1940 Stamps-Baxter Male Quartet
Front Row L-R: Loy Hooker, Willis Gage, Jim Waits

Back Row L-R: Royce Rippetoe, Harley Lester

Stamp-Baxter Male Quartet Group Members

(Partial List)

1st Tenor
Loy Hooker (1940-1945)
Gene Moss (1946-1949,1950,1951,1953,1957)
Clyde Garner (1951)
Gene Warr (1953?)
Charles Collier (1957?-196?)

2nd Tenor (Lead)
Royce Rippetoe (1940-194?)
Glen Payne (1944-1945)
Glenn Sessions (1946-1949)
Wilford Roach (1951-196?)

Harley Lester (1940,1941-1943)(also sang bass)
Al Houpe (1941)
Roger Clark (1944)
Clarence Campbell (1946-1948)
Bert Carroll (1949,1951-1953?,196?)
Kenneth Brown (1953?)
Donald Stringfellow (1953)

Jim Waits (1940)
Haskell Mitchell (1941-1943)
Harley Lester(1944) (also sang baritone)
Arlie Brumley (1946)
Clyde Roach (1946-196?)

Willis Gage (1940)
Jack Hendrix (1941)
Doc Dooley (1941,1946-1947)
Curt Garner (1944)
Dale Dennis (1946)
Thomas Lee (1948)
Amos Mashburn (1949,1951,1953)
Jack Taylor (1953-196?) (also played organ)
Dwight Brock (196?-196?)

Jack Taylor (196?) (also played piano)

Stamp-Baxter Mixed Quartet Group Members

(Partial List)

Myrtle Combs (1941, 1946-1964, 1968-1970)

Jim Gaither (1941)
James Palmer (1949)
Henry Flood (1949-1951, 1957)
Arthur Watson (1953-1955)
Wilford Roach (1958-1968)

Lonnie B Combs (1941, 1946-1964, 1968-1970)

Shaw Eiland (1941, 1949)
Edwin Bruton (1951)
Haskell Mitchell (1953-1955)
Harold Davis (1955)
Neil Adams (1957)
Clyde Roach (1958-1968)

Myrtle Combs (1941, 1946-1964, 1968-1970)

1941 Stamps-Baxter Mixed Quartet
L-R: Mrs. Lonnie B. Combs, Lonnie B. Combs, J E Gaither, Shaw Eiland


Stamps-Baxter Male Quartet and Stamps-Baxter Mixed Quartet (also see Baxter Quartet)

The Stamps-Baxter Music and Printing Company allowed many singing groups that sold their songbooks to use "Stamps-Baxter" in their name. Some of these groups advertised themselves as the "Stamps-Baxter Quartet," and to the public in the particular localities where these groups were based, some might have been thought of as THE Stamps-Baxter Quartet. (For a list of these groups and links to their individual histories, see Groups_S.)

By the late 1930s, the main office of Stamps-Baxter was in Dallas, Texas, where it operated several singing groups. V O Stamps operated the Dallas office while his business partner J R Baxter headed up an office in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The Stamps-Baxter Quartet (sometimes called the Stamps-Baxter "Male" or "Men's" Quartet) was one of those groups. They had regular programs on Dallas radio stations WFFA and KRLD and performed in churches and other venues in the Dallas area. They also participated in the county and state singing conventions and company-sponsored singing schools. Most of the groupís members also worked in the company's printing plant.

At the same time, V O Stamps had a group called the Original Stamps Quartet also based in Dallas, while his partner J R Baxter in Chattanooga had a company group billed simply as the Baxter Quartet. A 1940 photo album shows eleven groups affiliated with Stamps-Baxter, and many of these used Stamps, Baxter, or Stamps-Baxter as part of their name.

In 1945, V O Stamp's brother, Frank Stamps left Stamps-Baxter to form his own competing Stamps Quartet Music Company, further adding to the confusion. The Stamps-Baxter company continued to operate the Stamps-Baxter Quartet and several other groups. Their overall presence and popularity was somewhat diminished, however, due to the loss of important company writers and performers to the new company.

Most of the newspaper advertisements for performances by this group were from 1940 through the early 1950s, but a Stamps-Baxter Quartet of Dallas continued to operate as late as 1975, though possibly with periods of inactivity.

A few 78 RPM records of the Stamps-Baxter Quartet were released during the 1940s and 1950s, and some SESAC transcription discs were released in 1949. The several LPs released by the Stamps-Baxter Quartet are thought to have been released in the late 1950s through the early 1960s.

Meanwhile, a mixed group was active in Dallas from the early 1940s into the 1960s. During 1954-1956, it is difficult to find advertisements for the Stamps-Baxter Male Quartet. Most advertisements from those years refer to the mixed version. It is possible the male quartet took a break from singing during those years. Consistent members of the Stamps-Baxter Mixed Quartet throughout the years Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Combs. Occasionally, a member of the male quartet would sing in the mixed group. For example, there were periods of time where Wilford Roach and Clyde Roach sang in the Mixed Quartet.

