Rhythm Masters 1959 National Quartet Convention program photo - L-R: Jamie Deason (tenor), Grady Barnette (baritone), Sam Bailey (piano), Elvis Walton (bass), Dale Shelnut (lead)

Group Members

Rhythm Masters (1953-????)

Esther Liles (????-????)
June Spears (1979-1982)
Renee Taulbee (1983-1984)
Tracey Liggett (1986-1987)

Lane Shaw (195?-????)
Jim Hefner (????-????)
Jerry Redd (????-????)
Jamie Deason (195?-????)
Grady Nix (1967-1971)
Dave Rolfe (1971-1975)
Gary Underwood (1976-1977)

Dale Shelnut (195?-????)
Dan Hubbard (196?-????)
Bill Aven (????-????)
Larry Spears (1971-1972, 1979-1982)
Rod Solomon (1972-1974)
Bill Aven (1974-1975)
Randy Black (1975-1976)
Mike Ranshaw (1977)
Scott Rawlings (1985-1987)
Carroll Rawlings (1983-1984) (also sang baritone)

Byron Burgess (195?-????, 1963-????)
Grady Barnette (195?-????)
Bob ???? (????-????)
Clyde Burns (196?-196?)
Homer Milam (195?-19??, 196?-1969) (also sang bass)
Bill Dykes (196?-1970, 1983-1984) (als
Carroll Rawlings (1970-1983, 1984-1988)

Elvis Walton (195?-????)
Gerald Adams (1963-????)
Seals Hilton (1964-1966)
Homer Milam (195?-19??, 196?-1969) (also sang baritone)
Buddy Liles (1969-????)
Bob Cameron (????-????)
Jack Teegarden (1975-1976)

James Counts (????-????)
Jimmy Wofford (????-????)
Charles Cruce (????-????)
Sam Bailey (195?-????)
James Clark (1963-????)
Bill Phelps (1967-????)
Linda Rawlings (1971-1988)

Donna Ranshaw (1977)
June Spears (1979-1982)
Steev Deets (1983-1985)

Steel Guitar
Leonard Bick (1974)

Bass Guitar
DeWayne Vaught (196?-????)
Barry Miller (19??-1972)

Rick Spaulding (19??-1972)
Denny Brooks (1972-1974)

Unknown Part
LaWayne Jolley (19??-19??)
Rod Solomon (1972-19??)
Denny Brooks (1972-19??)
Dennis Whitaker (1972-1975)

mid-1960s publicity photo for WAPI-TV in Birmingham, Alabama - L-R: Homer Milam, Jimmy Hefner, LeWayne Jolley, Jimmy Woffard, Gerald Adams

late-1960s - Top L-R: Bill Dykes, Dan Hubbard, Bill Phelps; Center: Buddy Liles; Front: Grady Nix

Rhythm Masters (195?-????, 196?-????)


The Rhythm Masters formed in Birmingham, Alabama during the early 1950s. Early group members included Lane Shaw, future Dixie Echoes lead singer Dale Shelnut, Byron Burgess and Seals Hilton.

At least one publicity photo and an early 45 billed them with the two words of the group name combined into one, Rhythmasters.

The Rhythm Masters regrouped in the Cincinnati, Ohio area in 1967. The common thread connecting the older group to the Ohio groups was lead singer Dan Hubbard and bass/baritone singer Homer Milam. Both gentleman were part of the Alabama-based Rhythm Masters, though it's unclear if they were both in the earlier group at the same time.

By 1969, both the Rhythm Masters and the Landmark Quartet had ceased to operate. Former Landmark Quartet bass singer Buddy Liles and Milam (who was working for the QCA record label) decided to relaunch the Rhythm Masters in late 1969 or early 1970. A year or so later, Carroll Rawlings, who had sung with Liles in the Landmark Quartet, joined the Rhythm Masters. Carroll's wife, Linda, also joined the group to play piano.Liles left the Rhythm Masters to join the Florida Boys in 1972. At that point, Carroll Rawlings took over management of the Rhythm Masters.

In 1978, the Rhythm Masters rebranded themselves as The Premiers Quartet. They released a hymns album during that time. After about eight months, they returned to using the Rhythm Masters name.


