l-r: Jim Thrasher, Buddy Thrasher, Hovie Walker, Joe Thrasher


Joe Thrasher (1948-1986; 1996)
Ron Booth (197?-1974)

Jim Thrasher (1948-1986; 1996)

Clyde Lamar "Buddy" Thrasher (1948-1986; 1996)

Ed Walton (19??-19??)
Marvin Lowery (19??-19??)
Ellis "Moose" Hill (19??-19??)
John Gresham (19??-19??)
Hovie Walker (19??-19??)

Ray Herron (196?-196?)
David Wade (19??-19??)
Randy McDaniel (19??-19??)
Steve Payne (19??-19??)

Bass Guitar
Tommy Watwood (19??-19??) (also played trumpet)

Goldie Ashton (19??-19??) (Also a featured vocalist)

Jerry Goff (19??-19??) (Also a featured vocalist)
Tommy Watwood (19??-19??) (also played bass guitar)

Roger Hallmark (19??-19??) (Also a featured vocalist)

Thrasher Brothers (1948-1996)


The Thrasher Brothers (Jim Thrasher, Buddy Thrasher, and Joe Thrasher) performed on the Wally Fowler Gospel Sing at the Grand Ole Opry when they were children in 1948. Five years later, they won Ted Mack’s National Talent Show and subsequently toured with Mack’s group for two years. From 1967 to 1976, the Thrasher Brothers produced a television show called America Sings. The gospel classic One Day At A Time was one of their top tunes during this time period.

In 1969, Jim and Joe Thrasher had co-founded the Thrasher Brothers motorcoach company in Alabama. Jim Thrasher stopped traveling with the group in 1974 to manage their business affairs. He was replaced by Ron Booth.

Booth, bass singer John Gresham, and band members Randy McDaniel, Tommy Watwood, and Goldie Ashton left the Thrasher Brothers to form The Americans later in 1974. At that point, Jim Thrasher returned to sing tenor alongside his two brothers with the Thrasher Brothers. They did not hire a bass singer. The Americans were short-lived, recording only one album. The three band members returned to the Thrasher Brothers and a few months later in the summer of 1975, bass singer John Gresham returned as well.

After some success on the secular charts with their patriotic song "A Message To Khomeini," the Thrasher Brothers released a total of two albums and 12 singles on the secular pop and country MCA Records label. Their most successful single was "Still The One" which peaked at number sixty on the charts. They were also known for singing the theme song for the television show Simon And Simon from 1981 until 1982, but they weren't exactly burning up the charts in the Country genre. The Thrasher Brothers returned to sing gospel music until the group was retired in 1986.

After the quartet stopped traveling, Jim became the sole owner of the motorcoach business while Joe went on to work in the state highway department. Jim later served as President of the Alabama Motorcoach Association. Joe’s son Neil sang with the Thrasher Brothers and later formed Thrasher Shiver, a country vocal duo act with Kelly Shiver that released a debut recording on the Asylum label in 1996.

In 1996, Ben Speer produced a Thrasher Brothers release on the Homeland label titled Encore. This final recording by the three brothers featured an all-star cast of bass singers including George Younce, J D Sumner, Brock Speer, and Rex Nelon. A 1971 recording of deceased Thrasher Brothers bass singer John Gresham was also incorporated into the project.


Dove Awards Graphic Layout And Design: Thrasher Brothers At Fantastic Caverns (1970)


78s and EPs
19?? (Bibletone Records/6502): How Great Thou Art; Rock-A-My Soul. (Jim Thrasher, Joe Thrasher, Buddy Thrasher, Ed Walton, David Wade).

19?? (Custom Records/6503): Because I Know; Walk With Faith In Your Heart. (Jim Thrasher, Joe Thrasher, Buddy Thrasher, Ed Walton, David Wade).

19?? (Custom Records/EP-6504): Tenderly; On The Other Side Of Jordan; All About Jesus; I'll Follow Jesus; Our Debts Will Be Paid; Searching For You (Jim Thrasher, Joe Thrasher, Buddy Thrasher, Ed Walton, David Wade).

