Group Members

(Partial List begins with the 1954 line-up)

Earl Terry (1954-1955)
Jack Bryson (1956)
Dwight Hicks (1956-1957)
Lavern Ahl (1957)
Ray Cooper (1957-1959)
Roger Bankson (1959-1961)
Jay Jackson (1961)
Sherrill Nielsen (1962-1963, 1965-1966)
Al Harkins (1963-1965, 1988-1990)
Don Nixon (1990-1995)
Randy Price (1995-2003)
Tim Williams (2003-2006)
Garry Sheppard (2006-2009)
Rick Strickland (2011-2023)

Bob Jones Sr (1952-1964)
Bob Jones Jr (1964-1966, 1988-2023)

Jack Bryson (1954-1955)
L D Mullins (1956)
Raymond Weston (1957)
Bob Jones Jr (1959-1964)
Bob Jones Sr (1964-2006)
Norm Taylor (2007)
Nick Bruno (2008)
Tony Peace (2009)
Ed Hill (2010-2018)
Tank Tackett (2018-2023)

Scranton Hall (1954)
Kenna Martin (1955-1957, 1959-1961)
Paul Cagle (1958-1959)
Doug Jones (1962-1963)
L D Mullins (1964-1966, 1988-1991)
Jerry Pearson (1992-1998, 2003)
Mike Schlee (1999-2002, 2012-2013)
Harold Gilley (2008)
Butch Owens (2008, 2010)
Brad Smith (2009-2012)
Randy Byrd (2013-2014)
Mike Allen (2014-2018)

Lois Ann Bryson (1954-1955)
Jack Clark (1955-1956)
George Richie (1956)
Don Hall (1957-1958)
Carlene Tomlinson (1958)
Livy Freeman (1959-1960)
Jerry Evans (1960-1962)
John Linebarger (1962-1964)
Dwight Herron (1965-1966)
Everett Evans (1988-1998)
C J Almgren (2000)
Nick Bruno (2006-????)

Unknown Years

Glen Lee (????-????)

Frank Hartog (????-????)

The Songfellows Quartet (1943-2023) (AKA Stamps Harmony Boys and Songmasters Quartet)


Bob Jones Sr formed a quartet in San Diego in 1943 that was initially billed as Bob Jones and the Stamps Harmony Boys. The group featured tenor singer Earl Weatherford along with Clyde Burleson, Raddy Weston, Raymond Weston and Lee Jones. In 1945 the quartet moved to Fresno, California.

During 1951 and 1952, the quartet was based in Atlanta where they were billed as the Songmasters Quartet. Group members during those years included Warren Holmes, Ralph Daily, Vernon Bright and Bob Jones Senior. Jim Waits was also part of that group for a few months.

In 1954, the Songfellows Quartet was launched on the Mutual Radio Network. They primarily worked in the western United States.

The Songfellows cut their first LP album in 1958 for Dial Records in Hollywood, titled Sunday Jubilee. Recordings followed on the Corner Stone Records label and the group's in-house Gospel Singtime label. In 1965, they signed with HeartWarming Records in Nashville. Their first recording for HeartWarming contained the popular song "Forty Days and Forty Nights".

In 1989 the group signed with Homeland Records. Eventually, Bob Jones, Senior retired from traveling and transferred control to his son, Bob Jones, Jr. In 2006 the quartet relocated their headquarters from Los Angeles, California to Nashville, Tennessee. Popular baritone Ed Hill sang with the Songfellows from 2010 to 2018.

The group was retired upon the death of Bob Jones, Jr., on August 7, 2023.


1958 Sunday Jubilee (Dial Records/LP 5159): Something Within Me; Keep Walking; When We All Get Together; Riding The Range For Jesus; Troubled River; He's Got The Whole World In His Hands; Hide Me, Rock Of Ages; Every Hour And Every Day; Softly And Tenderly; He Knows Just How Much We Can Bear; Showers Of Blessing (Dwight Hicks, Bobby Jones, Bob Jones, Paul Cagle).

1959 The Bob Jones' Songfellows (Corner Stone Records/BJ-741): Medley: O How I Love Jesus/To Me He Is So Wonderful; His Love; Wonderful Saviour; Sho' Do Need Him Now; Up Above My Head; Not My Will; Known Only To Him; Tell My Friends; I Found The Answer; Listen; Look Up; Someone To Care (Roger Bankson, Bob Jones Sr, Bob Jones Jr, Kenny Martin, Jerry Evans).

1960 The Full Sound (Corner Stone Records/BJ-742): More About Jesus; Lord, Carry Me Home; Great Gettin' Up Morning (Medley); What A Day That Will Be; There Is No One For Me But Jesus; Only Believe; Amazing Grace; My Lord's Gonna Lead Me Out; When They Call My Name; I Am The Man; When I'm Alone; Nothing At All; (Roger Bankson, Bob Jones Sr, Bob Jones Jr, Kenny Martin, Jerry Evans).