Alabama Amabassadors Of Goodwill (conferred by Governor George C. Wallace)


???? Artists Records/RM3302 (45 rpm): What A Day; I Stepped In The Water; He Whispers Sweet Peace; Take Me Home (Jamie Deason, Dale Shelnut, Grady Barnett, Elvis Watson, James Counts).

1961 Hymns & Spirituals By The Rhythm Masters (Ace Records/LP-1010): Pass Me Not; Take My Hand Precious Lord; I'm Gonna Move To The Sky; Teach Me Lord To Wait; Just For Today; God Made A Way; Amazing Grace; Just A Closer Walk With Thee; Bend Away Down Low; The Devil And His Old Suitcase; I'll Follow Jesus; Holding My Savior's Hand (Jamie Deason, Dale Shelnut, Grady Barnette, Gerald Adams, James Counts) (Re-issued on Teem Records LP-5001).

19?? God's Great Love (Custom Records): God's Great Love; Until Then; Close To The Master; When I Inherit My Mansion; Wings Of A Dove; I Won't Have To Cross Jordan Alone; Let's Sing His Praise; I Can Tell You The Time; Lift Me Up; Blessed Assurance; Wonderful Savior; Farther Along (Jim Hefner, Dan Hubbard, Bob ????, Seals "Low Note" Hilton, Charles Cruce).

19?? Sing Praises With The Rhythm Masters Quartet: My Heart Is A House; It's In Your Hand; Are You Ready To Go; I Want To See Jesus; I'm A Millionaire; I Couldn't Keep It To Myself; I've Heard About Heaven; Will The Circle Be Unbroken; On The Wings Of A Dove; The Lovely Name Of Jesus; All That I Am; Wasted Years.

19?? More About Jesus (Scripture Records): I Would Not Be Denied; Softly And Tenderly; Unclouded Day; Love Lifted Me; Must Jesus Bear The Cross Alone; Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus; Leaning On The Everlasting Arms; Lord I'm Coming Home; More About Jesus; Amazing Grace Of The Lord; Old Rugged Cross; At The Cross (Jim Hefner, ????).

1963 It Must Be The Man In The Sky (Skylite Records/LP-6013): I'll Be All Right Someday; Swing Low; It's Different Now; No Disappointments; What Love; Hide Me Rock Of Ages; It Must Be The Man In The Sky; He'll Pilot Me; Keep Me; Closer To Thee; Testimony Song (Medley) (Jerry Redd, Byron Burgess, LaVerne Tripp, Paul Downing, James Clark). (Tripp and Downing were not members of the Rhythm Masters, but their voices appear on this recording. This was originally recorded by the Rangers Quartet. When that version of the Rangers disbanded, three members joined the Rhythm Masters along with Homer Milam and Gerald Adams who are listed in the credits for this album.)

196? Rhythm Masters (Artists Records): Sheltered In The Arms Of God; My God Is Real; After All; Until Then; Going Home; Jesus Is Coming Soon; Lonesome Road; I'm Gonna Tell It; I Believe; No One Cared So Much; Unclouded Day.

19?? Rhythm Masters Sing The Old And The New (Custom Records/700315): Great Big Wonderful God; Jesus; He Looked Beyond My Faults; When I Prayed Through; Must I Go Empty Handed; The Love Of God; For God So Loved; Since Jesus Passed By; What A Day; God Leads Us Along; Without Him; I'd Rather Have Jesus (Grady Nix, Dan Hubbard, Clyde Burns, Homer Milam, Bill Phelps).

19?? He'll Stand By You (Hilltop Records/G-7006): He'll Stand By You; There's Room At The Cross; I Wouldn't Take Nothing For My Journey; When I Move To That Beautiful City; I Just Can't Hardly Wait; You Need Jesus Everyday; Old Rugged Cross; Empty Mansions; Rainbow Of Love; How Great Thou Art.

1970 Daddy Sang Bass (Artists Records): Can't Hardly Wait; More About Jesus; Daddy Sang Bass; I've Been To Calvary; How Great Thou Art; From Now On; He Touched Me; Lift Me Up; Wings Of A Dove; When They Ring Those Golden Bells (Grady Nix, Dan Hubbard, Carrol Rawlings, Buddy Liles, Bill Phelps).

