Kirk Talley (June 9, 1958 -)


Kirk Talley is a Southern Gospel tenor singer and songwriter who began his career as a member of the Hoppers in the 1970s. His big break came in 1979 when he was hired to fill the tenor position for the Cathedral Quartet. He remained with the Cathedrals until 1983. The following year, he joined his brother and sister-in-law, Roger Talley and Debra Talley to form the Talleys. This group lasted until 1993, at which time Talley embarked on a solo career. He also performed selected dates with Ivan Parker and Anthony Burger billed as The Trio.

Talley received a great deal of negative attention nationally when he became the victim of an extortion scheme by a man who threatened to reveal the nature of Talley's sexual orientation. The man was arrested and convicted. Talley subsequently took time off from performing while he received counseling. He returned to touring and released a live recording in 2005.

Talley is an accomplished songwriter and owns his own publishing company: Kirk Talley Music.

Solo Discography

1974 He's Been My Dearest Friend (Trail Records/TSRC-7411398): He's Been My Dearest Friend; I'll See You In The Rapture; Something I Can Feel; Hallelujah Square; Everything Will Be New; Jesus, How I Love You; The Foot Of The Cross; Stepping On The Clouds; He Owed Me Nothing; I'm Gonna Write A Song.

1993 Hymns Of Heritage (Custom Records/KT-101): Grandma's Old Upright Piano; Great Is Thy Faithfulness; All Hail The Power; Songs Of The Cross; Love Lifted Me; Follow Me; Songs Of Heaven; Blessed Assurance; Songs Of Love; It Is Well With My Soul.

1993 The Service Begins (Custom Records/KT 102 CD): That's When The Service Begins; He's Been A Friend To Me; Spring Of Living Water; King Of My Heart; Things Over My Head; Everlasting Hope; Wedding Music; Carry On; My Redeemer Lives; I Know A Man Who Can.

1994 I Speak To You (Sonlite Records/SON-153CD): The Word Says; I Will Depend On You; Jesus Is Alive; I Speak To You Of Jesus; Absolutely, Positively, Definitely, Love; Just A Closer Walk With Thee; God's Grace Sufficient; Joy On The Other Side Of Jordon; When The Lamb Becomes The Light; Always Enough; I Can Stand In His Presence.

1995 Serenade (Sonlite Records/SON166CD): I Will Praise Him; He Is My Cornerstone; Serenaded By Angels; By Faith; He Is No Stranger To Me; We Need The River To Flow; If He Hung The Moon; Sometimes The Soldier Cries; Bad, Bad Problem - Big, Big God; He Is Here.

1996 Far Away (Sonlite Records/SON-275): I Start My Day; Just Beyond The Clouds; Healing Jesus; I Will Sing And Bless The Lord; Leave Me A Message; Still He Is The Great Jehovah; Far Away; Come On Into The House; This Is My Hope; I Still Believe.

1997 Shhhh (Sonlite Records/SL28782): Good Things; Look Up High; God Has A Different Plan; Naaman; No Other Word For Grace; Over The Hill; Quiet Time; In The Shadow; Step Into The Water; In A Wonderful Way.

1998 Songs I Wish I'd Written (Sonlite Records/SL28872): I Love You Lord; If That Isn't Love; That's Him; Gloryland Medley; Grace; Amen; The Lord Will Go Before You; Paid In Full; Hold Me.

1999 Tomorrow (Sonlite Records/SL29202): Tomorrow; Redeemed And Washed White As Snow; Things Are Gonna Get Better After While; Holy Spirit Fall On This Place; Your Mercy Amazes Me; God Will Give The Song; I Have Seen The Glory; Directions To Heaven; Higher And Higher; Clap Your Hands All Ye People.

1999 Talley Ho, Ho, Ho! (Sonlite Records/SL29292): It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year; He Put The Merry In Merry Christmas; Christmas Card; Fruitcake; I Pray On Christmas; Let There Be Peace On Earth; We Need A Little Christmas; Angels Sang; Joy To The World; I'd Still Like To Go To Grandma's House For Christmas; I Can Still Celebrate Christmas; Still Her Little Child.

2000 Out Front (Landmark Records/HD0042): Movin' Up To Gloryland; Evergreen; God Delivers Again; Mexico; Not The Half Has Been Told; Seeking For Me; Wonderful; He Is Here; Yes, Lord, Yes; I Know A Man Who Can.

2000 Field Of Grace (Sonlite Records/SL29562): Let Me Introduce You To Jesus; Gonna Rain On Your Desert; The Road In Between; He'll Make Good On His Promise; Always The Same; Past Your Past; Let's Lift Up Jesus; Honestly; Born To Mourn; Field Of Grace (duet with Janet Paschal); Mercy Forgot; Where Sin Abounds; God Graciously Answered Your Prayer.

2001 Greatest Hits (Sonlite Records/SL29972): Serenaded By Angels; I Know A Man Who Can; Redeemed And Washed White As Snow; Look Up High; If He Hung The Moon; Leave Me A Message; Always Enough; Holy Spirit Fall On This Place; Joy On The Other Side Of Jordon; Just A Closer Walk With Thee; I Start My Day; In The Shadow; Tomorrow; He Is Here.