Stamps-Baxter Male and Mixed Quartet Discography

SESAC Transcription Discs
(Stamps-Baxter Men/TR-30024/1154, Series R: 561 and 562): I'm Glad; Bend Away Down Low; Have You Made Your Reservation; When I Feel The Savior's Hand; I'll Live In A Mansion; I Love My Lord; A Crown Of Glory Is Waiting Yonder; All The Time; Hallelujah I'm Heaven Bound; I'll Sail Away.

(Stamps-Baxter Men/TR-30024/1155, Series R: 563 and 564): Into My Heart A New Feeling Came (two versions); I've Got To Cross That Lonely River; I'm Gonna Move Away; When He Blest My Soul; I'm Gonna Shine; Down On My Knees; He Said If I Be Lifted Up; You've Got To Walk That Lonesome Road; Cryin Holy Unto The Lord.

(Stamps-Baxter Men/TR-30024/1156, Series R: 565 and 566): This World Is Not My Home; No Tears In Heaven; Gettin Ready To Leave This World; Give The World A Smile; After The Sunrise; A Happy Meeting; Do You Ever Think To Pray; Narrow Is The Way; Everything Will Be Just Right; When We Sing Around The Throne Eternal.

(Stamps-Baxter Men/TR-30024/1157, Series R: 567 and 568): The Golden Jubilee; Beyond The Clouds; Goodbye Sin; Wait Upon The Lord; You Won't Have To Look For Me; No Wonder We Fail; It Must Be A Beautiful City; I Have Jesus By My Side; A Wonderful Place; The Wonderful Day Will Dawn.

(Stamps-Baxter Quartet/TR-30024/1158, Series R: 751 and 752): Travel On; He Had To Go To Calvary; Let Me Travel; My God Is True; I'll Shout And Shine; I Love My Savior Too; He Keeps My Soul; Somebody Knows; He Took Away My Burden; A Beautiful Prayer; In The Shadow Of The Cross; Nothing But The Blood (J R "Pap" Baxter, Clarice "Ma" Baxter, Vernie/V O Fossett, Clyde Roach, and Katherine Fossett).

(Stamps-Baxter Quartet/TR-30024/1159, Series R: 753 and 754): Bring Your Troubles To Jesus; Mother's Song; Me And My Buddy; Hide Me Gentle Savior; Where You Gonna Hide; Smiling And Singing; Gladness Is Waiting; Gathering Flowers For The Master's Bouquet; I Love My Savior Don't You; The Circle Of God's Love; Better Times Are Coming; Trusting in Him?.

(Stamps-Baxter Quartet/TR-30024/1160, Series R: 755 and 756): On The Battle Field?; Where Could I Go; The Land Of Enchantment; Sitting At The Feet Of Jesus; Swing Wide Ye Golden Gate; I Love My Savior; I'm Living In Sunlight Now; Tomorrow May Mean Goodby; Lord Lead Me On; My Dreams Come True; Music In Heaven; When I Cross The River.

(Stamps-Baxter Quartet/TR-30024/1161, Series R: 757 and 758): Give Me Your Hand; Look For Me At The Gate; Since Jesus Spoke Peace To Me; Jesus Paid It All; He Bore It All; When The Saints Go Marching In; No Wonder I Sing; He's My Jesus; I'm Glad He Set Me Free; It's Only A Step To Go; Home Waits For Me; Heaven Is Worth It All.

(Stamps-Baxter Mixed Quartet/TR-30024/1162, Series R: 761 and 762): I've Got A Wonderful Feeling; Some Of These Days; Jesus Is My Happiness; There's A Rainbow Over My Head; Keep Holding On; He's Coming; Sometime We'll Understand; Waiting For His Return; Christ Is Leading The Way; I've Been Drinking At The Fountain.

(Stamps-Baxter Mixed Quartet/TR-30024/1163, Series R: 763 and 764): When I Hear The Welcome Bells Ring; Somebody Called My Name; Little David Will Play; Stormy Waters; I'm Shouting And Singing; My Happy Song; Tis The Grandest Thing; We're Often Disappointed; The Walls Came Tumbling Down; While Walking In The Light.

(Stamps-Baxter Mixed Quartet/TR-30024/1164, Series R: 765 and 766): We Shall Arise; To My Waiting Heart; I Found It In Mother's Bible; Some Of These Days; Press On Oh Pilgrim; Keep Moving Along; Go Bring Them In; Give Me The Old Time Religion; Crown Him King; We'll See The King Someday.

