1949 Dixie Rebels Quartet - (l-r) Ed Sprouse (tenor), Lee Kitchens (lead), Damon Scott (baritone), Cecil Gholston (bass)

Group Members


Ed Sprouse (1949-19??)
Horace Parrish (1951-1968)
Ron Booth (1968-1974)
Bobby Clark (1989-19??)
Mike Young (2012-2015)

Lee Kitchens (1949-1958)
David Ingles (1960)
Jim Hamill (1960-1961, 1965-1969)
Jay Berry (1962-1964)
Roy Tremble (1969)
Charles Booth (1970-1972, 1989-19??)
Alan Kendall (2012-2014)
Jim Cox (2014-2015)

Damon Scott (1949-19??)
John Mathews (1951-1969)
Jim Hamill (1969-1970)
Aubrey Bowlus (1970-1972)
George Amon Webster (1989-19??) (also played piano)
David Fair (2012-2015)

Cecil Gholston (1949-19??)
Norman Almand (1951-1952, 1955)
Jim Waits (1952-1955, 1964)
London Parris (1955-1964, 1964-1968; 197?-1972)
Bob Thacker (1964)
John Gresham (1968-1971)
Buddy Liles (1971)
Rick Fair (1972, 2012-2014)
Justin Terry (2014-2015)

Jimmy Hand (1951-1952)
Jimmy Taylor (1952-1969, 1972-1974)
Nick Bruno (1969-1970)
Everett Reece (1970-1971)
George Amon Webster (1989-19??) (also sang baritone)
Barry Patrick (2012-2015)

Lynn Coulter (1970-1972)

Bass Guitar
Johnny Whitfield (1970)
Curt Lyles (1970-1972)

Other Musicians
Kenny Hicks (????-????)

Position And Years Of Service Unknown
Dony McGuire (1970-????)
Jerry McGuire (????-????)
Ken Huey (????-????)
Chuck Bright (????-????)
Tim Sievert (????-????)
Gayle Tackett (????-????)
Jerrell French (????-????)
Greg Toney (????-????)
Don Taylor (????-????)

The Rebels Quartet (1949-1975, 2012-2015)


The history of the Rebels Quartet begins with the Sunny South Quartet, a group based in Tampa, Florida. The Sunny South Quartet was sponsored by the Dixie Lily Flour Company when Horace Floyd decided to relocate the group to Orlando. Bass singer J D Sumner remained in Tampa and retained the sponsorship of the flour company. He formed the Dixie Lily Harmoneers and hired his brother-in-law, John Mathews, to sing baritone, but soon departed for Atlanta to join the Sunshine Boys.

The group Sumner left behind went through a few changes in personnel before the name of the group was changed to the Dixie Rebels Quartet in 1949. "Dixie" would later be dropped from the name. Original members when the group debuted on WFLA radio in Tallahassee, Florida, included Ed Sprouse (tenor), Lee Kitchens (lead), Damon Scott (baritone and manager), and Cecil Gholston (bass). Kitchens would remain with the group as Horace Parrish later assumed the tenor spot, John Mathews became the baritone, and Norman Almand at bass. Jimmy Hand would also come on board to play piano.

During the mid-1950s, the Rebels recorded for the Bibletone label.

As with any group, the Rebels saw their share of personnel changes. From the mid-1950s to the late 1960s Horace Parrish, John Mathews, bass singer London Parris and pianist Little Jimmy Taylor were consistent members. After the departure of Lee Kitchens in 1958, Taylor pulled double duty playing piano and singing lead for a while. After that, Jim Hamill pulled two stints singing lead with Jay Berry singing lead during his absence. Hamill sang with the Oak Ridge Quartet between his two runs with the Rebels. He switched to baritone when Roy Tremble joined the Rebels in 1969 and remained at baritone when Tremble was replaced by Charles Booth. Hamill departed to join the Kingsmen in 1971.

During the 1960s, the Rebels recorded many albums with the Skylite Records label. They also had a couple albums recorded with Canaan Records.

After their long run with Parrish, Mathews, Parris and Taylor, the Rebels sang into the mid-1970s with brothers Charles Booth and Ron Booth being the key members while many others came and went. London Parris returned at one point but left just as quickly, taking all but Charles and Ron with him to form London Parris & The Apostles. Lee Kitchens and Taylor returned to the group around 1974, recording several albums using Floyd Cramer (Kitchen's brother-in-law) as a studio musician. It would be a short reunion. The Rebels name was soon retired.

In 1989, Charles Booth, Bobby Clark, and George Amon Webster had been performing billed as the Frontiersmen for about a year. At the suggestion of Skylite Records producer Joel Gentry who said it would help with marketing, they rebranded as the Rebels for a while. This version was short-lived.

