Clayton Inman (February 6, 1959 - )


Clayton Inman began his career with his family group, The Inmans. After Ivan Parker left the Singing Americans, Inman replaced him in 1983. He was only with the Singing Americans for a few months that time, but he returned in 1985 after Michael English left to join the Gaither Vocal Band. Inman initially sang lead, then moved to baritone after Ed Hill left to join the Masters V.

In 1989, Inman left the Singing Americans and joined the Kingdom Heirs at Dollywood to sing lead. He left the Kingdom Heirs in 1994, but returned to the gospel music scene in 1995 as one of the founding members of Won By One.

During his time with Won By One, Clayton’s son Scotty began singing with Phil Cross & Poet Voices. After Won By One dissolved, the father and son decided to form a group together. Around the same time, tenor singer David Sutton, bass singer Eric Bennett, and pianist Jeff Stice left the Kingdom Heirs and were searching for a lead and baritone to complete their new group. In 2002, they all joined forces to form Integrity Quartet. The group name was later changed to Triumphant Quartet.

In 2007, Triumphant released a CD titled You Gotta Love It that included a bluegrass-style song written by Dianne Wilkinson titled “Old White Flag.” Clayton was the featured singer. After staging the song for a while, the other guys in Triumphant had just about decided to retire it from their programs. Audiences did not seem to care much for it. In the meantime, Clayton had seen the movie O Brother, Where Art Thou? and without telling the rest of the group, developed a hillbilly-themed routine that included some choreographed dance moves inspired by a pivotal scene in the film. He asked them to give the song one more chance and surprised them with his new twist on the song. “Old White Flag” instantly became their most requested song.

Solo Discography

???? Life Is Good: He Is; How Great Thou Art; I Surrender All; Mansion Over The Hilltop; Back To Me; Just As I Am; Only God Knows; Softly And Tenderly; What A Day That Will Be; You Raise Me Up.

???? Just Push Play: On Time God; Who Am I; Mercy's Hearing; How Beautiful; Mercy Came Running; Road To Glory; Jesus Paid It All; Let's Have A Revival; Welcome Home; Spend A Little Time With Him.

???? Heart Beat: I've Got A Feelin'; Heartbeat; Oh Buddah; Power In The Blood; Farther Along; Victory In Jesus; Let Your Fingers Do The Walkin'; Love That Wouldn't Die; Revelation Song; God Bless The USA.

???? Clayton: Dead Man Walking; I Will Follow; It Took A Lamb; Shadow Of The Steeple; Gettin' Ready To Leave This World; Goin' In Style; King Jesus; Whatever It Takes; Somewhere In Gloryland; He Loved Me Still.

Songwriter's Résumé

(Partial List)

Goin' Up To Heaven
Thank You Lord

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