Phil Barker (2013-present)

Jamey Lane (2012-2013)
Kirk Henry (2013-2016)
Alan Kendall (2016-2018)
Dale Shipley (2018-present)

Rick Sheets (2013-present)

Burman Porter (2017-present)

Joe Lane (2013-2016)

Bass Guitar
Gaylan Drye (2014-2016)

Jordan's Bridge (2012-present)

Jordan's Bridge began as a trio in 2012 with Phil Barker (tenor), Jamey Lane (lead), and Rick Sheets (baritone). Joe Lane was their original piano player. Kirk Henry replaced Jamey Lane the following year, and Gaylan Drye became their bass guitar in 2014.

Alan Kendall replaced Henry at the lead position in mid-2016, and a couple of months later, both musicians, Lane and Drye, left the group. After Freedom Quartet retired in 2017, Jordan's Bridge expanded to a quartet format with the addition of bass singer Burman Porter. Former Perfect Heart and Inspirationals lead singer Dale Shipley replaced Kendall in 2018.


???? Enjoying The Journey (Creation Music Group/): How Sweet To Be Walking; He Loved Us More; I'll Live In Glory; Marriage Supper Of The Lamb; When I Get To Heaven; 'Till The Storm Passes By; Some Day; He Can Say Peace; He'll Carry Me Through; His Tomb Is Emtpy Now

???? All Who Call (Custom Records/): I'll Be Ready To Go With Him; All Who Call; How Beautiful Heaven Must Be; Just Over In The Gloryland; He's My Comfort; Far Above The Starry Sky; Sweet Beulah Land; He'll Hold To My Hand; Great Day; The Writer.

???? Jordan's Bridge (Custom Records/): He'll Go Over Jordan; He's My Comfort; Sheltered In The Arms Of God; The Eastern Gate; He Didn't Throw The Clay Away; What A Lovely Name; If Jesus Is There; I've Come Too Far To Look Back; Hide Thou Me; Glory Road.
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