The Rebels name was again revived in 2012 with Rick Fair singing bass, his son David singing baritone, Alan Kendall singing lead, Mike Young singing tenor, and Barry Patrick playing piano. History repeated itself in a way, because the 2012 Rebels were formed in the same fashion as London Parris & The Apostles. Rick Fair, David Fair, Mike Young and Barry Patrick collectively left a Nashville-based group called Southern Sound in order to form the Rebels. This version of the Rebels sang for a little over two years before disbanding.



???? Rebels Quartet Album (Sing Records/EP 400-1) (45 EP): How Long Has It Been; Every Hour And Every Day; Jesus Holds The Key; Whispering Hope.

1960 When I Stand With God (Skylite Records/SLP-5977): When I Stand With God; Room At The Cross; God's Choir In The Sky; Dear Jesus, Abide With Me; He's All To Me; Just To Live With My Faith In God; What Will You Do; Jesus The One Who Never Fails; Behind Your Tears; I'm Going There; Til The End Of The World; Sorry, I Never Knew You. (Horace Parrish, John Mathews, Jimmy Taylor, David Ingles, London Parris) (Jim Hamill is in the group photo on the back cover, but David Ingles voice is on the record).

1961 What Then (Skylite Records/SLP-5983): The Man On The Middle Cross; Amazing Grace; My God Will Rock Me; What A Homecoming Day That Will Be; Hide Thou Me; To Me, He's Everything; The Old Rugged Cross; When The Master Speaks; When I'm Along; The Last Mile Of The Way; What Then; God Be With You. (Horace Parrish, John Mathews, Jimmy Taylor, Jim Hamill, London Parris).

1961 Sacred Gems (Sing Records/LP 8000): Standing On The Promises; Are You Washed In The Blood; In The Garden; Leaning On The Everlasting Arms; Only Believe; Who At My Door Is Standing; Let The Lower Lights Be Burning; What A Friend We Have In Jesus; Precious Memories; Have Thine Own Way Lord; Lord I'm Coming Home; Rock Of Ages (Horace Parrish, Lee Kitchens, John Mathews, London Parris, Jimmy Taylor) (Re-issued in 1965 on Canaan Records/CA-4607/CAS-9607).

1961 My Greatest Moment (Sing Records/LP 8001): My Greatest Moments; What Is Your Cross; He's Everything To Me; God Made A Way; Then I Met The Master; Jesus The Light Of The World; It Is No Secret; Suppertime; Ten Thousand Angels; This Old House; Lord Build Me A Cabin; Farther Along (Horace Parrish, Jimmy Taylor, John Mathews, London Parris).

1962 Just A Closer Walk (Sing Records/LP 8002): Happy Days Are Here Again; Just A Closer Walk With Thee; When I Inherit My Mansion; Rainbow Of Love; I Saw A Man; He'll Understand And Say Well Done; Just A Little Talk With Jesus; Take My Hand Precious Lord; I Love That Jesus Man; How Long Has It Been; He'll Be Waiting For Me; Hide Me Rock Of Ages. (Horace Parrish, Jimmy Taylor, John Mathews, London Parris).

1962 How Great Thou Art (Sing Records/LP 8003): How Great Thou Art; The Fourth Man; At The Crossing; Peace In The Valley; Whispered Words; Child Of The King; Lifted From Sin; Lily Of The Valley; Let Him In; It's Alright Now; I'll Be There. (Horace Parrish, Jimmy Taylor, John Mathews, London Parris).

1963 Family Album (Sing Records/LP 8004): Glad Reunion Day; Weather Beaten Chapel; Whispering Hope; Tenderly; Where No One Stands Alone; Just A Rose Will Do; Oh What A Friend; Wasted Years; If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again; Led By The Master's Hand; Did You Stop To Pray This Morning; Kneel At The Cross. (Horace Parrish, Jimmy Taylor, John Mathews, London Parris).

1963 No Disappointments In Heaven (Sing Records/LP 8005): There's Only One Way; Without Him; I Want To Meet You; Please Dear Jesus Please; In The Upper Room; He Set Me Free; Sweeter As The Days Go By; That Man Of Galilee; No Disappointments In Heaven; I Want To Walk As Close As I Can; I'm As Poor As A Begger; By His Hand. (Horace Parrish, Jay Berry, John Mathews, London Parris, Jimmy Taylor).

1964 Sing Good News (StatesWood Records/SW-407): I Wouldn't Take Nothing For My Journey Now; By Faith Alone; Good News; If You Could Live Your Life Over; He Comforts Me; I Feel Like Traveling On; It's A Long And Lonesome Road; The Prettiest Flowers; I Don't Need To Understand; Listen To The Bells; Please Mention My Name; Everybody Ought To Know Something. (Horace Parrish, Jay Berry, John Mathews, London Parris, Jimmy Taylor).

