Group Members

Mike Bowling (2005-2021)
Karen Parker (2005-2007)
Jeff Bowling (2005-2007)
Kim Bowling (2005-2007)
Kelly Bowling (2007-Present)
Jeff Snyder (2007-2009)
Terah Penhollow (2009-2013)
Hope Bowling (2013-Present)
Troy Peach (2013-2014)
Katelanne Bowling (2021-Present)
Gracie Bowling (2021-Present)
John Jeffrey (2011-Present)

The Bowling Family (2005-Present)


Mike Bowling launched The Mike Bowling Group in 2005 with Jeff Bowling, Kim Bowling, and Karen Parker. After the Crabb Family retired, Mike’s wife Kelly Crabb Bowling joined the group. The group's billing was changed to Mike & Kelly Bowling starting in 2007 with Jeff Snyder singing the third harmony part.

After Snyder left, and Kelly’s sister Terah Crabb Penhollow joined, the group was rebranded again, this time as The Bowling Family. Former and future Perrys singer Troy Peach later replaced Penhollow and Mike and Kelly’s daughter Hope also began singing with the group. After Peach returned to The Perrys, the Bowling Family continued as a trio with Mike, Kelly, and Hope.

In early 2021, Mike Bowling left the group. In the ensuing weeks, daughters Katelanne and Gracie began touring with their mother Kelly and sister Hope.


Also see Mike Bowling solo projects.

2006 Graceland (Daywind Records): Mercy And Grace; There's Power In The Name Of Jesus; Graceland; His Grace Is Sufficient; It Ain't Over When It's Over; Down On My Knees; Because Of Who You Are; I Remember The Day The Lord Saved Me; A Table In The Wilderness; Come To Me. (Mike Bowling, Karen Parker, Kim Bowling, Jeff Bowling) (Released as the Mike Bowling Group).

2007 The Best Of (Big Ten House Of Music): Thank God For The Preacher; Trail Of Tears; No Stranger To The Valley; Don't You Wanna Go; The Call; When I Think Of Love; Goodbye To Mercy; Covered In Red; Forgiven, Forgotten, Forever Amen; Let's All Get Together; Another Valley Left Behind; I'll Not Fear The Crossing; Somebody Did Some Praying For Me; We Have A Savior. (Mike Bowling, Kelly Bowling, Jeff Snyder).

2008 Faith To Believe (Canaan Records): Your Cries Have Awoken The Master; It's Alright; I've Never Walked Alone; God's Not Through With You; Oh How Sweet Is The Victory; Notified; A Miracle Today; I Never Shall Forget The Day; I Have Faith; The Only One; Keep Breathing; We Have A Savior. (Mike Bowling, Kelly Bowling, Jeff Snyder).

2010 Shine (Big Ten House Of Music): Sunshine On A Rainy Day; How Blessed; Sailing On Home; When We Need It Most; This Is Your Moment; Run And Tell; Tell Them That I Love Them; He Did; He Already Knows; Pray Anyway; The Half That's Never Been Told; He Leads Me Each Step Of The Way; I Still Glory In The Cross. (Mike Bowling, Kelly Bowling, Terah Penhollow).

2011 Miracles And Memories (Big Ten House Of Music): This Is Your Moment; I Go To The Rock; Your Cries Have Awoken The Master; Run And Tell; I Wouldn't Take Nothing For My Journey Now; That I Could Still Go Free; Don't You Wanna Go; When We Need It Most; Tell Them That I Love Them; Pray Anyway; Sailing On Home; How Blessed; Sunshine On A Rainy Day; I Still Glory In The Cross; Please Forgive Me; We'll Understand It Bye And Bye; A Miracle Today.

2011 Feels Like Sunday (Big Ten House Of Music): I Thank You Lord; Mercy And Grace; Winds Of This World; Church Medley; Jesus Messiah; Unclouded Day; Thou Art Worthy; Blood Medley; On The Battlefield; We've Come This Far By Faith; Farther Along. (Mike Bowling, Kelly Bowling, Terah Penhollow).

2013 Safe After The Storm (RiverHill Music Group): Somebody's Believing; Drinking From The Well; That's What I Miss The Most; Everything's Gonna Turn Out Right; Victory's Coming; I Know Enough; Come Along Let's Fly; Just What I Need; I'm Glad I'm Saved; When All I Can Cry Is Holy; God Sent Angels. (Mike Bowling, Kelly Bowling, Hope Bowling, Troy Peach).

2015 Moments Like These (Daywind Records/DAY-2887): Praise God He Is Alive; One Glorious Moment Of Faith; I Was There; Mourning Into Dancing; I Believe He's Alive; Even When You're Asking Why; I've Got My Foot On The Rock; God Is Always Good; God Likes Working In The Midnight Hour; Our First Hallelujah There. (Mike Bowling, Kelly Bowling, Hope Bowling).

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