2002 What's Missing Here (Sonlite Records/SL30122): What's Missing Here; Bow The Knee; I Will Stand For Jesus; I've Been There; I'll Consider My Source; He Will Deliver You; Right Now Is The Right Time; I Know Him; I Rather Be Saved; Vision Of Tomorrow; Before The Sun Goes Down.

2003 Net Breaking, Boat Sinking, Bountiful Blessings (Sonlite Records/SL30332): Net Breaking, Boat Sinking, Bountiful Blessings; In The Cross Of Jesus Christ; The Road You're Taking; Out Loud And On Purpose; When God Says No; Under The Ocean Floor; Hear Our Prayer O Lord; Servant's Prayer; Jesus Is Right For Whatever's Wrong In Your Life; Got To Get A God Said; Lonely People; The Word Is Mercy.

2005 Live At The River: My Story, My Song (Custom Records): I've Come To Tell You That The Lord Is Good; My, My, My; Lord I Worship You; Magnify Him; I Will Praise Him; Nothing But The Blood; Power In The Blood; Shoutin The Victory; I Found Peace In The Valley; Come To The Water (featuring Crystal River Quartet); Sailing (featuring Crystal River Quartet); Higher Ground (featuring Crystal River Quartet); Oh Lamb Of Calvary (featuring Allison Durham Speer); I'm On My Way (featuring Dean Brown and Mary Brown); The Potters Hands; Intimacy With Jesus; I Am Thine Oh Lord; I Need Thee Every Hour; Come On Let's Pray Together.

2005 Hymns Of Hope (Custom Records): Jesus Is The Sweetest Name I Know; I Worship You; Hallelujah, Your Love Makes Me Sing; Peace, Peace; I'd Rather Have Jesus; Marvelous Grace; Judge Not; Say The Name; No One Cares Like Jesus; Great Is Thy Faithfulness.

2008 Beyond Words (Custom Records/TMS-6758CD): Beyond Words; Oh How Excellent; Nothing Shall Separate Me From The Love Of God; Scarlet Ribbon Of Redemption; Keep Puttin' One Foot In Front Of The Other; Love Is Strong; Garden Of Grace; Faithful (featuring Lauren Talley); I'm Glad; When His Presence Fills This Place; He Won't Take Back One Promise.


Singing News Fan Awards:
Favorite Male Singer (1983, 1996, 1998)
Favorite Tenor (1983, 1984)
Songrwiter of the Year (1987, 1996, 1997)
Favorite Soloist (1997, 1998, 1999, 2000)

Songwriter's Résumé

(Partial List)

Absolutely, Positively, Definitely, Love
Always Enough
Always The Same
Be Of Good Cheer
Bad, Bad Problem - Big, Big, God
Born To Mourn
By Faith
Come On Let's Pray Together
Country Boy
Directions To Heaven
Everywhere I Go
Far Away
Friend In The Fire
Garden Of Grace
God Cared Enough
God Graciously Answered Your Prayer
God Has A Different Plan
God Will Give The Song
God Works All Things For Good
God's Gonna Send Revival
God's Grace Sufficient
Gonna Rain On Your Desert
Good Things
Grandma's House For Christmas
Grandma's Old Upright Piano
He Can Be Depended On
He Has Already Walked Through The Valley
He Is Here
He Is My Cornerstone
He Is No Stranger To Me
He Won't Take Back One Promise
Healing Jesus
He'll Make Good On His Promise
He's Working In The Temple
Higher And Higher
Hit The Altar
Holy Spirit Fall On This Place
I Enjoy The Trip
I Found Peace In The Valley
I Have Seen The Glory
I Know Him
I Rather Be Saved
I Speak To You Of Jesus
I Start My Day
I Still Believe
I Will Depend On You
I Will Sing And Bless The Lord
I Will Praise Him
If He Hung The Moon
I'm A Kingdom Heir
I'm Glad
In A Wonderful Way
In The Shadow
Intimacy With Jesus
It Carried Him
It Runs In The Family
I've Come To Tell You That The Lord Is Good
Joy On The Other Side Of Jordon
Judge Not
Just Beyond The Clouds
Keep Puttin' One Foot In Front Of The Other
King Of My Heart
Leave Me A Message
Let Me Introduce You To Jesus
Let's Lift Up Jesus
Lonely People
Look Up High
Lord I Want To Love You More
Lord I Worship You
Love Is Alive Forever
Magnify Him
No Army Big Enough
No Other Word For Grace
Nothing Shall Separate Me From The Love Of God
Oh How Sweet
Oh Lamb Of Calvary
Over The Hill
Past Your Past
Precious Savior
Quiet Time
Redeemed And Washed White As Snow
Serenaded By Angels
Shoutin' The Victory
Sometimes The Soldier Cries
Spring Of Living Water
Step Into The Water
Still He Is The Great Jehovah
Take My Word For It
The Garment Of The Savior
The Peace Of My Heart
The Potters Hands
The Road In Between
The Road You're Taking
The Word Says
There's Been A Change
There's Still Power In The Blood
Triumphantly The Church Will Rise
Under The Ocean Floor
Vision Of Tomorrow
We Are Still The Church
We Need The River To Flow
We Shall Be Caught Up
Wedding Music
What's Missing Here
When I See His Face
Where Sin Abounds
With Love And Compassion
Your Mercy Amazes Me

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