1964 Sincerely Yours (Skylite Records/SLP-6010): He's Coming Soon; What A Savior; Jesus Holds The Keys; God's Hands; This I Know; He Gave His Life For Me; From Now On; Lord Teach Me How To Pray; I'm Saved; Beyond Compare; He'll Go With Me; Jesus Is The Reason. (Horace Parrish, John Mathews, Jimmy Taylor, Jay Berry, London Parris).

1964 The Angels Must Have Cried (Skylite Records/SLP-6017): When The Great Horn Blows; The Angels Must Have Cried; I'll Pray For You; Checking Up On My Payments; God Bless You; Lord, I'm Feeling Mighty Fine; I Am Ready Now To Go; The Little White Church; There Will Be Peace; How Tall Will You Stand; The Wonder Of His Love; Look Up To Calvary. (Horace Parrish, John Mathews, Jimmy Taylor, Jay Berry, London Parris).

1964 Unseen Guest (Skylite Records/SLP-6022): The Unseen Guest; Help Me Not To Complain; Filled With Glory Divine; Beside Still Waters; Ole Brother Noah; Lord Use Me; A Visit To Heaven; Now Is The Time; A Newborn Feeling; Take My Hand; Sampson; I'll Lean On His Arm. (Horace Parrish, John Mathews, Jimmy Taylor, Jay Berry, London Parris).

1965 Lily Of The Valley (Canaan Records/CA-4604/CAS-9604): Lily Of The Valley; Did You Stop To Pray; The Fourth Man; Voice Inside; Gonna Move To The Sky; Highest Hill; Lifted From Sin; Never Walk Alone; Do You Ever Think To Pray; The Touch Of His Hand; Gentle Stranger. (Horace Parrish, Jimmy Taylor, John Mathews, London Parris)

1965 Somebody Touched Me (Skylite Records/SLP-6035): I Want To Get Closer; Somebody Touched Me; Greater Love Hath No Man; We Are On Godís Side; Though Iím Unworthy; Jesus Use Me; Walk, Talk And Sing; No One Cared So Much; Gonna Change This House; Time Has Made A Change; Little Boy Lost; His Grace Reaches Me. (Horace Parrish, John Mathews, Jimmy Taylor, Jim Hamill, London Parris).

1966 In The Shelter Of His Arms (Skylite Records/SLP-6041): Music To My Ears; In The Shelter Of His Arms; God Bless These Folks; Castles In The Sand; The Gentle Stranger; Heaven; I've Been Changed; Stranger Of Galilee; In The Hour; The Cross; Climbing Up The Mountain; Savior Gently Take Me Home. (Horace Parrish, John Mathews, Jimmy Taylor, Jim Hamill, London Parris).

1967 Love Is The Key (Skylite Records/SLP-6051): Love Is The Key; He'll Answer Even Me; Who Am I; When I Trade This Life; Let Me Touch Him; If I Had Wings; Sing A Little Song; No Other Love; His Name Is Wonderful; He Touched Me; Each Mile Of The Way; The Wonder. (Horace Parrish, John Mathews, Jimmy Taylor, Jim Hamill, London Parris).

hi res
1968 Until Then (Skylite Records/SLP-6065); Happy Tracks; Until Then; O Come Angel Band; His Heart Is Broken; The Hand Of Time; Homecoming; In The Sweet Bye And Bye (solo-Jimmy Taylor); Great Big Feeling; No More; My God Is Real; I Must Tell Jesus; Until You've Known. (Horace Parrish, John Mathews, Jimmy Taylor, Jim Hamill, London Parris).

1968 20th Anniversary (Skylite Records/SLP-6073): On The Other Side; What A Friend; This Love Of Mine; When I Lift Up My Head; Pass Me Not; Heaven Came Down; Over The Moon; For God So Loved; A Prayer In My Heart; The One I Love; It Will Be Worth It; Father's Table Grace. (Jim Hamill, John Mathews, Ron Booth, John Gresham, Jimmy Taylor).

hi res
1969 Songs From The Heart (Skylite Records/SLP-6078): You Can't Keep A Good Man Down; The Road Leads Home; Whole World In His Hands; Where We'll Never Grow Old; One More Valley; There's A Little Pine Log Cabin; Joy In The Camp; Day I'll Never Forget; In The Shadow Of The Rock; That Great Judgment; I'm Going Back. (Jim Hamill, John Mathews, Charles Booth, John Gresham, Jimmy Taylor) (Re-issued on Temple Records TLS-7731).

1969 A Hill Called Mt Calvary (Skylite Records/SLP-6082): I Believe In A Hill Called Mt Calvary; He Looked Beyond My Faults; I Am The Man; Jesus Loves Me; I Gained A King; Heaven Bound; Iíll Meet You In The Morning; Just As I Am; Precious Memories; This Little Light Of Mine; Jesus Is Coming Soon. (Jim Hamill, John Mathews, Charles Booth, John Gresham, Jimmy Taylor).