1961 Get Happy (Corner Stone Records/BJ-743): Get Happy; His Name Is Wonderful (Medley); Heaven Is Forever; I Love To Be Alone With Jesus; We're Crossin' Over; Peace, Peace, Wonderful Peace; Just For Today; Glad Reunion Day; Hide Thou Me; Lord I Want To Go To Heaven (Roger Bankson, Bob Jones Sr, Bob Jones Jr, Kenny Martin, Jerry Evans).

1962 Something Within Me (Gospel Singtime Records/BJ-744): Something Within; He's Everything To Me; Devil And His Old Suitcase; I Saw A Man; I'm Free Again; Farther Along; Dear Jesus Abide With Me; How Great Thou Art; Teach Me Lord To Wait; At Calvary; Saved By Grace; Hide Me Rock Of Ages (Roger Bankson, Bob Jones Sr, Bob Jones Jr, Kenny Martin, Jerry Evans).

19?? Souvenir Album (Gospel Singtime Records/BJ 743-4): Get Happy and Something Within Me packaged together in a 2-disc set.

1963 Coming Your Way (Gospel Singtime Records/BJ-745): Wonderful Love; Hes A Personal Savior; Ill Be There; My God Is Real; Keep Me; Way Down Deep In My Soul; Hes Already Done; Oh What A Savior; When I Stand With God; Every Hour, Every Day; I Wont Have To Cross Jordan Alone; God Made A Way (Sherrill Nielsen, Bobby Jones, Bob Jones, Doug Jones, Livy Freeman).

1964 Merry Christmas (Gospel Singtime Records/BJ-748): Hark The Herald Angels Sing; O Holy Night; O Come All Ye Faithful; The First Noel; Go Tell It On The Mountain; Silent Night; Silver Bells; I'll Be Home For Christmas; C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S; White Christmas; Christmas Song; Winter Wonderland (Glen Lee, Bob Jones Sr, Bob Jones Jr, Frank Hartog, John Linebarger).

1965 A Gospel Concert By The Songfellows Quartet California's Favorites (Heartwarming Records/Benson Records/Stereo Version LPS-1850/High Fidelity Version LPHF-1851): Wasted Years; Forty Days And Forty Nights; Love Is The Key; I've Been To Calvary; You Just Don't Know What Lonesome Is; The Touch Of The Master's Hand; It's In Your Hands; Lord I'm Thankful; I Get A Little Closer (Al Harkins, Bob Jones Jr, Bob Jones Sr, L D Mullins, John Linebarger).

1966 Meeting Tonight (Heartwarming Records/Benson Records/Stereo Version LPS-1892/High Fidelity Version LPHF-1893): I Keep My Mind On Heaven; He Touched Me; Walk With Me; We Don't Have As Far To Go; Love Is The Reason; He's Done So Much For Me; Lord, I Need You; Close To The Master; Meeting Tonight; Prayer Is The Answer; Don't Grieve When I Leave; Peace In The Valley (Al Harkins, Bob Jones Jr, Bob Jones Sr, L D Mullins, John Linebarger).

1966 Like Father Like Son (Heartwarming Records/Benson Records/Stereo Version LPS-1898/High Fidelity Version LPHF-1899): There's A Light Guiding Me; Cleanse Me; Hold To God's Unchanging Hand; Why Should He Love Me So; Beyond The Sunset; Precious Memories; Just A Closer Walk With Thee; In The Garden; A Rich Man Am I; I'm Surrounded By His Love; Till There Was Jesus; He Cared That Much For Me (Al Harkins, Bob Jones Jr, Bob Jones Sr, L D Mullins, John Linebarger).

1989 The Light Of His Love (Homeland Records/HD8910): The Light Of His Love; Close To The Master; I Get A Little Closer; I've Been To Calvary; Forty Days And Forty Nights; Glory, Glory, Clear The Road; Lord I Need You Again; Peace In The Valley; Since He Lifted Me; Walk With Me.

1992 On Stage - Through The Years (Homeland Records/HC001): Calvary; Gloryland; Everybody Will Be Happy Over There; Daystar; Holy Anointing; Redemption Draweth Nigh; Something Beautiful; Prayer Is The Key To Heaven; Oh What A Day; Just A Little Talk With Jesus (Don Nixon, Bob Jones Jr, Bob Jones Sr, Jerry Pearson, Everett Evans).

1993 First Came Gethsemane (Homeland Records/HD9312): Departing Flight; The Next Face I See; We're All Going Home (In The Morning); No Less Than Me; Love Lifted Me; Sustaining Grace; It's Not Over Till It's Over; A Secret Place; One Year Closer To The Master; First Came Gethsemane (Bob Jones Sr, Bob Jones Jr, Don Nixon, Jerry Pearson, Everett Evans).

1995 Legends In Song (Homeland Records/HD9528): I'll Fly Away; Without Him; Unclouded Day; Sailing Away; When He Reached Down His Hand; Heaven's Jubilee; It Is No Secret; Built On Amazing Grace; How Long Has It Been; Where No One Stands Alone.

