Group Members

(Partial List)

Roger McDuff (1958/9-196?)
Danny Scales (196?-1965)
Jim Murray (1965-1965/6)
Curtis Elkins (1965/6-197?)
Jimmy Perkins (????-????)
Dan Keeton (2017-2021)
John Rulapaugh (2021-Present)

Jory Waldon (1958/9-1960/1; 1965-1965/6)
Gary McSpadden (1960/1-196?)
Billy Hamm (196?-1965; 1965/6-196?/7?)
Jim Wesson (196?/7?-197?)
Dale Shipley (197?-1974/5)
Ralph Green (1974/5-19??, 2017-present)

Bob Wills (1958-19??)
Ron Wills (2017-present)

John Hall (1958/9-1960/1)
Dwight Edwards (1960/1-196?)
Joel Kelsey (196?-1965)
Charles Nix (1965-1965/6)
Charley Hayes (1965/6-196?)
Mike Oleson (196?-196?/7?)
Ray Burdett (196?/7?-197?)
Jim Tucker (197?-1974/5)
Bob Cameron (1974/5-197?)
Johnny Hayes (????-????)
Don Wills (2017-present)

Joe Robinson (1958/9-1959/60)
Jimmy Doane (1959/60-1960/1)
James Clark (1960/1-196?)
Art Bain (196?-1965)
Charles Slagle (1965-196?)
Tom Smith (196?-196?/7?)
Butch Williams (197?-197?)
Ralph Green (197?-197?) (also sang lead)
Bobby Wills (????-????)
Bryan Elliott (2022-Present)

Jack Bell (????-????)

Unknown Positions
Danny Ray? (????-????)
Darrell James? (????-????)

The Inspirationals (1958-19??; 2017-present)

(Also see the Wills Family)


Bob Wills Sr. owned and managed The Inspirationals Quartet in Fort Worth, Texas. Mr. Wills was a cousin to the popular country artist who shared his name. Some of the group members who passed through The Inspirationals Quartet included future Imperials and Gaither Vocal Band tenor Jim Murray, future Perfect Heart and Freedom Quartet lead singer Dale Shipley, future Imperials and Gaither Vocal Band singer Gary McSpadden, and bass singer Big John Hall. For many years, the group was billed as "Bob Wills & The Inspirationals."

The Inspirationals name lay dormant for a number of years as Bob Wills Jr. traveled with his wife and other family members as The Wills Family. In 2017, The Inspirationals Quartet name was revived with members including keyboard player Bob Wills Jr. (aka "Bobby"), bass Don Wills (bass), baritone Ron Wills, lead Ralph Green, and tenor Dan Keeton.



hi res
1966 Colorful Requests (Skylite Records/SRLP/SSLP-6042): Didn't It Rain; Turn To Jesus; If I Pray; If God Ruled Your Heart; The Wonder Of It All; He's Not Disappointed In Me Anymore; They Tore The Old Country Church Down; Love Like The Sun; Worry Who I; Because He Loved Me; You Can Count On Me; You Just Don't Know What Lonesome Is.

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1967 Answers Your Request (Skylite Records/SRLP/SSLP-6049): Battle Hymn Of The Republic; Gloryland; Someday We'll Rest Over There; Jubilee Morning; It's So Wonderful; Shelter Of His Arms; It's A Wonderful Feeling; Somebody Bigger Than You And I; Treasures Forever; Little David; Time Has Made A Change; He's My Dearest Friend; Big Bill.

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1968 Yes, Yes, Yes (Skylite Records/SRLP/SSLP-6054): The Church Triumphant; Yes, Yes, Yes; Beside Still Waters; 'Till The Last Leaf Shall Fall; Mother's Flower Garden; I Want To Be Ready; Happy Tracks; I See A Bridge; What The World Needs Now; Lord, I Want You Near; What God Has Wrought; No More.

1967 Sing Country Western Gospel (Sword And Shield Records/LPM-4008): Who Am I; Great Speckled Bird; When My Little Girl Prays?; There's A Light Guiding Me; I'm Too Near Home; The Third Man; Palms Of Victory; Almost Persuaded; Are You Going My Way; Closer; The Family Bible; Old Folks Home (Curtis Elkins, Billy Hamm, Bob Wills, Mike Olsen, Tom Smith).

196? All Time Favorites (Sword And Shield Records/LPM-4009): He Touched Me; All My Life; You'll Never Walk Alone; In The Garden; Medley: Lily Of The Valley; Wayfaring Stranger; Down From His Glory; Stranger Of Galilee; Danny Boy; Beyond The Sunset.