1970 On Stage (Artists Records/701004): I'm Gonna Tell It; Reunion In Heaven; Daddy Sang Bass; I'm Longing For Home; Room At The Cross; Yield Not To Temptation; Wonderful Love; I've Been To Calvary; The Night Before Easter; I'll Have A New Life (Grady Nix, Dan Hubbard, Carroll Rawlings, Buddy Liles, Bill Phelps).

1971 Now Walk With God (Artists Records/710239): I Know; The Old Rugged Cross Made The Difference; Just A Closer Walk; Amazing Grace; Now Walk With God; Redemption Draweth Nigh; Standing By The River; Impossible Dream (instrumental); If We Never Meet Again; Palms Of Victory (Grady Nix, Dan Hubbard, Bill Dykes, Buddy Liles, Bill Phelps).

19?? Songs We Remember (Rite Records): What A Friend; At The Cross; Sweet Hour Of Prayer; Showers Of Blessing; There Is A Fountain; Wonderful Peace; Follow Me; Old Rugged Cross; Must Jesus Bear The Cross Alone; Near The Cross (Esther Liles, Dan Hubbard, Bill Dykes, Buddy Liles, Bill Phelps).

1972 Happy Wheels Of Joy (Artists Records/721115): I Don't Know Why; Jesus Will Outshine Them All; Redemption Draweth Nigh; I Should Have Been Crucified; Happy Wheels Of Joy; Don't Take Your Touch From Me; The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power; Here's A Song For The Man; I Know; I'll Have A New Life. (Carroll Rawlings, Linda Rawlings, Larry Spears, David Rolfe, Barry Miller, and Rick Spaulding were the members of the Rhythm Masters when this album was recorded. A promotional copy features their photo on the cover. Spears, Miller, and Spaulding left the group before it was released. Rod Solomon, Denny Brooks, and Dennis Whitaker appear on the official album cover when it was issued, but aren't actually performing on the recording.)

1973 A Song The Holy Angels Cannot Sing (Artists Records/731022): What The World Needs Is Jesus; Will You Be Among The Missing; Ten Thousand Years; I Want To See Jesus; Palms Of Victory; A Song The Holy Angels Cannot Sing; Why Me Lord; King Jesus; I've Got My Heart Set On Heaven; Eastern Gate. (Dave Rolfe, Rod Solomon, Carroll Rawlings, Linda Rawlings, Dennis Whitaker.

1974 Live (Artists Records/740349): On The Other Side; It's Worth It All; Revival Choruses; Thank You Lord; More Than You'll Ever Know; He's So Good to Me; I Want To See Jesus; Here Comes The Bride; The Unseen Hand; I'll Have A New Life (Dave Rolfe, Rod Solomon, Denny Brooks, Carroll Rawlings, Linda Rawlings, Dennis Whitaker).

1974 Love Will Roll the Clouds Away (Artists Records/741135): God Will Take Care of You; How Great Thou Art; More About Jesus; Love Will Roll the Clouds Away; Amazing Grace; Love Lifted Me; I'll Be Somewhere Listening; The Love of God; I Never Shall Forget the Day; The Savior Is Waiting (Dave Rolfe, Bill Aven, Carroll Rawlings; The Masters Band: Linda Rawlings; Dennis Whitaker; Denny Brooks; and Leonard Bick).

1976 Spread A Little Love Around (Artists Records/760713): Yesterday; He'll Hold to My Hand; Sunrise; Spread A Little Love Around; Statue of Liberty; Welcome Home; My Heavenly Home; Little Is Much; His Name Is Wonderful; My Tribute (Gary Underwood, Randy Black, Carroll Rawlings, Jack Teegarden, Linda Rawlings).

1977 Homecoming (Artists Records/771236): Homecoming; I Shall Be At Home With Jesus; He Means All to Me; I'm On Tour; Rise Again; Heaven's Sounding Sweeter; Old Time Religion; Light At the End of the Darkness; Thanks to Him; Battle Scarred (Carroll Rawlings, Linda Rawlings, Gary Underwood, Maike Ranshaw, Donna Ranshaw).

