Group Members

Jerry Goff (1971-????)
Andrea LeFevre Goff (1971-????)
Karen Miller (1971-1972)
Winston Miller (1971-1972)
Don Burris (1971)
Harold Friend (1971-1972) (tenor/guitar)
Bobby Howard (1972-????) (tenor)
Dave Rowland (1972-????)
Wally Goff (1972-1974)
Gene Jones (1972; 1974-1976) (pianist)
Danny Larson (1973)
Brian Lester (1973)
Gary Stephens? (1973-????)
Gary Buckles (1974-1976; 1979)
Bill Dykes (????-1976; 1979)
Dave Harvell (1976-1978) (baritone)
Randy McDaniel (1976)
Art Ross (1976-????) (piano)
Tank Tackett (1976-1978; 1979-????)
Barry Hess? (1976-1979)
Dempsey Howard? (1979) (bass guitar)
Stan Shuman (1978-19??) (baritone)
Dewey Williams (1978-19??) (tenor)
Roger Horne (1978=????)
Becky Horne? (1978-????)
Garry Herron (1979-????) (baritone) Jake Robinson (bass guitar)
David Hoskins (bass guitar)
Gary Valentine (baritone)
Gary Apple (1982-????) (tenor)

Jerry And The Goffs (1971 - 1987)

Also known as Jerry And The Singing Goffs


Jerry Goff, previously a member of the Thrasher Brothers, formed Jerry & The Singing Goffs in March 1971. Prior to making a public appearance, the group recorded their first album that same month. Their first appearance was on April 10, 1971. It was during his time leading his own group that Goff began to be commonly introduced as ďMr. Gospel Trumpet.Ē Joining Goff in the original lineup were his wife Andrea LeFevre Goff, husband and wife Winston and Karen Miller, and Don Burris. With Burris, Goff was able to perform twin trumpet duets, but Burris was replaced by Harold Friend a few months later.

Friend played guitar in addition to singing tenor. Friend suffered a tragedy in mid-October when a house fire claimed the lives of his two daughters ages 8 and 14. His wife Dixie suffered severe burns trying to rescue them and also passed away about a month later. The Singing Goffs organized a benefit concert for the family in early December and raised more than $4000 with more than 2000 people in attendance.

By early 1972, the Millers and Friend had left. The Millers would form their own family group a few months later. The Goffs reorganized with Jerry's brother Wally Goff, Dave Rowland, pianist Gene Jones, and tenor singer Bobby Howard joining Jerry and Andrea. Both Rowland and Jones had left the Senators to join the Goffs.

The following year, Dave Rowland departed to replace Donnie Sumner in J D Sumner And The Stamps Quartet. Jones was only with the group for a short time in 1972, but would return in 1974 and remain until 1976. Brian Lester sang with the group for a couple of months in 1973 before being replaced by Gary Stephens. When Bobby Howard left the group in September of 1973, Lester returned to fill in again. Also in 1973, the Goffs joined the LeFevres to create a new syndicated television show called The LeFevre Family Show.

An automobile accident sidelined Wally Goff for several months in 1974. Wally was able to rejoin the group in the fall. During Wally's absence, the group added Gary "Buck" Buckles. Andrea LeFevre Goff withdrew from traveling with the group in 1975. She and Jerry would later divorce.

Pianist Randy McDaniel joined the group in early 1976. Around the same time, Bobby Howard returned to work in the Goff's office though he did not rejoin them on the road. McDaniel's tenure at piano was only for a short time. He was replaced by Art Ross before the end of 1976.

Buck Buckles left to join The Stamps Quartet near the end of the year and Bill Dykes who had also been with the group for a while at that point left around the same time to work for QCA Records. Dave Harvell left the Tennesseans to sing baritone for the Goffs. Gayle "Tank" Tackett was added a short time later to fill the tenor spot.

Another television ministry called Cornerstone was launched in 1977 by The Goffs. Dave Harvell and Tank Tackett left the group in 1978. Harvell was replaced by Stan Shuman and Tackett by Dewey Williams.

In 1979, the Goffs (via their booking agency) announced they were reducing their travel schedule to select dates. Roger and Becky Horne joined the group and Wally Goff moved from organ to piano. Due to the reduced schedule of The Goffs, the Hornes continued to appear as a duo between Goffs dates. Jerry and his brother Wally also began making some duo appearances without the Hornes or musicians aside from Jerry's trumpet and Wally's piano. They had sold their bus after making the decision to accept fewer dates in 1979 but bought another one after a few months. Later in 1979, Bill Dykes returned to sing tenor and Buck Buckles came back to sing baritone with The Goffs while the Hornes took some time off due to the birth of their baby. The Hornes later decided to leave the group. Tim Shelby filled in for a while until Tank Tackett returned to the tenor spot and Garry Herron joined to sing baritone.