(Stamps-Baxter Mixed Quartet/TR-30024/1165, Series R: 767 and 768): I Love To Tell Of His Love; For Me; Old-Time Religion For Me; I'm Walking In The Light; Sunset Is Coming But The Sunrise We'll See; What A Reunion It Will Be; Heaven Now Is In View; I'll Keep Traveling Along; Just What He Promised; My Burdens Have Rolled Away.


hi-res back cover
hi-res back cover
1958 Gospel Songs (Roulette Records): Won't It Be Wonderful; God's Only Son; Sing Me A Song About Jesus; My Lord Is Leading Me Home; I Do Not Walk Alone; Thank You Jesus; Will It Do Precious Lord; I'll Shout And Shine; We Shall Arise; No Changes In Heaven; I'm Having A Good Time Here; After Awhile. (This is one of several albums titled Gospel Songs). (This album was re-issued as Sing The Gospel on Forum Circle Records/FCS 9084).

1958 The Master's Bouquet (RCA Victor/LPM 1893): Gathering Flowers For The Master's Bouquet; Angels Rock Me To Sleep; Better Times Are Coming; We'll Have A Lot Of Old Time Shouting; It's A Grand And A Glorious Feeling; A Happy Meeting; Fight Fight; Get A Touch Of Heaven In Your Soul; Cross The Border Line; There's A Rainbow Of Love In The Sky; Keep Your Eyes Upon The Cross; I'll Meet You By The River; I Hold His Hand; I'm Walking In The Light.

1959 Beloved Gospel Songs (Dot Records/DLP 3258): I'll Travel On; When My Savior Comes; Just For You And Me; Try Jesus; Remember Me; When We Sing Around The Throne Eternal; I'm Gonna Move Away; I've Got A Wonderful Feeling; He Will Lead His Children Home; When This Journey Is Over; I'm A Child Of The King; When We Walk On The Heavenly Streets.

hi-res back cover
1960 Over Yonder (Word Records/W-3090-LP): Everything Will Be Just Right; I've Never Been Sorry; Jordan Is Calling; I've Been A Waitin; Down Old Log Cabin Lane; Headin For Gloryland; I Know His Blood Has Signed My Name; I Feel Like Shouting; Golden Jubilee; I'm Winging My Way Back Home; He Had To Go To Calvary; Sunset; Travel On; Everything Has Been Made Right. (Charles Collier, Bert Carroll, Wilford Roach, Clyde Roach, Jack Taylor).

1961 (possibly 1963) Gospel Songs (Summit Records/1501/Stereo 2501): Ere The Sun Goes Down; There's A Happy Feeling In My Soul; He Knows The Way; I Have A Contented Heart; The Lord Is Never Too Busy; What A Beautiful Day; I'm Happy Now; My Mansion Over Yonder; Jesus Taught Me How To Smile; I Have A Saviour; I Have Heard About Heaven; Happy Every Day. (Wilford Roach; Charles Collier; Bert Carroll; Clyde Roach; Jack Taylor) (This is one of several albums titled Gospel Songs).

2007 Travel On (And More Bears Records/AMB 90004): Travel On; He Had To Go To Calvary; Let Me Travel; My God Is True; I'll Shout And Shine; I Love My Savior Too; He Keeps My Soul; Somebody Knows; He Took Away My Burden; A Beautiful Prayer; In The Shadow Of The Cross; Nothing But The Blood (This CD is a re-issue of SESAC Transcription discs R751 and R752.) (J R "Pap" Baxter, Clarice "Ma" Baxter, Vernie/V O Fossett, Clyde Roach, and Katherine Fossett).

hi-res back cover
???? He Is Wonderful (Kapp Records/KS3408): Better Hurry Up; Ev'ry Where I Go And Ev'ry Thing I Do; Donít Trifle With Your Soul; Iím Glad My Savior Was Willing; Too Sacred For Mortal Eyes To See; Waiting For His Return; I Heard The Savior Calling; Surely I Will, Lord; God Shall Wipe Away All Tears; Hallelujah, What A Promise; Those Nail Scarred Hands; My Burdens Have Rolled Away.

hi-res back cover
???? Gospel Songs (Epic Records/LN 3476): Heavenís Really Gonna Shine; He Said If I Be Lifted Up; No Tears In Heaven; Wonderful; Moving Up To Heaven Some Day; I Want To Be Thankful; Tis Stamped Upon My Soul; Lord, I Cannot Walk Alone; Let Me Travel; Practice What You Preach; I Love My Lord; Heaven Must Be A Wonderful Place (This album features the all-male Stamps-Baxter Quartet on side A singing songs 1-6, and the Stamps-Baxter Mixed Quartet on side B singing songs 7-12.).

???? The Stamps-Baxter Quartet Sings Your Favorite Gospel Songs (Bibletone Records/Bl-3504): Let The Sun Go Down; There's A Happy Feeling In My Soul; He Knows The Way; I Have A Contented Heart; The Lord Is Never Too Busy; What A Beautiful Day; I'm Happy Now; My Mansion Over Yonder; Jesus Taught Me How To Smile; I Have A Saviour; I Have Heard About Heaven; Happy Ev'ry Day (Charles Collier, Bert Carroll, Wilford Roach, Clyde Roach, Jack Taylor).
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