196? Old Time Gospel (Sword And Shield Records/LPM-4010): Now I Have Everything; Great, Great Day; He Looked Beyond My Faults; Living By Faith; When He Set Me Free; America The Beautiful; There Is Someone?; Packed Up?; What A Precious Friend; More About Jesus; I've Got That Old Time Religion; Love Him So (Curtis Elkins, Billy Hamm, Bob Wills, Mike Olsen, Tom Smith).

196? On The Road (Sword And Shield Records/LPM-4011): Thank God I Am Free; I Must Tell Jesus; Jesus Is Coming Soon; Oh Happy Day; Sweet Sweet Spirit; I Looked For Love; The Next Step; Out Of The Wilderness; Happiness; Sorry I Never Knew You (Curtis Elkins, Billy Hamm, Bob Wills, Mike Olsen, Tom Smith).

196? Let The Church Roll On (Sword And Shield Records/LPM-4012): Let The Church Roll On; I Know; O What A Savior; I've Never Been Sorry; I Have A Dream; I'll Have A New Life; I've Got Confidence; I Wanna Be Ready; We'll Have A Wonderful Time; Medley: I'll Meet You In The Morning.

196? Remember (Sword And Shield Records/LPM-4013): I Believe He'd Go To Calvary; Let's Talk About Heaven; Someday; There's A New Name In Glory?; I Find No Fault In Him; Bridge Over Troubled Waters; Put Your Hand In The Hand; My God Is Real; On The Other Side; If God Is Dead (Curtis Elkins, Darrell James, Bob Wills, Ray Burdett, Danny Ray).

197? When Is He Coming Again (Sword And Shield Records/LPM-4014): When Is He Coming Again; There Is A River; Unseen Hand; In The Sweet Forever; I Could Never Live Without The Lord; Life Is Worth Living; Gettin' Ready To Leave This World; At The Cross; The Third Man; Eastern Gate (Curtis Elkins, Dale Shipley, Bob Wills, Jim Tucker, Ralph Green).

197? The Desert Shall Bloom... Like A Rose (Sword And Shield Records/LPS-4015): The Desert Shall Bloom Like A Rose; Redemption Draweth Nigh; Oh What A Happy Day; Rainbow Of Love; Cleanse Me; Jesus Saves; Nobody Knows; If You Want Joy; Gray Walls; I'm Gonna Keep On Singing (Curtis Elkins, Dale Shipley, Bob Wills, Jim Tucker, Ralph Green).

197? Joy To The World (Sword And Shield Records/LPS-4016): Silent Night; O Come All Ye Faithful; Joy to the World; Away In The Manger; Hark The Herald Angels Sing; The First Noel; O Little Town of Bethlehem; Angels We Have Heard On High; God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen; O Holy Night (Curtis Elkins, Dale Shipley, Bob Wills, Jim Tucker, Ralph Green).

197? Again, Again, And Again (Sword And Shield Records/LPS-4017): He's My Comfort; He's More Than Just A Superstar; Living On Higher Ground; They That Sow In Tears; Bought By The Blood; I Shall Not Be Moved; He's Mine And I'm His?; This Could Be The Dawning; Don't Say No; The Dearest Friend (Curtis Elkins, Dale Shipley, Bob Wills, Jim Tucker, Ralph Green).

197? Live Inspiration (Sword And Shield Records/LPS-4018): In The Sweet Forever; Let The Church Roll On; They That Sow In Tears; He's More Than Just A Superstar; He's The Dearest Friend?; Living On Higher Ground; I'll Have A New Life; O What A Savior; Sweet, Sweet Spirit (Curtis Elkins, Dale Shipley, Bob Wills, Jim Tucker, Ralph Green).

2022 He Is Exalted (Real Southern Gospel Records): Grace Did Much More Abound; He Is Exalted; I Wanna Brag On Jesus; Just One Drink; She Brought Back The Well; Someone; The Battle Is The Lord's; The Old Gospel Story; Titus; What Are You Talkin About; When The King Of Glory; Who I Am (John Rulapaugh, Ralph Green, Ron Wills, Don Wills, Bryan Elliott)

2024 He Rescued Me (Real Southern Gospel Records): Jailhouse; Who's That Man; He Will Do The Rest; Every Knee Shall Bow; He Rescued Me; There's Nothing Like Knowing Jesus; Why Not Hallelujah; When He Comes Again; You Never Know What God Can Do; Tear The Roof Off (John Rulapaugh, Ralph Green, Ron Wills, Don Wills, Bryan Elliott)
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