love; Mother And The Old Home Church; Let's Turn The Lights On.

1976 Weíll Keep Praising His Name (Canaan Records/CAS-9795): I'm Gonna Move That Mountain; Everybody's Singing For The Lord; The Only Way To Fly; Fight A Good Fight; You Must Be Born Again; Mama Was A Preacher Man; I'll Be Praising His Name; Just A Little Talk With Jesus; Gonna Go Walkin'; Farther Along; These Bones Are Gonna Rise Again; I'm Gonna Go Walk And Talk With My Lord.

1976 Alive And Pickiní (Canaan Records/CAS-9798): Intro; When The Morning Comes; He Will Set Your Fields On Fire; Jesus Is The Rock; My Ship Will Sail; Pop and Little Roy Introduce The Group; Rocking On The Waves; Fried Chicken Revival; Send The Light; The Lord Is Counting On You; One Day At A Time; I Saw The Light; The Purple Robe; Behind The Door With The Devil; He Whispers Softly To Me; Joshua.

1977 Country Faith (Canaan Records/CAS-9820): Gettin' Ready To Leave This World; I Feel It In My Soul; Walking My Lord Up Calvary's Hill; When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder; No One But Jesus; Lord I've Been Ready For Years; Livin' On The Mountain; I Wanna Be Ready; Gonna Be Movin'; Valley Of Sin; Precious Lord; Are You Walking And Talking For The Lord.

1978 Wrapped With Grace And Tied With Love (Canaan Records/CAS-9836): What A Difference You've Made; My Lord Will Lead Me Home; I'm Bound In Gloryland; Heavenly Power; Lord, Don't Leave Me Here; Do Lord; Wrapped With Grace, Tied With Love; Heaven's Jubilee; Precious Memories; I Can Hardly Wait; I'm Heaven Bound; Friends In High Places.

1979 Hallelujah Turnpike (Canaan Records/CAS-9847): Hallelujah Turnpike; He Will Row You Over The Tide; The Sweetest Gift; That's The Man I'm Looking For; Vine Covered Church; When The Saints Go Marching In; Carry Me On; Life's Ebb And Flow; Live In Me; Standing On The Solid Rock; Singing On The Mountain; Gloryland March.

1980 Good Time Get-Together (Canaan Records/CAS-9861): Good Time Get Together; Slippers And Wings; You Will Get Your Reward Someday; Gathering Flowers For The Masters Bouquet; Swing Low Sweet Chariot; Heaven's Echoes; Set Another Place At The Table; Born Again; Tis The Old Time Religion; No Way Of Changing My Mind; Sunny Side Of Life; In The Heat Of The Battle.

1981 Iím Just An Old Chunk Of Coal (Canaan Records/CAS-9874): I'm Just An Old Chunk Of Coal; What On Earth Will You Do For Heavens Sake; Traveling On; Time Has Made A Change In Me; The Great Reward; I'm Gonna Try To Be That Way; Down By The Riverside; Wait For The Light To Shine; Don't You Want To Go To Heaven; Gone Away.

1982 Lewis Family Tradition (Canaan Records/CAS-9893): Someday This Old Road; Because Of Him; God's Little People; Resting In The Palm Of His Hand; Mama Blues; Preachin Up A Storm; To My Mansion In The Sky; Sure As The Sun Is Gonna Rise; You Bring Out The Love; I'm Tired Of Living In A World Of Sin.

1983 In Concert (Canaan Records/CAS-9901): Introduction; Turn Your Light On; Keep On The Sunny Side Of Life; Donít Be Knocking Him Around; The Unclouded Day; Iíll Meet You In Church On Sunday Morning; There Is Power In The Blood; Didnít It Rain; Mansion All My Own; Meeting In The Air; Dueling Banjos; Jordan; Little Roy Talks; Honey In The Rock; Theyíre Holding Up The Ladder (Pop Lewis, Janis, Polly, Miggie, Travis Lewis, Lewis Phillips, Little Roy, Wallace).

