Aaron Wilburn

Aaron Wilburn (July 9, 1950 - November 27, 2020)

Also Credited as C Aaron Wilburn.


Aaron Wilburn was a singer, songwriter, comedian, and musician. Many gospel fans first became aware of Wilburn after he joined the Happy Goodmans in 1971 to play rhythm guitar. People began to notice him as a serious songwriter after he and Eddie Crook co-wrote the classic "What A Beautiful Day (For The Lord To Come Again)" which became a signature song for the Goodmans. After releasing an album of mostly original songs in 1972, he was sometimes billed as "the little guy" with the Goodmans and was a featured soloist in addition to playing in their band.

After leaving the Goodmans to run a publishing company, Wilburn continued to appear as a soloist. He began telling funny stories initially about the Goodmans and soon his career as a comedian was established. His material eventually included a mix of humorous stories and novelty songs with titles like "Putting On The Dog" and "O Blessed Tail Lights."

Wilburn never stopped writing serious gospel songs, however. At the turn of the 21st century, Karen Peck And New River's recording of one of his best known songs, "Four Days Late," was sitting at the top of the radio airplay charts. Other popular songs written or co-written by Wilburn include "It's Beginning To Rain" (co-written with Bill & Gloria Gaither) and "Sometimes Miracles Hide" (recorded by contemporary Christian artist Bruce Carroll). He also wrote songs recorded by secular artists including Lee Greenwood, Faron Young, and Barbara Mandrell.

Wilburn operated his own record label, the Aaron Wilburn Music Group.


2021 - Southern Gospel Music Association Hall Of Fame
2001-2010 - Singing News Song Of The Decade for "Four Days Late"

Solo Discography

???? Aaron Wilburn Sings Joy In The Morning (Harbor Records/HAR-1017): Pickin'; Say I Do; Won't Somebody Tell The Children; I Don't Regret A Mile; His Eye Is On The Sparrow; Joy In The Morning; I Love To Tell The Story; The Greatest Love Story Of All; Time Has Made A Change In Me; A Beautiful Life.

???? Warn Your Children (Harbor Records/HLPS-123): A Good Year For Jesus; When The Morning Comes; Won't You Let Me Ride Jesus; I Learned A Lot From Papa; I Laid My Head In The Sunshine; Warn Your Children; Modern Age Of Progress; I Ain't A Quittin' Now; Prince Of Peace; I Wanta Be In The Middle Of It All.

1972 Has Arrived (Harbor Records) Ole Swimmin Hole; Show me The Way To Calvary; Jesus Knows All About It; Modern Age Of Progress; The Happy Kind; Leave A Little Love; So Small Am I; I Want To Meet You There; So Much More; It's All Over Now.

1980 The Aaron Wilburn Project (Canaanland Music Records): The Rest Of The Family Of God; Go Ye; No Publicity; He's Gonna Like You (Jimmy's Song); A Song Was Born; Direct Flight; Satan You're a Liar; It's Beginning To Rain; Set Another Place At The Table; I Like Me; Jesus Is The Light; The Rest Of The Family Of God; It's Beginning To Rain.

1982 The Aaron Wilburn Project II: He Knows My Name; Miracle Man; Jesus Is The Anchor; He Cared Enough; Put Something Back; Prodigal; Mama Blues; We Shall Rise; Heartmender; Witness; Master Of All; Big Like A River; The Winner; Didn't We Papa.

1989 Fun In The Son: What If; Say What You Mean; Things Children Say; Don't Worry Be Happy; Hand Me Downs; Spoons; Say It Loud; People I don't Trust; Garfield; On Being A Parent; The Gospel According To Lettuce; Houston Texas; Sent To Love; Power Of A Second Language; Do Run Run.

1997 A Miracle In Every Pew (Big Time Records): He Said Peace; Four Days Late; Fly Away With You; One Day; I've Got You Covered; A Miracle In Every Pew; Only His Love Will Remain; It Took The Blood; I Know Where There's Water; His Mercy Runs Deep.

1999 Red-Neck Boy In The Hood (/AWMG9902): Introduction; Baptists; Where I used To Go To Church; He's Her Punishment; Swingin (Song); Rednecks Part 1; Rednecks Part 2; Bubba Opened A Sushi Bar (Song); Parenting; No Hell; Shopping For A Makeup Kit; No Devils; The Skymall Magazine Part 1; The Skymall Magazine Part 2; For Your Protection; The Cats In The Kettle.

1999 Bless Your Heart (Aaron Wilburn Music Group)

2003 Southern Culture (/AW2004): You're From The South; Krispy Kreme; Family Reunions; Southern Culture/A Man Named Odd; The Angry Wife; Pondering; 3 In 1 Oil; Talk To Me; 50th Anniversary; The Taxi Driver; Baptists; I've Got The Will; Nashville Songwriters; If My Nose Was Running Money (Song).

2009 Why (Right Minded Records): Bless Your Heart; Redneck GPS; He Thinks He Knows You; The Object Lesson; Morning People; Weight Watchers; Is That What You're Wearing; Why; Hiny The Mule; The Weight Watchers Meeting; The Dietin Song; The News In Here; Puttin On The Dog (Song)

2011 Is That What You're Wearing (Right Minded Records): Intro; It's Been Dry In Oklahoma; Somewhere Expensive; Bless Your Heart/Airplane Ride; Disney World/Is That What You're Wearing; Weightwatchers And Krispy Kreme; The Atkins Diet; The Food Network; Television And The News In Here: Extreme Makeover/The Obesity Virus/Mad Cow Disease/The 67-Year Old Mommy; Over 40; Rednecks; Marriage; He Thinks He Knows You; The Gold Telephone; Puttin' On The Dog; Parenthood; My Name Is Elizabeth; Nashville Songwriters; If My Nose Was Runnin' Money.

2017 Stories & Songs: No Fishin'; Momma's Rocking Chair; I Hear My Father Calling Me; Blind Man In The Bleachers; The Word Is Mercy; The People That God Gives You; The Masters Of Me; It's Beginning To Rain; No Charge; That Sounds Like Home To Me; She's Been Prayin' Again; One Thing God Cannot Do; When We Pray; It's Beginning To Rain (reprise).

2017 Songs In The Key Of Laughter If My Nose Was Runnin' Money; Side By Side; Oh Blessed Taillights; Mississippi Squirrel Revival; WalMart After 12; Puttin' On The Dog; One Less Armadillo; The Dietin' Song; Oh Blessed Taillights.

Songwriter's Résumé

(Partial List)

A Love Of My Own
A New Song
Daddy Come On In
Dying To Live
Everything He Forgot
Four Days Late
Go To The Son
God's Little People
He Knows What's Best
He Left It All
I Ain't A Quittin Now
I Know Where There's Water
I'm Gonna Go Higher
In Everything Give Thanks
It Won't Rain Always
It's Beginning To Rain
Joy In The Morning
Just Any Day Now
Just The Beginning For Me
Live It Up
Look's Like Everybody's Going Home
Mama Blues
Miracle Man
Modern Age Of Progress
No Fishin'
One More Time Around The Wall
Put Something Back
She's Loved Him For So Many Years
Show Me The Way To Calvary
So Close To Heaven
The Blood Says You Can
That Sounds Like Home To Me
The Dawn Of This New Morning
The Gift I Bring
The Night Heaven Kissed Earth
The Word Is Mercy
There's No One Lonely Here
Time To Be Leaving
Triumphantly He Shall Return
We've Got To Love Our Way Out
What A Beautiful Day
When I Grow Up

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