1996 Love That Gospel Music (Homeland Records/HD9633): Don't You Just Love That Gospel Music; Faith Unlocks The Door; Just A Little Talk With Jesus; Sheltered In The Arms Of God; Oh What A Savior; God Takes Good Care Of Me; Just A Closer Walk With Thee; Something Within Me; Something Beautiful; You'll Never Walk Alone; I'll Fly Away.

1997 I Am The Man (Homeland Records/HD9739): Mercy River; I Am The Man; Somebody Touched The Lord; Gloryland; Look For Me; Come Morning; I Go To The Rock Of Ages; He's Not Disappointed In Me; What Kind Of Christian Are You; Mansion Over The Hilltop; Wedding Music (Randy Price, Bob Jones Jr, Bob Jones Sr, Jerry Pearson).

1999 Just A Closer Walk With Thee (Homeland Records): God Takes Good Care Of Me; Without Him; I'm Not Giving Up; First Came Gethsemane; Sustaining Grace; It Is No Secret; Just A Closer Walk With Thee; Compared To Calvary; Love Lifted Me; Look For Me; I Prayed Through Today; The Old Rugged Cross Made The Difference.

2000 Shout All The Way (Landmark Group/HD0094): Shout All The Way; I've Been Washed In The Blood; I'm Not Giving Up; Daystar; The Old Rugged Cross Made The Difference; God Made A Way; I'll Pray For You; He'll Pilot Me; Whisper Mine; I Find No Fault In Him (Randy Price, Bob Jones Jr, Bob Jones Sr, Jerry Pearson).

2001 20 Southern Gospel Classics (Landmark Group/HD0169): How Great Thou Art; Since He LIfted Me; Who Am I; His Name Is Wonderful; Until Then; Least In The Kingdom; The Light Of His Love; I'm Free Again; Only Believe; Glory, Glory Clear The Road; Love Is The Key; Just A Closer Walk With Thee; It's In Your Hands; Close To The Master; Peace In The Valley; Walk With Me; I Get A Little Closer; Lord, I Need You Again Today; I've Been To Calvary; Forty Days And Forty Nights.

2008 Hymns Of The Homeland (Homeland Records/HSF1208): I Love To Tell The Story; Room At The Cross; Palms Of Victory; Precious Memories; Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus; In The Garden; Wonderful Peace; Just Over In The Gloryland; The Old Rugged Cross; Peace In The Valley; Amazing Grace; Just As I Am; Standing On The Promises.

2011 Mercy River (Homeland Records/HD0510): Getting Ready Today; Mercy River; Old Time Religion; Love Will Roll The Clouds Away; Look For Me At Jesus Feet; Tell Me The Story Again; The Lighthouse; When I Stand With God; What A Day That Will Be; Where The Soul Never Dies (Rick Strickland, Bob Jones Jr, Ed Hill, Brad Smith).

2011 The Bible Told Me So (Homeland Records/HD09201101): The Bible Told Me So; Till The Storm Passes By; Black And White; Sailing Away; That's Enough; Oh What A Savior; Your First Day In Heaven; Medley: No One Ever Cared For Me Like Jesus/Jesus Is All The World To Me/Jesus Is The Sweetest Name I Know/Standing Somewhere In The Shadows/Jesus Is The One; He Touched Me; Grand Ole Highway (Rick Strickland, Bob Jones Jr, Ed Hill, Brad Smith).

2013 Feelin' Fine (Homeland Records/HLCD131201): Happy Rhythm; I'm Feeling Mighty Fine; Nobody Like My Lord; He's All I Need; A Wonderful Time Up There; Somebody Prayed; Who Am I; Somebody; Lord I'm Ready Now To Go; What A Homecoming Day (Rick Strickland, Bob Jones Jr, Ed Hill, Randy Byrd, Nick Bruno).

2013 The Way It Was - 30 Songs From The Original LPs Combined Into 8 Medleys (Homeland Records/HLCD131202): Bob Jones, Sr. Medley: Face To Face/Glad Reunion Day/I Love To Be Alone/Until Then; Bob Jones Jr. Medley: A Rich Man Am I/He Cared That Much For Me/In The Garden/'Til There Was Jesus; Bass Medley: I'm Free Again/Farther Along/How Great Thou Art; Worship Medley: His Name Is Wonderful/Have Faith In God/There's Room At The Cross For You; Classic Hymn Medley: Amazing Grace/Cleanse Me/More About Jesus/Only Believe; Jubilee Spiritual Medley: Something Within Me/The Devil And His Old Suitcase; Heaven Medley: Don't Grieve When I Leave/Keep My Mind On Heaven/Lord I Want To Go To Heaven/Peace In The Valley/We Don't Have Far To Go; Fellowship With Christ Medley: Close To The Master/Hide Thou Me/Lord I Need You/Walk With Me.

2015 Treasured Moments (Heartwarming Records): This World Is Not My Home; Without Him; His Hand In Mine; Way Down Deep; Sing Sing Sing; I Prayed Through Today; Soul Such As I; So I Love Him Dearly; Stroll Over Heaven; Look For Me; This Time; The Love Of God (Rick Strickland, Bob Jones Jr, Ed Hill, Mike Allen).
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