1984 Keepiní On (Canaan Records/CAS-9927): Just Like Angels (In The Sky); (You Gotta) Keep On Keepiní On; Old Rivers; Itís An Unfriendly World; I Talk To The Shepherd; Itís Jesusí Love Shining In My Soul; Mama Sing; Two Men A-Praying; Jesus Took The Fall; I Ainít A Quittiní Now (Pop Lewis, Little Roy, Janis, Miggie, Polly, Travis Phillips, Lewis Phillips, Wallace).

1985 The Best Of The Lewis Family (Canaan Records/CAS-9940): Leave It To Jesus; God's Little People; Hallelujah Turnpike; The Purple Robe; I'm Just An Old Chunk Of Coal (But I'm Gonna Be A Diamond Someday); Why Not Tonight; Slippers With Wings; Dueling Banjos; Just One Rose Will Do; They're Holding Up The Ladder.

1986 Generation To Generation (Riversong Records/RO3966): Lord I Wanna Thank You; Maybe When The Sun Comes Up; When The Wagon Was New; He'll Come Walking On The Water; The Whale Swallowed Jonah; I'm Gonna Praise The Lord; If Jesus Is A Stranger; Walkin In God's Sunshine; Green Pastures; Ain't Nothing Gonna Get Me Down.

1987 Live: Crowd Pleasers (Riversong Records/RO2381): Traveling Gospel Band; Go Up On The Mountain; I'm A Crowd Pleaser; Me And Jesus; March Around The Throne One Time For Me; Five 'N Chimes; He Holds Me In His Hands; I've Been Sealed; We Will Rise And Shine; Children Talk To Angels; Ya'll Come; Hallelujah Turnpike.

1988 Better Than Ever (Riversong Records/RO2472): Family Bible; Sawdust And Folding Chairs; Let Me Go; This Ole House; Standing Here Wondering Which Way To Go; Walk Dem Golden Stairs; I Can Swim; A Little At A Time; The Man Of Galilee; Banjo Crossfire. (Wallace Lewis, Lewis Phillips, Little Roy Lewis, Jeff Easter, Sheri Easter, Janis Phillips, Pop Lewis, Miggie Lewis, Travis Lewis, Polly Copsey).

1989 Good And Plenty (Riversong Records/RO2558): Down At The River Of Life; On The Wings Of A Dove; Love, Sweet Love; Good And Plenty; Surely I Will, Lord; Dig A Little Deeper; When He Put A Little Sunshine In; Just As The Sun Went Down; Take All The Love; Lord, Light A Candle.

1990 High Cotton (Riversong Records/RO2689): Every Day Will Be Sunday By And By; Everfaithful Friend; Jesus Is The Light; If I Could See The World Through The Eyes Of A Child; Heís Got The Whole World In His Hands; Enjoyed, Not Endured; What Your Worldís Coming To; High Cotton; The Captain Reached Down For My Soul; Just Over In The Gloryland; Looking Through The Windows Of Heaven. (Pop Lewis, Janis Polly, Miggie, Travis Lewis, Lewis Phillips, Little Roy, Wallace).

1991 Sweet Dixie Home (Riversong Records/88418-2849-2): Sweet Dixie Home; Flowers In The Wildwood; I Believe It; What A Savior What A Friend; I'm Gonna Shout; Gold Records In Heaven; Talk About Jesus; On A High High Mountain; Filled With The Spirit Of God; I Have But One Goal.

1992 20 Country Bluegrass Hymns Volume 2 (Benson Music Group/84418-2897-2): He Keeps Me Singing; The Old Rugged Cross; Jesus Savior, Pilot Me; When We All Get To Heaven; Whispering Hope; Over Yonder By The Sea; The Homecoming Week; I Shall Not Be Moved; How Beautiful Heaven Must Be; Will There Be Any Stars In My Crown; Amazing Grace; The Church In The Wildwood; The Pearly White City; Leaning On The Everlasting Arms; Lord, I'm Coming Home; Love Lifted Me; Are You Washed In The Blood Of The Lamb?; Heavenly Sunlight; We Are Going Down The Valley; How Great Thou Art.