1963 Thrasher Brothers (Sing Records/MFLP 8081): Shout Brother Shout; At The Roll Call; The Meeting In The Air; Distant Hills; No Disappointments In Heaven; Out Where Cool Breezes Blow; He's Living In My Heart; While Endless Ages Roll; Closer To Thee; I've Been Changed; He Cares For You; Piano Medley (Jim Thrasher, Joe Thrasher, Buddy Thrasher, Marvin Lowery, David Wade).

1968 Jerry In A Singing Mood (Anchor Records/M 1003): You've Known Nothing; No Cabins In Glory; Feed Me; I Won't Have To Cross Jordan Alone; You Can't Hurry God; I Shall Know Him; That's Him; I Met The Master; Little Wooden Church; Who Am I; I've Got Joy; Jericho Road (Jerry Goff featured with the Thrasher Brothers).

1968 For Goodness Sake (Anchor Records/80340): After Awhile; Don't Take My Cross Away; The Old Rugged Cross; The Love Of God; The Lord Is Coming By And By; Hymn Medley; Higher Ground; Sinner's Plea; Highway To Heaven; What A Day; Over On The Other Side; Last Mile Of The Way.

1968 Only A Look (Anchor Records/80409): Sho Do Need Him Now; Til I Know; He's All That I Need; How Great Thou Art; Only A Look; I Wanna See Heaven; I Couldn't Keep It To Myself; Sweet Jesus; Close To The Master; Born To Serve The Lord; Pass Me Not; Until Then.

1968 Up-An-At 'Em (Anchor Records/1005): On The Sunny Banks; Shelter Of His Arms; I Never Shall Forget The Day; No Not One; In The Sweet By And By; Ole Fashion Way; I'll Be There; Bend A Way Down Low; I'd Rather Have Jesus; Power In The Blood; More About Jesus; Standing By The River.

1969 To Each His Own (Anchor Records): He Did It All For Me; Oh When I Meet You; Stand By Me; Cleanse Me, Oh Lord; It Is No Secret; Fill My Cup, Lord; I Feel Like Traveling On; When I Trade This Old Life For A Crown; Just A Closer Walk With Thee; It Don't Mean A Thing.

1969 Sincerely Yours (Anchor Records/90204): When I Lift Up My Head; At The Cross; Practice What You Preach; Over In The Gloryland; I'll Live In Glory (Trumpet Instrumental); Softly And Tenderly; Glory In The Arms; Without Him; While Endless Ages Roll; Remember Me; I'll Fly Away (Trumpet Instrumental); I Want To Be More Like Jesus (Randy McDaniel, Joe Thrasher, Jim Thrasher, Buddy Thrasher, Ellis "Moose" Hill, Jerry Goff).

1969 Rid'n High (Canaan Records/CAS-9660): I've Been Changed; I'm Ashamed; I Must Tell Jesus; Just A Little While; Pity The Man; Holding My Savior's Hand; I'm Goin' Home; My America; I Ask The Lord; Love Lifted Me; Gospel Heaven; Meeting In The Air.

1970 At Fantastic Caverns (Canaan Records/CAS-9677): Daddy Sang Bass; What A Wonderful Day; My America; Jesus Is Coming Soon; Keep On The Firing Line; How Great Thou Art; When We All Get To Heaven; I Just Came To Talk With You, Lord; Our Land; I'm Saved; He Looked Beyond My Fault; Where We Ever Shall Be (Randy McDaniel, Joe Thrasher, Jim Thrasher, Buddy Thrasher, Ellis "Moose" Hill, Jerry Goff).

1970 Turning It On (Canaan Records/CAS-9674): That's When He Wrote My Name; Holding On; We're Going Home; Walk That Milky White Way; Farther Along; When The Saints Go Marching In; He Really Gotta Hold Of My Heart; Let Me Pray; I Love To Tell; Heartbeat From Calvary; It Won't Be Long; When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder.