1978 How Great Thou Art: Hymns by the Premiers Quartet (Artists Records/780643): I Love to Tell the Story; His Name is Wonderful; Palms of Victory; How Great Thou Art; Blessed Assurance; God Will Take Care of You; More About Jesus; Amazing Grace; 'Til the Storm Passes By; There Is A Fountain (The Rhythm Masters toured as The Premiers Quartet for about eight months during 1978.) (Russ Bailey, Carl Noe, Elliott McCoy, Carroll Rawlings, Linda Rawlings).

1979 I'm On Tour (Artists Records/790379): Yesterday; He'll Hold to My Hand; Rise Again; His Name is Wonderful; I'm On Tour; I Shall Be At Home With Jesus; Little Is Much; My Heavenly Home; Sunrise; Battle Scarred (Larry Spears, June Spears, Carroll Rawlings, and Linda Rawlings).

1979 I've Been With Jesus (Artists Records/790430): Just Have Faith; Who Am I; I've Been With Jesus; Don't Spare Me Anything; He'll Hold To My Hand; That's Just Like Jesus; I Will Serve Thee; When I Take My Vacation in Heaven; No Greater Love; I've Been Born Again (Larry Spears, June Spears, Carroll Rawlings, and Linda Rawlings).

1980 Happiness (Artists Records/800113): Won't It Be Wonderful There; Happiness; One Of These Days; Jesus Pilots My Ship; My Jesus I Love Thee; Great, Great Morning; Jesus Is Right; Won't It Be Worth It; What A Precious Friend; Thank You, Lord (Larry Spears, June Spears, Carroll Rawlings, and Linda Rawlings).

1981 The Rhythm Masters (Artists Records/810109): So I Gave My Heart To Him; He Was There; Songs We Used To Sing; Wonderful; Gettin' Ready To Leave; Shout Brother, Shout; He Will Row You Over The Tide; Just For Me; I'm Free; Holy Is Thy Name. (Carroll Rawlings, Linda Rawlings, Larry Spears, June Spears).

1981 Portraits Of Praise (Artists Records/810708): I Love to Tell the Story; Peace in the Valley; Palms of Victory; There Is A Fountain; íTil the Storm Passes By; Must I Go Empty Handed; Showers of Blessing; He Whispers Sweet Peace to Me; More About Jesus; God Will Take Care of You (Carroll Rawlings, Linda Rawlings, Larry Spears, June Spears & guest soloist on "Peace in the Valley, June's sister, Libby Mullinix).

1982 He's My Song (Artists Records/820301): He Keeps Lifting Me Higher; He's My Song; Canaanland; I Stand Amazed; By Calvary; I Believe Everything's Gonna Be Alright; One Day At A Time; Heaven; My Home Sweet Home; Changing Times; Walk With Me (Larry Spears, June Spears, Carroll Rawlings, and Linda Rawlings).

1983 Live in Cincinnati (Discovery Records/DR501): Great, Great Morning; More Than A Song; By Calvary; Thank You Lord; I Know A Man Who Can; Meeting In The Air; I'd Rather Have Jesus; Rise Again; God Rides On Wings Of Love.

1984 It's About Time (Artists Records/840605/Discovery Records): It's About Time; We Shall Stand; I Am A Debtor; Walk In the Old Paths; More Than Wonderful; Go Tell It; He Is The Music; Oh, What A Moment; Looking to Jesus; Steal Away (Bill Dykes, Renee Taulbee, Steve Deets, Carroll Rawlings, and Linda Rawlings).

1985 It's About Time (Discovery Records): It's About Time; We Shall Stand; Ninety And Nine; Walk In The Old Paths; What The World Needs Is Jesus; Blessed Assurance; Go Tell It; I've Never Been This Homesick Before; Wherever I Am; Looking To Jesus (This album includes five songs from the 1984 album by the same title plus five newly recorded songs.)

1987 There's Been A Change - Live (Artists Records/C2021): There's Been A Change; I'll Be Somewhere Listening; There's A New Name Written Down In Glory; For What Earthly Reason; I'm Gonna Get Carried Away; Tell It To A Neighbor; People Need The Lord; Palms Of Victory; Nothing But The Blood Of Jesus; Homeland (Tracy Liggett, Scott Rawlings, Carroll Rawlings, and Linda Rawlings).
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