Tanya Goodman Sykes

First name sometimes misspelled as "Tonya". Sometimes credited as "Tanya Goodman."


Tanya Goodman Sykes is a Southern Gospel singer. She is the daughter of Rusty Goodman and wife of producer Michael Sykes. Sykes began her career singing with the Happy Goodmans and later performed with Heirloom. Most of her career has been as a soloist. She is a featured performer with the Gaither Homecoming Tour. Sykes, her husband, and Johnny Minick launched the group Goodman Revival in 2013.

Sykes is also a songwriter.

Solo Discography

1983 More Than A Dream (Canaan Records/CAS-9910): Things I Believe In; Love Shines; He Works For Me; Turn Around; Who Am I; Singin' For You; I May Fly Away Tonight; You're The Singer; This World Is Not My Home.

1985 Seeker (Canaan Records/CAS-9923): The Heart Of The Seeker; Time To Start Building Again; Cornerstone (Let Love Be Your Foundation); We've Got A Secret?; Tell Him No; I Believe In Miracles; In One Accord?; Lord Of All, Be Lord Of Me; Help Me Love My Brother?; Fairest Of Ten Thousand.

1986 Promises (Word Nashville/7-01-000633-4): Promises; Ageless Dancer; The Darkness Is Under His Feet; Worthy; Let Them Go; Lift Him Up; Fan Mail; Love Never Fails; Love Everybody In The World; Quiet Place.

1986 A Child’s Gift Of Lullabies

1989 The Rock-A-Bye Collection: Rock-A-Bye (Mallory's Song); Teeter Totter; Waltzing Down Lullaby Lane; Lullaby And Goodnight; May All Your Dreams Come True; Dreamland Concerto (Grammy Award Best Album For Children).

1995 Nightlight Unplugged (Spring Hill Records/): Brahms By Nightlight; Little Bunnykins; Cradle Of Love; Nappytime; Appalachian Lullabye; Clippy Clop; Sleepytown; Sunshine And Rain; Sleepytime Serenade; Baby Dreams; Baby Of Mine/Brahm's Lullabye/Serenade Medley.

1996 Daybreak (Spring Hill Records/): Morning Has Broken; I Think It's Mornin'; Mockingbird Hill/Listen To The Mockingbird; You're The Only You There Is; Ever Little Bitty Millimeter Of You; Socks On First; Sunshine Angel; Dare To Dream; Don't Be Blue; Handshakes And Smiles; That Child Of Mine.

Songwriter's Résumé

(Partial List)

Before The Sun Goes Down
He Speaks To Me
I Stand In Awe
Joy In My Heart
Merciful Savior
Stand Up For What I Stand For
The King Of Who I Am

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