1971 Now Hear This (Canaan Records/CAS-9692): Tear Stains; The Night Before Easter; Why Me; Without God; The Christian Way; When I Get To The End Of The Way; I Know; Sing Me A Song About Jesus; The Old Rugged Cross; Never Again; Take This Whole World; I'll Meet You In The Morning.

1971 Are Coming Your Way (Canaan Records/CAS-9703): That Day Is Almost Here; I Won't Have To Worry; Every Second, Every Hour; One More River To Cross; A Happy Song To Sing; My Wonderful King; Put Your Hand In The Hand; Oh, What A Happy Day; Following; Who Do I Know In Heaven; I Saw The Light; Just A Little Talk With Jesus.

1972 America Sings (Canaan Records/CAS-9719): The Old Rugged Cross; He Will Go With You; Jesus, There's Just Something About That Name; Joshua; City Of Gold; Through It All; He'll Make It Last; The Heavenly Parade; His Love Will Never Fade Away; Redemption Draweth Nigh; Jesus Hold My Hand; The Pledge.

1972 Just For You (Anchor Records/20237): Standing By The River; Precious Memories; Oh How I Love Jesus; Hand In Hand; Where We'll Never Grow Old; Oh, Come Angel Band; Pass Me Not; I'll Be A Friend To Jesus; Will The Circle Be Unbroken; Unclouded Day.

1972 Sing On! (Anchor Records/20328): Eastern Gate; I Couldn't Keep It To Myself; Sweet Hour Of Prayer; I'm In The Gloryland Way; There's Been A Wondrous Change; Turn Your Radio On; Brethren We Have Met To Worship; This World Is Not My Home; I'm Too Near Home; We'll Soon Be Done.

1972 What's For Sunday (Anchor Records/20332): Thank God I'm Free; Sheltered In The Arms Of God; The Old Gospel Ship; Must I Go Empty Handed; Gettin' Ready To Leave This World; Try A Little Kindness; Rainbow Of Love; Amazing Grace; I Want To Be Ready To Meet Him; He Touched Me.

1972 Come Alive (Canaan Records/CAS-9728): I Believe In A Hill Called Mt Calvary; The Old Rugged Cross; That Day Is Almost Here; I Won't Have To Worry; Jim Introduces the Group; He Did It All For Me; He Touched Me; Jim; Keep On The Firing Line; Buddy; Heavenly Parade.

1973 Pick These (Canaan Records/CAS-9735): Why Me, Lord; Someday; Jesus Kind Of Life; I'll Get My Reward; Jesus Hold My Hand; I Want To See Jesus; I Believe He Died For Me; I Am The Man; For God So Loved; Goodbye World, Goodbye; While Endless Ages Roll; Jesus Is Coming.

1973 Sing Marion W. Easterling Songs (Anchor Records/731016): I'll Meet You In The Morning; Rainbow Of Love; Lord Lead Me On; Ring the Bells of Heaven; They'll Welcome Me Home; When I Wake Up To Sleep No More; Standing By The River; When He Reached Down His Hand For Me; The Old Country Church On The Hill; When The Pearly Gates Swing Open For Me.

1974 One Day At A Time (Canaan Records/CAS-9748): One Day At A Time; When I Wake Up (To Sleep No More); Jesus Got A Lot Of Friends; Hallelujah Square; Welcome Back, Jesus; Walking Up The King's Highway; Everything's Under Control; The Lily Of The Valley Is My Lord; Tower Of Strength; Help Me; The Morning After; Ten Million Years.

1974 Those Singing Americans (Prestige Productions Records/740355): Help Me; Unseen Hand; This Train; All For Me; I Should Have Been Crucified; Let's Just Praise The Lord; I'll Soon Be Gone; I Found Jesus; What's Happening To My World; Jesus Came Into My Heart.

