Group Members


Greg Crowe (1998)
Tracy Trent (1998-2001) (also sang baritone)
Steve Warren (2001-2006; 2010)
Royce Taylor (2006-2007)
John Rulapaugh (2007-2010)
Dale Evans (2010)
Dan Keeton (2010)
Michael Helwig (2010-2011)
Tim Williams (2010-2011; 2011-2012; 2013-2014; 2016; 2023-present)
Derrick Boyd (2011)
Andrew Bailes (2012)
Harold Reed (2012)
Ray Ashmore (2014-2015; 2016)
Don Thomas (2015)
Dustin Greene (2015-2016)
Chuck Pettyjohn (2016-2019)
Matthew Turnbow (2019-2021) (switched to bass)
Tony Goforth (2021-2023)

Craig Hodges (1998)
R W Blackwood Jr (1998-2008)
Josh Garner (2009-2010)
Mark Blackwood (2010-Present) (alternates singing Baritone)
Michael Helwig (2011)
Trae Edwards (2011-2012)
Joe Kitson (2012)

Ron Blackwood (1998-2009; 2010)
Tracy Trent (2009) (also sang tenor)
Mark Blackwood (2010-Present) (alternates singing Lead)
David Mann (2010-2011; 2013) (switched to bass)
Roger Robinson (2011; 2013)
Casey Shepherd (2012; 2014-2022)
Adam Forsythe (2013)
Jack Allen (2022)
Jason Gordon (2022-2023)
Tim Hembree (2023-present)

Harold Gilley (1998)
Mike Allen (????-????)
Aaron McCune (2002-2003)
Paul Hyde (2003-2008)
Rick Fair (2008)
Trent Adams (2009)
Chris West (2009-2010)
Dean Haskins (2010-2011)
Butch Owens (2011)
Terry Toney (2011-2012)
Joe Greatorex (2012-2013)
Dave Emery (2013; 2019-2021)
Cliff Adkins (2014)
Justin Terry (2014) (filled in periodically 2021-2023)
Josh Owens (2014)
Cody Jones (2014)
Nic Val (2014)
David Mann (2014-2017; 2018-2019) (formerly sang baritone)
Joe Armstrong (2017-2018)
Matthew Turnbow (2021-2022) (formerly sang tenor)
Mike Fleming (2022-2023) (filled in periodically)
Jamison Blackwood (2023-present)

James Rainey (2009)
Joseph Cox (2009)
Dean Haskins (2010-2011) (other years unknown) (also sang bass when needed)
Casey Shepherd (2014-2022) (also sang baritone)

Blackwood Quartet (1998-Present) (Also see Blackwood Gospel Quartet, Blackwood Singers, and Ron Blackwood Quartet)


The Blackwood Quartet was started by brothers Ron Blackwood and R W Blackwood Jr. The four-part male quartet typically sang several songs as part of a larger group called the Blackwood Singers that included the wives of Ron and R W Jr. and performed theater shows in Branson, Missouri and Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

In later years, Ron left the theater and carried on the Blackwood Quartet name with other singers. In 2010, the quartet was merged with Mark Blackwood's Blackwood Gospel Quartet. In 2011, the group added bass singer Terry Toney at the same time that Toney retired his own group name, the Toney Brothers.


1998 Classic Hits (Custom Records): Comfort To Know; Gettin; Ready To Leave This World; Learning To Lean; New Born Feeling; My Lord And I; Jubilee Is Coming?; Mary Did You Know; Moving Up (Greg Crowe, Craig Hodges, Ron Blackwood, Harold Gilley)

1998 Classic Collection (Custom Records): Goodbye, World, Goodbye; I Believe In A Hill Called Mt Calvary; Palms Of Victory; Comfort To Know; Gettin' Ready To Leave This World; Learning To Lean; New Born Feeling; My Lord And I; Jubilee Is Comin'; Movin' Movin'; If God Be For Us; Had It Not Been; Living Water; Here Comes The Bride; The Sweetest Song I Know; He Touched Me; Stand Up; Hope For America/America/God Bless America/Battle Hymn Of The Republic; Oh What A Savior; I Wouldn't Take Nothing For My Journey Now; The Lighthouse; Living In Canaan; In The Garden; Beulah Land; I Never Shall Forget The Day; Amazing Grace; What A Day That Will Be; Beautiful City; The Old Rugged Cross. (Also released as Greatest Songs Of The Century).

2009 Keeping The Legend Alive (Custom Records): I've Got That Ole Time Religion; I Saw The Light; I Wanna Rock My Soul; When They Call My Name; Oh Say Can You See; I'll Have A New Life; Old Country Church; I Know; Give The World A Smile; I Feel Like Traveling On (John Rulapaugh, Josh Garner, Ron Blackwood, Trent Adams, James Rainey) (While Ron Blackwood is pictured on the cover Mylon Hayes actually recorded the baritone part on this recording).

2011 The Legend Lives On (Custom Records): I Believe; Spirit Of The Living God; Glory, Glory, Clear The Road; First Day In Heaven; House Of God; This Ole House/When The Saints Go Marching In; Jonah; Amazing Grace; I'll Fly Away; Yesterday; No Further Than Your Knees. (Also released as Branson's Hottest Group - Live).
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