In 1984, the Goffs began scheduling 11 performance dates in a row followed by a 10-day break to complete a 3-week cycle.

In the fall of 1987, The Goffs disbanded. Jerry Goff stated he was doing so many solo and/or preaching appearances that it no longer made financial sense to keep the group together.


1971 The Kingís Children Present... Majestic Music (Lighthouse Records/LH-10406): He Never Once Stopped Loving Me; America; Try A Little Kindness; What A Happy Day; Holding On; I Find No Fault In Him; Godís Not Dead; Iíll Fly Away; Thereís A Payday; Old Rugged Cross. (Jerry Goff, Andrea LeFevre Goff, Karen Miller, Winston Miller, Don Burris).

1971 Lasting Sounds (Lighthouse Records/LH-10613): You Can Count On God; Sweet, Sweet Spirit; Where We Ever Shall Be; When The Saints Go Marching In; The Eastern Gate; I Know, I Know; Tear Stains; I Won't Have To Worry Anymore; Great, Great Day; I'll Have A New Body.

1972 Campmeetín With (Lighthouse Records/LH-20447): Thatís When He Wrote My Name; His Great Arms; Living In Canaan; The Old Gospel Ship; Iím Going That Way; Put Your Hand In The Hand; When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder; Iíll Live In Glory; Will The Circle Be Unbroken; Down The Sawdust Trail.

1972 Doing It Right (Lighthouse Records/LH-20448): Who Do I Know In Heaven; Turn Your Radio On; Soul Music; Sunday Night; Whispering Hope; Joshua; I Can Almost See The Lights Of Home; The Sun's Gonna Shine; What A Friend; I'll Be Satisfied.

1972 Singing With Style (Lighthouse Records/LH-20449): The Lighthouse; I'd Rather Have His Love; There's Something Living In This Heart Of Mine; Coming Home; Jesus, Oh What A Man; Redemption Draweth Nigh; Ride, Ride, Ride; Through It All; That Day Is Almost Here; By And By.

1973 Live Here Tonight (Lighthouse Records/LH-1501): Introduction; When My Name Is Called In Glory; Group Intros; The Lighthouse; This Is Just What Heaven Means To Me; Highway To Heaven; Oh The Glory Did Roll; What Is His Name; I'm Living In Canaan Now; Where We Ever Shall Be.

1973 Wide Awake (Lighthouse Records/LH-1502): What Is His Name; Tucked In With Jesus; When I Get Home; Never Again; More About Jesus; It's A Long Long Way To Calvary; Someday He'll Wipe The Tears From My Eyes; When My Name Is Called In Glory; I Will Trade The Old Cross; On The Jericho Road.

1973 Homesick For Heaven (Lighthouse Records/LH-1503): Homesick For Heaven; God Loves Even Me; There Is A River; Mansion Over The Hilltop; Iím Ashamed (If I Forget Calvary); Thanks A Million Lord; Remember; Oh How I Love Jesus; How Great Thou Art; His Love Lights The Way.

1974 Our Heritage (Lighthouse Records/LH-1504): An Old Account Settled; I'll Be Satisfied; Amazing Grace; If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again; Leaning On The Everlasting Arms; When I See The Blood; Near The Cross; Our Lord's Return; Are You Washed In The Blood; No, Not One; Almost Persuaded. (Re-issued in 1976 on Chime Records/CH-617).

1974 Your Choice (CAM Records/CAM-1506): Glory Road; The Blood Will Never Lose It's Power; One Day At A Time; Just Over In The Gloryland; I Shall Know Him; Hallelujah Square; Tower Of Strength; When I Wake Up To Sleep No More; I'll Live In Glory; Just A Closer Walk With Thee.

1974 I'll See You In The Rapture (CAM Records/CAM-1551): I'll See You In The Rapture; Walk With Me; He Just Loves Me More And More; Don't You Want To Go To Heaven; Old Time Religion; Love Will Roll The Clouds Away; I Believe He Died For Me; Ready To Leave; Oh Lord Hasten The Day; Bye And Bye.

1975 Say I Do (QCA Records/323): Say I Do; Don't Be Careless; Must I Go; Just A Closer Walk With Thee; It Is No Secret; I'll See You In The Rapture; Golden Highway; He'll Hold To My Hand; I Feel Like Traveling On; Alleluia.