1993 Live In Georgia (Riversong Records/88418-2861-4): Satisfied; Matthew Twenty-Four; Good Time Get Together; Jesus The Way Maker; Joyful Banjo; Just A Rose Will Do; Sailing, Sailing; What A Saviour, What A Friend; Living Up On The Mountain; Child Of The King; Will The Circle Be Unbroken. (Pop, Janis, Polly, Miggie, Travis Lewis, Lewis Phillips, Little Roy, Wallace).

1993 20 Bluegrass Christmas Favorites (Riversong Records/84418-2232-4): Christmas Time's A Coming; Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem; Silent Night; Silver Bells; Away In A Manger; Born In Bethlehem; Hark The Herald Angels Sing; Maryís Christmas; It Came Upon A Midnight Clear; White Christmas; Bluegrass Christmas; Go Tell It On The Mountain; Old Toy Trains; Christmas; Dear Little Stranger; Winter Wonderland; Joy To The World; Deck The Halls; O Little Town Of Bethlehem; Jingle Bells. (Pop, Janis, Polly, Miggie, Travis Lewis, Lewis Phillips, Little Roy, Wallace).

1995 Bluegrass Country Club (Thoroughbred Records/2027): Running In The Yard; A Rose In The Bible; Hallelujah Homecoming Day; I Wouldnít Miss It For The World; I Stand Alone At Godís Door; Iíve Found A Hiding Place; Iíd Still Have Nothing; If We Ever Needed The Lord Before; Family Affair; The Gloryland Way. (Pop, Janis, Polly, Miggie, Travis Lewis, Lewis Phillips, Little Roy, Wallace).

1995 20 Bluegrass Favorites Volume 4 (Benson Music Group/84418-4266-4): Banjo Crossfire; Walk Them Golden Stairs; March Around The Throne One Time For Me; Lord, I Wanna Thank You; Everfaithful Friend; A Little At A Time; The Whale Swallowed Jonah; He Holds Me In His Hands; Enjoyed, Not Endured; Maybe When The Sun Comes Up; Let Me Go; Take All The Love; Love, Sweet Love; Dig A Little Deeper; Iím A Crowd Pleaser; Heíll Come Walking On The Water; Iím Gonna Praise The Lord; Good And Plenty; Flowers In The Wildwood; Jesus Is The Light.

1999 So Fine (Thoroughbred Records/THB2035): I'll Meet You On The Mountain; Above And Beyond; I Want My Life To Count For Him; Love Somebody Like Jesus Loves You; Somewhere, Somebody Is Praying For Me; Where We'll Never Grow Old; So Fine; Beyond The Cross; Singin' In The Promised Land; Incredible; His Amazing Grace; Where The Sun Meets The Morning. (Lewis Phillips, Janis Lewis Phillips, Polly Lewis Copsey, Pop Lewis, Miggie Lewis, Travis Lewis, Little Roy Lewis).

2002 50th Anniversary Celebration (Thoroughbred Records/THB 2041): Family And Friends; I Feel Like Traveling On; Old Chunk Of Coal; Walkin' And Talkin'; The Old Family Table; God's Little People; Slippers With Wings; The Family Bible; Which Came First; I'm Using My Bible For A Roadmap; Meet Me There; Hallelujah Turnpike; I'm Building A Stairway To Heaven; Just One Rose Will Do; His Life Is An Open Book; Joshua; I Plan To Meet You There; So Many Years, So Many Blessings. (Lewis Phillips, Janis Lewis Phillips, Polly Lewis Copsey, Pop Lewis, Miggie Lewis, Travis Lewis, Little Roy Lewis).

2004 Angels Gathering Flowers (Thoroughbred Records/THB 2045): When We Get To The Other Side; Mama Prayed, Daddy Sang; A Crown That Lasts Forever; Traveling Shoes; Angels Gathering Flowers; The Purple Robe; I Will Go Where He Leads Me; Mama's Flower Bed; I'm Bound For The Land Of Canaan; How God Has Taken Care Of Me; Light Of Love. (Lewis Phillips, Janis Lewis Phillips, Polly Lewis Copsey, Pop Lewis, Miggie Lewis, Travis Lewis, Little Roy Lewis).

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