Telestials, 1979

Group Members


Jim Glass (????-????)
Beth Glass (????-????)
Bethany Brown (????-????)
Jerry Brown (????-????)
Jan Lancaster (????-????)
Terry Darnell (????-????)
Rodney Lashum (????-????)
Roger Holmes (????-????)
Betty Ann Holmes (????-????)

Telestials (1963-Present)


1970 With Christ (Custom Records/Glass Records/4098): Heaven Came Down; Leave Behind; When I Lift Up My Head; Who Am I; I Was There When It Happened; The Church Triumphant; Deliverance Will Come; Walk With Me; The Lights Of Home; We've Come This Far By Faith; How Great Thou Art; Most Of All.

1971 Praise The Lord Anyhow (Custom Records/Glass Records/4347): Praise The Lord Anyhow; Now I Have Everything; I'm Longing For Home; Oh My Lord What A Time; Had It Not Been; He Is Real; Jesus Is Coming Soon; The Lord Is Coming Soon; When I Get To Heaven; At The Cross; Old Time Religion; When The Saints Go Marching In.

1971 Now Is The Time (Halo Records/4569)

1972 A Happy Sound (Halo Records/4675)

1972 Sing That Song (Calvary Records/STAV5079): Ten Thousand Years; He Just Loves Me More And More; Sing That Song Again To Me; He Pilots My Ship; One Step From Heaven; Through It All; He Never Changes; Bring Your Burdens To Him; Searching; One More Day.

1973 Jesus Christ: More Than Just A Superstar (Calvary Records/STAV5098): He's More Than Just A Superstar; I Wonder What Next Year Will Bring; Why Me; Oh The Glory Did Roll; Holding On To Jesus; Eternal Life; Caught Up Together; Because He Lives; My Pilot; He'll Go With You.

1974 Sing About The Bride (Calvary Records/STAV5111): When It's Time; Tis So Sweet; Daddy Sang Bass; Something I Can Feel; When Jesus Comes To Take His Children Home; Here They Come; Jesus And Me; Realness Of The Spirit; I'm On My Way; That's Just Like Jesus.

1975 One Way Flight (Calvary Records/STAV5125): One Way Flight; Promised Land; Congregation Of Twelve; Movin' Higher; Sunshine After The Rain; Saints Of All Ages; The Holy Spirit; My Name Is Jesus; God Did; The Rolling Tide.

1977 Free Indeed (Calvary Records/STAV5146): Free Indeed; Someone To Care; Looking Beyond; Homecoming Day; Movin' On; Beulah's Fair Land; The Lamb Is Worthy; He Led Me Out; Gone Away.

1978 Experience Live! (Calvary Records/STAV5158): I'll Fly Away; Homecoming Day; Movin' Higher; Daddy Sang Bass; Promised Land; One Way Flight; Beulah's Fair Land; How Great Thou Art.

1979 Riding High (Calvary Records/STAV5166): Daybreak; Oh That City; You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet; Family Bible; I Never Knew Until I Met The Lord; Standing Ovation; Celebration Day; Boogie Bear Song; Jesus Is Here.

1981 From Chittlin Switch To Nashville (Skylite Records/SLRP6340): Let's Sing A Jesus Song; He's My King; Leaning On Jesus; Save Me; Saying Goodbye; Let's Sing A Jesus Song; Someday; This Old House; Ye Must Be Born Again; I'm So Glad I'm A Christian; Crucifixion; Let's Sing A Jesus Song.

1990 Help Wanted (Harvest Records/HAR1255): In The Twinkling Of An Eye; All I Need; Help Wanted; Beneath The Blood; I'll Hold To His Hand; Look Up Higher; What's The World Coming To; There Is A Fountain; I Know That I Know That I Know; Shake, Rattle And Roll.

1992 Somebodyís Coming (ACA Records/ACA-1066): Somebodyís Coming; Christian Sail On; Excuse Me While I Shout; I Was The Nail; Iíve Never Been Sorry; That Same Lord; Down And Out Row; Walking Those Holy Hills; Lord Help Me Lean On You; They Went In And They Came Out.

1995 Homecoming Day

1997 One More Time

2000 Journey On

2003 Higher Call

2005 Words Of Hope

2009 I Can Call Jesus

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