Karen Peck & New River, 1991

Group Members

Karen Peck Gooch (1991-Present)

2nd Soprano/Alto
Kari Gooch (2013-Present)

Susan Peck Jackson (1991-Present)

David White (1991-1993; 1995-1999)
Eric Morris (1993-1994)
Craig Turner (1994-1995)
John Darin Rowsey (1999-2003)
Joshua Jackson (2003-2005)
Devin McGlamery (2005-2009)
Jeff Hawes (2010-2015)
Ricky Braddy (2015-2017)
Grant Gibson (2018-present)

Danny Crawford (1991-1993)
Craig Nobles (1993-1999)

Bass Guitar
David Owen (1991-1999)

Matthew Gooch (2010-present)

Various Parts
Rickey Gooch (1991-????)
Bryan Sutton (????-????)
Dale Scragg (????-????)

Karen Peck & New River (1991-Present)

Karen Peck formed New River with her husband Rickey Gooch and sister Susan Peck Jackson in 1991. Karen and Susan were joined by David White on vocals. Rickey was part of the New River band along with David Owen (bass guitar) and Danny Crawford (piano). White left the group in 1993, then returned in 1995 to sing until 1999.

In 1999, the band was dropped and the group carried on as a vocal trio. After the departure of David White also in 1999, male singers changed every few years. Songwriter John Darin Rowsey who later joined the Guardians was with the trio from 1999 to 2003. Devin McGlamery sang with New River from 2005 to 2009 before joining Ernie Haase And Signature Sound.

By 2010, Karen's son Matthew had joined the group to play guitar. Her daughter Kari joined the group as a vocalist in 2013. Although the group technically became a vocal quartet with the addition of Kari, the male singers continued to fill a tenor/lead role rather than singing a traditional bass part. Susan's son Joseph Jackson also traveled with the group for a while taking care of various duties including product management. Former 11th Hour singer Grant Gibson joined New River in 2018.


See Karen Peck Gooch for solo projects.

1991 Karen Peck And New River (Pinnacle Records/PR02110): Bend In The River; Visions Of Heaven; Love Is A Tool; God Will Make A Way; Source Of Strength; Inside Out; Suddenly Jesus; He's Sending Miracles; Let It Be Known; Drink From Him (Karen Peck Gooch, David White, Susan Peck, Rickey Gooch, Danny Crawford, David Owen).

1991 There is a River (Hear Here Records/HH00172): I'll Take The Old Highway; Nothing But The Blood; What A Meeting; Saved By Grace; Till The Storm Passes By; He Is The King; Jesus Is Coming Soon; There Is A River (Karen Peck Gooch, Susan Peck, Bryan Sutton, David White, Ricky Gooch, Danny Crawford, David Owen).

1992 Satisfied (Hear Here Records/HH02172): Satisfied; God's Promiseland; Unclouded Day (Instrumental); By The Side Of The Road; Just Over Yonder; He Touched Me; What A Beautiful Day; Jesus Loves Me (Karen Peck Gooch, Susan Peck, Bryan Sutton, David White, Ricky Gooch, Danny Crawford, David Owen).

1992 Travelin' On (Hear Here Records/HH03172): I Feel Like Traveling On; Old Rugged Cross; They Shall Walk With Me In White; In The Shelter Of His Arms; More About Jesus; Living By Faith; The Eastern Gate; What A Day (Karen Peck Gooch, Susan Peck, Bryan Sutton, David White, Ricky Gooch, Danny Crawford, David Owen).

1992 Restoration (Pinnacle Records/PR03110): Brand New Experience; When He Returns; Over In The Gloryland; God Still Answers Prayers; Rain And Shine; When Jesus Passed By; I Promise You; Revival; What He Is Will Never Change; Solid As The Rock; Troublesome Times; Broken (Karen Peck Gooch, David White, Susan Peck, Rickey Gooch, Danny Crawford, Bryan Sutton, David Owen).

