"I Believe" (Erwin Drake/Irvin Graham/Jimmy Shirl/Al Stillman/Gentlemen Jim Music/Hampshire House Publishing/Lindabet Music/Tadzio Music/BMI)

"I Believe" (David Marshall)

"I Believe" (Roger Bennett/J Douglas Music/ASCAP)

"I Believe" (Mark S Mathes/Lonesome Bend Publishing/BMI/2001)

  • Gold City (2001 Pressed Down, Shaken Together, Running Over; 2006 Their Best)
  • Jonathan Wilburn (2014 The Best Of Jonathan Wilburn Years Of Gold: A Collection Of Hits)

"I Believe" (Rodney Griffin/Songs Of Greater Vision/BMI/1998)

"I Believe" (Vince Owens/Crown City Music Press/BMI)

"I Believe" (Kenna Turner West/Lee Black/Dayspring Music/BMI/Word Music/ASCAP)

"I Believe" (Stuart Hamblen)

"I Believe" (need songwriter info)

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