Landmark Quartet Group Members

Mack Evans (????-????)

Carroll Rawlings (????-????)

Don Norman (????-????)

Carl Noe (1966)
Buddy Liles (1966-1968)

Jack Clark (????-????)
Lorne Matthews (????-????)

The Landmarks Group Members

Wallace Nelms (????-????)
Larry Pate (????-????)
Ronnie Webb (????-????)
Harold Gilley (????-????)
Clarence Bailey (????-????)

The Landmark Quartet (1966-????)


1967 Heaven Came Down (Heartwarming Records/Benson Records/HWS 1932): Heaven Came Down And Glory Filled My Soul; Remind Me; It's In Your Hands; Blessed Assurance; Lord I Need You Again Today; I Shall Be At Home With Jesus; On The Sunny Banks; Who Am I; Shadrach; The Old Account Was Settled Long Ago; For God So Loved; Stand By Me. (Don Norman, Carroll Rawlings, Mack Evans, Buddy Liles, Jack Clark).

1968 Shout Brother Shout (Heartwarming Records/Benson Records/HWS 1976): Shout Brother, Shout; He Looked Beyond My Faults; With My Eyes Wide Open; I Must Tell Jesus; A City Called Heaven; I Believe; Since Jesus Passed By; Thank You, Lord; The Love Of God; Lonely Road, Up Calvary's Way; A Soul Like Me; Going Home (Don Norman, Carroll Rawlings, Mack Evans, Buddy Liles, Lorne Matthews).

The Landmarks (????-????)

1991 A Wonderful Change (Gerald Wolfe Productions/014571): A Wonderful Change; Where Jesus Is; Oh What A Love; He's A Comfort To Know; Living Water; Jesus Is That Heavenly Light; His Grace Is Sufficient; Angles Unaware; Mercy Is Mine; Look Up (Harold Gilley, Ronnie Webb, Larry Pate, Wallace Nelms).

???? Four Men & A Piano (Apostles Records/1035): Echoes From The Burning Bush; Hide Thou Me; Keep On The Firing Line; Just A Little While; I'm Looking For Jesus; Assurance March; I'll Meet You In The Morning; I've Been With Jesus; Wonderful Grace Of Jesus; Old Country Church; I Can Call Jesus Anytime; Peace In The Valley; Roll On Jordan; In The Garden (Wallace Nelms, Larry Pate, Ronnie Webb, C F Bailey, With Special Guest Piano Player Lorne Matthews).

2004 The Landmarks Live In North Carolina (Apostles Records/1039): Introduction; Shout And Shine; In The Sweet Forever; Oh My Lord What A Time; Hide Thou Me; Introduction Of The Landmarks; Landmarks Medley, Gentle Sheppard, He's My Lord, I Will Serve Thee; Everybody Will Be Happy Over There; Hide Me Rock Of Ages; Mercy Called My Name; Walk And Talk; Welcome To Heaven; God Bless The USA (Wallace Nelms, Larry Pate, Ronnie Webb, Clarence Bailey).
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