1993 Daddy's Home (Horizon Records/HZ0104): Whenever The Wind Blows; God's Amazing Grace; Heaven Will Be A Reality; Daddy's Home; Great Homecoming Day; The Good Ole Days; I'll Go; In The Name Of Jesus; A Bridge Between; Worth My Wait In Gold; Jesus, Help Me To Stand; Last Mile Running (Karen Peck Gooch, Eric Morris, Susan Peck, Rickey Gooch, Craig Nobles, Bryan Sutton, David Owen, Dale Scragg).

1994 Live At The Alabama Theatre (Horizon Records/204): The Darkest Hour Is Before The Dawn; He’s Sending Miracles; Visions Of Heaven; They Shall Walk With Me In White; Whenever The Wind Blows; God Still Answers Prayer; Daddy’s Home; Over In The Gloryland; In The Name Of Jesus; Rain And Shine; Bend In The River; When Jesus Passes By; God’s Amazing Grace.

1995 Unlimited (Horizon Records/HR00682): God Likes To Work; I Called And You Answered; Ten Thousand Angels Cried; This Ole House; Only Jesus; I'm Gonna Fly Away; I'm Longing For Heaven; Power Of The Holy Ghost; Go Rest High On That Mountain; Where The River Runs Cold.

1996 Right On Time (Horizon Records/HR05562): Glory To Glory; God's Right On Time; Little Country Church; I Will Be The One; God Says You Can; Unseen Servant; There's Been A Change; Walking Through Jerusalem; No Rocks Cry Out For Me; Hurting Hearts Need A Helping Hand.

1997 Makin' A Difference (Horizon Records/HR06512): God Is Faithful; Out Of His Way; It's Alright Here; Nothing's Too Big For My God; Nothing You Can Do; My Jesus Knows; The Anchor Holds; We Want To Make A Difference; Close To The Throne; In The Name Of Jesus; Let Freedom Ring (Karen Peck Gooch, Susan Peck Jackson, David White, Dale Scragg, David Owen, Joel Key, Craig Nobles, Rickey Gooch).

1998 Hymns From The Heart (Horizon Records)

1999 Turn It Loose (Springhill Records/724382546825): Turn It Loose; His Tomb Wasn't Empty; UFO; Living Life In Theory; Jesus Laughing; Christian In The House; Never Gonna Ever; How On Earth; In The Beat Of My Heart; Where Eyes Don't Cry.

2000 A Taste Of Grace (Springhill Records/789042100120): I'll Never Be Able To Tell It All; The Truth Is; Four Days Late; His Love Runs Deep; You Are My Peace Of Mind; A Taste Of Grace; Rest In Him; The Name Of The Lord; Jesus, Help Me To Stand; Big Change; My God Will Always Be Enough.

2001 Triumph (Springhill Records/789042102025): I Wanna Know How It Feels; Now That You Know; Working For My Good; I Am; Let The Healing Begin; Rejoice In The Lord; When It's Down To You And Me; Walk In Triumph; Tougher Than Nails; Can You Believe It; Praying For You.

2002 Southern Gospel Decade (Horizon Records): God Is Faithful; God Likes To Work; Ten Thousand Angels Cried; Rain And Shine; When Jesus Passed By; God Still Answers Prayer; In The Name Of Jesus; Daddy's Home; Bend In The River; He's Sending Miracles; Whenever The Wind Blows; My Father's Words.

2003 For His Glory (Springhill Records/789042104722): Jump; That's Why They Call It Grace; Get About God's Business; It Was Mercy; Look What The Lord Has Done; The Past; Here Is Where It Starts; All For The Glory Of Christ; Jesus Still Sounds The Same; Inseparable; God's Gonna Make A Way; I Can Talk About It.

2004 Faith, Hope & Love: We'll Soon Be Done With Troubles And Trials; Visions Of Heaven; Put A Little Love In Your Heart; Redeemed; Take A Moment And Live; Nothing You Can Do; Thank God I Am Free; In The Valley He Restoreth My Soul; Farther Along; Great Is Thy Faithfulness; Amazing Grace.

