Group Members

(Partial List)

Dale Buckner (late 1990s)

Ron Porter (late 1990s)

Richard Shumate (late 1990s)
Mike Loprinzi (late 1990s)

Harold Gilley (late 1990s)

Brian Underwood (late 1990s)

Bass Guitar
Keith Whitley (late 1990s)

Southern Gold (late 1990s) (AKA Harold Gilley & Southern Gold)


Southern Gold was a quartet founded by bass singer Harold Gilley in the late 1990s some time after his departure from the Palmetto State Quartet in 1997. Other group members included Dale Buckner (tenor), Ron Porter (lead), Richard Shumate (baritone), Brian Underwood (piano) and Keith Whitley (bass guitar). (Whitley's famous Country music star cousin shared the same name.) Mike Loprinzi replaced Shumate at the baritone position on the heels of a five-year tenure singing baritone for the Statesmen.

The group had one major album release (Somebody's Knocking) that included a mix of old and new songs, plus a recitation by Gilley in memory of his bass singing hero, J D Sumner.

Southern Gold disbanded after traveling for a year or so.


1999 Somebodyís Knocking (NuSong Records/105): Somebodyís Knocking; Jesus Is His Name; How About Your Heart; Something About That Name; I Will Serve Thee; This Ship Will Sail; Moviní Up To Heaven; Home; Iím Going Over; Good Old Gospel Song; J.D. Has Left The Building (Dale Buckner, Ron Porter, Mike Loprinzi, Harold Gilley, Brian Underwood, Keith Whitley).
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