1970 The New Sounds (Skylite Records/SLP-6089): Oh Happy Day; Iíve Been Born Again; Searching; That Same Road; Medley; Daddy Sang Bass; Had It Not Been; After All; First Place; Cheer The Weary Traveler; Something Worth Living For. (Jim Hamill, John Mathews, Charles Booth, John Gresham, Jimmy Taylor).

1970 Revealing Sounds (Skylite Records/SLP-6096): One More Valley; The Night Before Easter; No More; Old Time Religion; The Joy Of Knowing Jesus; Thereís Power In The Blood; Bethesda; Lost Searching Found; Must I Go And Empty Handed; Fly, Iím Gonna Fly.

hi res
1970 The Old Rugged Cross (Skylite Records/SLP-6104): Oh, What A Happy Day; The Old Rugged Cross; He Will Provide; Tell Me That Old, Old Story; God Can; This Is The Day; Come Unto Me; This Is My Valley; God Will Take Care Of You; Redemption Draweth Nigh. (Ronnie Booth, Jim Hamill, Charles Booth, Jerry McGuire, Dony McGuire, Don Taylor).

hi res
1970 The Eastern Gate (Skylite Records/SLP-6108): Put Your Hand In The Hand, The Eastern Gate, Standing By The River, Build My Mansion, Gettiní Ready To Leave This World, The City Of Gold, Thereís Something About That Name, Iíve Got Confidence, How Big Is God, You Sho Do Need Him Now (Ron Booth, Charles Booth, Aubrey Bowlus, London Parris, Everett Reece, Lynn Coulter, Curt Lyles).

1973 It's No Secret (Skylite Records/SLP-6123): The King Of Kings; Through It All; I Will Serve Thee; The Christian Way; Thereís Enough Of Godís Love; It Is No Secret; The Lily Of The Valley; Lead Me To That Rock; I Stand Amazed; Iím Gonna Keep On Singing.

1973 Rebels In Nashville (Skylite Records/SLP-6130): Release Me From My Sin; In The Sweet Forever; King Jesus; To Remember Calvary; His Hands; What A Lovely Name; He Showed His Love To Me; Now I Have Everything; Life Is Fragile; All Of Me.

1978 Everybody's Singing (Skylite Records/SLP-6194): How Great Thou Art; Everybodyís Singing; He Loves Me; He Was There All The Time; Get That Frown Off Your Face; A Sinnerís Plea; Show A Little Bit Of Love And Kindness; Whisper Jesus; Take Up Your Cross; Jesus Let Me Write You A Song (Re-issued in 1986 as How Great Thou Art on Temple Records/TEM-8529).

1979 Jesus Is Coming, He's Coming Again (Skylite Records/SLP-6202): His Amazing Love; I'm Free Again; Hold On; Walking And Talking With My Lord; I Shall Not Be Moved; Jesus Is Coming, He's Coming Again; What A Friend We Have In Jesus; I Believe What The Bible Says; Lord, I'm Not Ashamed (Of Loving You); Shoutin' Ground.

1983 Lord Of Lords (Skylite Records/6306): Peace In The Valley; What A Friend We Have In Jesus; Child Of The King; Walking And Talking With My Lord; I Shall Not Be Moved; What A Day That Will Be; Lily Of The Valley; At The Crossing; His Amazing Love; Lord I'm Not Ashamed (Uses the same cover image at 1979's Jesus Is Coming, He's Coming Again. Not all song titles are the same, however, so it's not exactly a re-issue.)

???? In Memory Of London Parris May 25, 1931-September 07, 1992: God Made A Way; My Greatest Moments; Suppertime; Then I Met The Master It Is No Secret; What Is Your Cross; Jesus The Light Of The World; Heís Everything To Me; Lord Build Me A Cabin In Glory; This Old House; Ten Thousand Angels; Farther Along.

???? Peace In The Valley (Bibletone Records/3505): Everybodyís Gonna Have A Wonderful Time Up There; Peace In The Valley; Iím Bound For That City; Iím Depending On Jesus; I Can Tell You Now The Time; What A Day That Will Be; I Know The Lord Will Lead Me Home; How Great Thou Art; No Tears In Heaven; Heís Got The Whole World In His Hands; My God Is Real; Standing By The River (Lee Kitchens, John Matthews, Horace Parrish, London Parris).

2012 Revived (Bibletone Records): Introduction; The Fourth Man; The Lily Of The Valley; Lost Searching Found; When I Stand With God; He'll Understand And Say Well Done; I Want To Get Closer; Lifted From Sin; I'm Going Back; It Is No Secret; I'm Gonna Fly.
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