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H.Happy Goodmans

Happy Goodmans (1990)

Group Members

(This list begins with the date of the first Happy Goodmans full length recording. Please let us know if you have information regarding earlier group members!)
Howard Goodman (1963-1980, 1990, 1996-2002)
Vestal Goodman (1963-1980, 1990, 1996-2002)
Sam Goodman (1963-1983, 1990)
Rusty Goodman (1963-1983, 1990)
Bobby Goodman (1965-1971)
Johnny Cook (1974-1975, 1978, 1980-1983)
Johnny Minick (1975-1977 pianist/BGVs), (1996-2002 vocalist)
Tanya Goodman Sykes (1976-1977, 1980-1983)
Michael English (1982-1983)

The Happy Goodmans (????-2002)


GMA Hall Of Fame (1998)

Singing News Fan Awards:
Favorite Group (1970, 1973)
Album of the Year (1971 - Good Times)


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Happy Goodmans Videos

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