Dave Rowland (January 26, 1942 - November 1, 2018)


Dave Rowland sang with the Weatherfords in the 1960s and with the Senators in the early 1970s. Like many aspiring gospel singers, he attended the Stamps-Baxter School Of Music in Texas, completing his studies there in 1970. Rowland also performed with Jerry And The Goffs and with JD Sumner And The Stamps Quartet.

After leaving the Stamps in 1974, Rowland joined the Four Guys who were regular performers on the Grand Ole Opry. He was abruptly fired from the Four Guys so a previous group member could return some months later. At that point, Rowland made it a goal to establish his own group where he'd no longer be at the mercy of another group owner. He worked as a waiter and formed a group called Wild Oates that never quite got off the ground.

In 1975, knowing that Charlie Pride and Tammy Wynette were both in the market for backup vocalists, Rowland, intent on landing one job or the other, formed a trio called Dave & Sugar with Vicki Hackeman and Jackie Frantz. They soon joined Charlie Pride's tour.

Over the next few years, Dave & Sugar logged three number one songs on the Country charts: "The Door Is Always Open", "Tear Time" and "Golden Tears." Over the years, several female singers were part of "Sugar." Rowland briefly explored a solo career during the mid-1980s, but he ultimately returned to the trio format and billing.

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