1975 Featuring Please Search The Book Again (Songs Of Faith Records/SOF-166): Godís Gonna Getcha For That; Please Search The Book Again; Statue Of Liberty; Tears Will Never Stain The Streets Of That City; When The Home Gates Swing Open For Me; Why Me; Let The Lower Lights Be Burning; Stepping On The Clouds; What A Beautiful Day; The First Million Years. (Gary Buckles, Jerry Goff, Bill Dykes, Gene Jones, Wally Goff).

1976 This Is Love (QCA Records/331): This Is Love; Jesus Will Never Say No; Thanks For Loving Me; Jesus Is Mine; Sweet Jesus; Until He Comes Again; Captain Of Sunshine; Just A Few More Days; On The Way Home; Since He Gave Me This Heart Of Love.

1978 Spirit-Filled Six-Pack (Lighthouse Records/LH-1507): Say Goodbye To Me Now; Rise Again; Soon And Very Soon; A Matter Of Time; The Savior Is Waiting; Iím Making Plans; Iíve Never Been Sorry; Iíve Got A Whole Lot Of Things To Sing About; Tenderly; Amazing Grace.

1979 Praise The Lord (Lighthouse Records/LH-1508): What 'Cha Gonna Tell Him; When The Sun Of My Life Goes Down; All For Me; When I Get To Heaven; Learning To Lean; Here They Come; I Know A Man Who Can; Have You Heard; Overshadowed By His Love; He Didn't Come Down.

1979 Sharing Christ (Lighthouse Records/LH-1509): Behold The Lamb; He Was There All The Time; It'll Be Joy; One Way Flight; There Is A Fountain; Jesus Is A Friend Of Mine; Light At The End Of The Darkness; While Ages Roll; The Price Of Love; When I March In Heaven's Grand Parade.

1980 Live On The Road (Lighthouse Records/LH-1511): More About Jesus; When I March In Heaven's Grand Parade; What 'Cha Gonna Tell Him; Never Again; When It's Time; His Name Lives On.

1981 This Way For Happiness (Lighthouse Records/LH-1512): Itís Gettiní Easier; Jesus Is Precious; Iím In This Church; My Reward (When I Get Home); The Pastor; Sufficient For Me; You Crossed His Mind 1000 Times Today; His Name Lives On; Standing On The Solid Rock; I Owe It All To Him.

1982 I Am Blessed (Lighthouse Records/LH-1513): Guilty; I Think Iíll Go Back To The Altar; Tears Dim My Eyes; Walk On; In The Morning; Iím Walking A New Way; I Never Knew You; L-O-V-E; I Am Blessed; The Old Rugged Cross.

1983 Personally Yours (Lighthouse Records/LH-1514): Tears Will Stop This Side Of Heaven; He'll Part The Waters; I'll Never Have To Cry Again; When We All Get To Heaven; He's Still Working On Me; Old Chunk Of Coal; Practice What You Preach; Jesus, I Love You; Heaven Came Down; Come And Meet Jesus.

1984 Autumn (Lighthouse Records/LH-1515): I'll Meet You On The Other Side Of Jordan; Canaanland Is Just In Sight; Keep On The Firing Line; Leaving On My Mind; I Shall Return; I Stand Amazed; City Just Beyond The River; Just A Closer Walk With Thee; We've Come To Worship; My Labor Will Be O'er.

1984 Live! (Lighthouse Records/LH-1517): Old Rugged Cross; My Labor Will Be O'er; I Am Blessed; Guilty; No Longer A Stranger; The Tree; There Is A Fountain; Just A Closer Walk With Thee; When We All Get To Heaven; His Name Lives On; I'll See You In The Rapture.

1985 Peopleís Choice #1 (Lighthouse Records/LH-1518): Iím Glad He Never Changed His Mind; Babe In The Blanket Of Hay; Hold On Til The Midnight Hour; Higher Ground; Garden Of Grace; I Think I Feel A Blessing Coming On; Let The Word Of The Lord Dwell In Me; What A Meeting; Leaning On The Everlasting Arms; New Rain.

1985 Passing Thru (Skylite Records/SLP-6355): The Tree God Grew For Me; This Might Be The Day; He Set Me Free; All Majesty, Honor, And Praise; An Old Account Settled; No Longer A Stranger; Dream About Heaven; Thank God For Kids; Whiter Than Snow; When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder.

1986 Donít Give Up (Skylite Records/SLP-6365): Donít Give Up; Had A Little Taste Of Heaven; Time Cannot Heal? (Only God Can); Thereís A New Name; Holy Spirit; I Guess Iíll Never Know; When He Was On The Cross; Only One; Overshadowed By His Love; When Itís Time.

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