2005 Good To Be Free (Springhill Records/789042108225): Feels Good To Be Free; One Day At A Time; My Lord And I; Just One Touch; River Of Peace; Saved; Pocket Full Of Seeds; I'm Gonna Get Up; Who Touched Me; I Know Where There's Water; Give It To Jesus; Hold Me While I Cry.

2006 The Best Of Karen Peck & New River (Springhill Records): I Wanna Know How It Feels; Four Days Late; River Of Peace; All For The Glory Of Christ; Christian In The House; Who Touched Me; Walk In Triumph; That's Why They Call It Grace; Feels Good To Be Free; My God Will Always Be Enough; Jump; Just One Touch; Get About God's Business; Hold Me While I Cry; A Taste Of Grace; Now That You Know.

2007 Journey Of Joy (Daywind Records/DAY1516): Hey; Last Night; Journey Of Joy; Round The Kitchen Table; Then He Moved; When The Stone Rolled Away; Whispered Prayers; Faith; Behind The Line Of Grace; Hold On; Where The Dirt Road Stops.

2008 Ephesians One (Daywind Records): Ephesians Chapter One; I Want To Thank You; It's Gonna Have To Be God; The Cradle And The Grave?; All You Need When You Need It; Waitin' On The Lord; Everything You Need; There's Somethin' Goin' On ; That's When I Knew I Was Home; Spirit Of Jesus; We Shall Wear A Robe And Crown.

2009 No Worries (Daywind Records/DAY1689D): Bend In The River; Why Can't God's Children Get Along; This Is Living; While I Still Can; Why Should I Worry; I Can See Clearly; Special Love; Ready For The Ride; In The Meantime; The Hour I First Believed.

2011 Reach Out (Daywind Records/DAY1732D): Mighty Big God; On The Banks Of The Promised Land; Love With All Your Heart; Sustaining Grace; Good Things Are Happening; This Is What Mercy Does; More Than Ever; Don't Worry About The Waves; The Faithful Love Of Jesus; Broken Into Beautiful; Reach Out And Touch (Karen Peck Gooch, Susan Jackson, Jeff Hawes).

2013 Revival (Daywind Records): Revival; Oh, Hallelujah; Finish Well; Everybody's Going Through Something; Dancing Like Lazarus; Jesus Remember Me; I've Been Broken; Joy In My Heart; You Did It Anyway; I'm Saved (Susan Jackson, Karen Peck Gooch, Jeff Hawes).

2015 Pray Now (Daywind Records): Calling; Pray Now; Hallelujah For The Cross; Love With All Your Heart; Blessed; I'm Not Letting Go; I Choose Christ; Peace That Covers All The Pain; Redemption's Holy Lamb; Lord Send Your Angels; A Life That's Good (Susan Jackson, Karen Peck Gooch, Jeff Hawes).

2017 Hope For All Nations (Daywind Records/DAY-0052): Love Will Never Give Up; Hope For All Nations; Who He Is, What He Does; The Reason; Gotta Be Saved; I'll Keep On Praying; The River; Victory Is Mine; God's Got A Blessing; All You Need; I Know I'll Be There; I'm Gonna Love My Neighbor (Karen Peck Gooch, Susan Peck Jackson, Ricky Braddy, Matthew Gooch, Kari Gooch).

2020 Lift His Name (Daywind Records/DAY-1089): The God I Serve; Made Right; I Know Jesus Lives; The Book; The Love Of Jesus; Messiah Overcame; When I Lift Up The Name; All About Yes; Ain't No Grave (Karen Peck Gooch, Susan Peck Jackson, Grant Gibson, Kari Gooch, Matthew Gooch).

2022 2:22 (Daywind Records/): Spirit Of Heaven; Answer Is Jesus; The Keepers; Future Glory; Bless His Holy Name; If God Wrote A Song; Dance; Lead Me Through; Valley Too Long; Sheaves (Dedicated To Isabel); The Lord's Prayer (Karen Peck Gooch, Susan Peck Jackson, Grant Gibson, Kari Gooch, Matthew Gooch).

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