1974 Sing Light And Heavy (Prestige Productions Records/740356): Because He Lives; I'd Rather Be An Old Time Christian; The King Is Coming; He's More Than Just A Swearword; When The Saints Go Marching In; Touring That City; It's Worth It All; King Jesus; The Lighthouse; The Reunion In Heaven.

1974 Sparkle And Shine (Prestige Productions Records/740423): I'll Meet You In The Morning; Rainbow Of Love; Lord Lead Me On; Ring the Bells of Heaven; They'll Welcome Me Home; Somebody Loves Me; Standing By The River; When He Reached Down His Hand For Me; The Old Country Church On The Hill; When The Pearly Gates Swing Open For Me.

1975 Heart To Heart (Canaan Records/CAS-9770): Praying Hands; Good Old Gospel Singing; Sinners Plea; Jesus Is Mine; I Need A Touch; If It Keeps Gettin' Better; Heart To Heart; Scars In The Hands Of Jesus; Take Me Back To Calvary; I Will Slip Away Home; Preacher Man; Thanks For Sunshine.

1975 Best Of The Thrasher Brothers (QCA Records 329): I Couldn't Keep It To Myself; There's Been A Wondrous Change; We'll Soon Be Done (With Troubles And Trials); Brethren We Have Met To Worship; Fill My Cup Lord; It Is No Secret; Just A Closer Walk With Thee; Thank God I'm Free; Try A Little Kindness; O, Come Angel Band.

1976 Here They Come (Prestige Records/760835): Here They Come; I'll Fly Away; A Beautiful Life; Stepping On The Clouds; How Great Thou Art; There Is A River; Heaven Came Down; Looking For A City; On The Jericho Road; I'll Be A Friend To Jesus.

1976 Smooth And Solid (Prestige Records/760833): Learning To Lean; What A Morning; I Love To Tell The Story; The Old Gospel Ship; Instrumental; I'll See You In The Rapture; Just As I Am; The Dearest Friend I Ever Had; Love Will Roll The Clouds Away; Glory In The Arms. (Jim Thrasher, Joe Thrasher, Buddy Thrasher, John Gresham, Randy McDaniel, Roger Hallmark, Goldie Ashton).

1976 Got It Together (Daybreak Records/76-236 RE): Thanks To Calvary; This Is Just What Heaven Means To Me; Learning To Lean; Build My Mansion; I'm Moving Up Home Someday; Dial J-E-S-U-S; I Won't Have To Worry; Jesus Never Will Be Late; City of Gold; In The Sweet By and By (with Judy Whittington Serrett and Larry Whittington as The Whittingtons).

1977 The Spirit Of The Dove (Canaan Records/CAS-9808): Spirit Of The Dove; Let Jesus Lead You; Precious Old Book; I'm Riding The Tide; The Cornerstone; My Soul Is A Witness; Brother Jonah; The More I Sing The Happier I Feel; I Wanna Be Ready; Amazing Grace.

1978 Live (Canaan Records/CAS-9840): Sing The Glory Down; Roses For Mama; Jacob's Ladder; Heaven's Just A Prayer Away; What A Difference You've Made In My Life; One Day At A Time; Sinner's Plea; So Many Years. (Jim Thrasher, Joe Thrasher, Buddy Thrasher, John Gresham).

1978 Pick'n And A Grin'n (Prestige Records/760834): What A Beautiful Day; Teddy Bear; Ready To Leave; Amazing Grace; Down By The Riverside; Come On Down; Sing The Glory Down; I've Got That Old Time Religion; When It's My Time; Please Search The Book Again (Jim Thrasher, Joe Thrasher, Buddy Thrasher, John Gresham, Randy McDaniel, Roger Hallmark, Goldie Ashton).

1979 Daybreak (Canaan Records/CAS-9832): Oh, Buddha; Daybreak; Breaker, Breaker, Sweet Jesus; I'm On My Way To Heaven; Jesus Is My Kind Of People; Remember Whose Child You Are; Standing On The Rock Of Ages; I Haven't Learned A Thing; There's Been A Change In Me; Sweet Victory.

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