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1967 Singing For The Lord (Tri-State Recording Company): I'm Longing For Home; I Shall Be At Home With Jesus; The Lights Of Home; The Beautiful Highway; New Jerusalem; The Hem Of His Garment; Reunion In Heaven; From Heaven To A Lonely Hill; Building On Sand; On Life's Ocean; Many Miles Behind Me; Darkness Comes Before The Dawn.

1968 Reach Out And Touch The Saviour (Trail Records/68304): Reach Out And Touch The Saviour; Is That The Lights Of Home; It Will Make You Humble Down; His Arms Around Me; I Want To Be Robed And Ready; I Made a Vow To The Lord; Pity The Man; Stroll Over Heaven; Prisoner Of Love; Oh Come, Angel Band; Iíve Got A Longing; He Saved My Soul.

1969 Sometimes A Mountain (Trail Records/69128): Sometimes A Mountain; Had It Not Been; That Will Be A Great Day; Come Spring; Reach Down Oh Lord And Lead Me On; Where The Shades Of Love Lie Deep; Holy Hills of Heaven; On The Sunny Banks; The Next Step You Take; I Saw The Face Of Jesus; Visions Of Calvary; When I Get Home.

1969 King Of The Jews (Nashville Recording Service/NRS 518): King Of The Jews; It Wonít Be Long Now; Thatís What Heaven Means To Me; Crossing O'er Jordan; Sinner Man; That Same Road; Guilty Of Love; Jesus Walked Upon The Water; Hallelujah; Thank God Iím Free; No One Cares For Me Like Jesus; Jesus is Coming Soon (Re-issued in 1975 on McG Records 751409).

1971 Saved And Happy (Proclaim Records/NRS-2595 SLP): Singing A Happy Song; Living In Canaan; Oh Happy Day; City Of Gold; Build My Mansion; Just As Long As Eternity Rolls; Keep Your Eyes On Jesus; The Sweetest Song I Know; Iíve Prayed My Way Out; He Is Mine And I Am His; Take Me In The Lifeboat; Heaven (Re-issued in 1975 on McG Records 751408).

1972 Shoutiní Sounds (Tri-State Recording Company/725176): The Unseen Hand; Wake Up In Glory; Clinging To A Saving Hand; Iíll Have a New Life; Someday; The Lighthouse; When God Passes Judgement; Shoutiní Sounds; God Walks The Dark Hills; Oh What Love.

1973 Someone To Care (McG Records/733236): The Old Time Religion; When Iíve Traveled My Last Mile; Swing Wide The Gates; Someone To Care; I Donít Regret A Mile; Jesus Will Outshine Them All; The Best Is Yet To Come; Oh What A Day; He Did It All For Me; He Pilots My Ship.

1973 All Day Singing...And Dinner On The Ground (McG Records/737268): We Shall Rise; What A Morning; Iíll Soon Be Gone; Far Above The Starry Sky; Iíll Be In The Rapture; I Never Shall Forget The Day; Bring Your Burdens; Beyond The Grave; Iím Traveling On; I Need The Prayers.

1974 He's Coming! (McG Records/741313): He's Coming Again; I Saw The Man; One Day I Will; Touring That City; When I Wake Up To Sleep No More; Heaven; Won't It Be Wonderful There; I've Come Too Far; Ready To Leave; The First Look.

1975 On The Way Home! (McG Records/751412): When Jesus Comes In The Clouds; The Glory Road; Stepping On The Clouds; Sweet Hour Of Prayer; Victory In Jesus; Christ Is Coming; When Crossing Time Shall Come; On The Way Home; More To Go To Heaven For; What A Beautiful Day.

1976 Traveling The Gospel Road (Pyramid Records/PLP-1814): That Sounds Like Home To Me; At The Cross; The Next Time You See Me; Iím Going Up; Scars In The Hands Of Jesus; I Would Not Be Denied; Just Any Day Now; Master Of The Sea; Iím So Glad He Found Me; Hand In Hand With Jesus.

1976 Someday Soon (Pyramid Records/PLP-1826): Sea Of Life; Heaven Will Be Such A Beautiful Place; Lead Me To The Jordan; Look For Me At Jesusí Feet; What A Friend; Just A Little While; Look For Me In Glory; Someday Soon; Learning To Lean; It Wonít Be Very Long.

1977 Thinkin' Of Home (Harvest Records/ECPH-1875): This Could Be The Day; Been Doin' Alright; Thank You Lord; Get On Board; Farther Along; Beyond The Sunset For Me; Sail Away Home; Wait'll You See My New Home; My New Address; Model Church.

1979 Treasures Unseen (Harvest Records/ECPH-1918): Until Then; Consider The Lilies; That Is Where I Want To Go; Treasures Unseen; Homesick For Heaven; Come To The Water; Where Iím Going; He Wrote My Name; The Sunís Coming Up; His Amazing Grace.

1979 Yesteryears (Lasting Sound Studio/LSS-798173): The Model Church; Jesus Is The Only One; What A Time In Heaven; Over The Tide; Precious Memories; I Love To Sing And Tell Of Jesus; When I Shall Ride The Clouds; Till I Reach Home; A Grand Reunion On The Other Side; What Will I Leave Behind.

1981 Canaanland (Harvest Records/ECPH-1990): Canaanland Is Just In Sight; Sounds Of That City; The Anchor; Joy In The Morning; Hallelujah; Put On A Robe And Crown; No Tears In The Morning; I Want To See Jesus; I Love Him More; Living In Canaan.

1982 Family Tradition (Morningstar Records/MST4017): Lay Your Burdens At The Feet Of Jesus; One Simple Prayer; Fair Weather Friends; Who Do You Think; His Tomb Is Empty Now; I'll Be Ready; Heaven On The Horizon; I'm Not Ashamed; When I Step Beyond The Clouds; When The Clouds Roll Back.

1983 Memories (Lasting Sound Studio/LSS-831266): Where The Roses Never Fade; Iíll Fly Away; Where Could I Go?; When Iíve Gone Home; Stroll Over Heaven; Where The Flowers Will Bloom Forever; Who Will Sing For Me?; Glory Land; Come On Reapers; Saved Through Jesus' Blood.

1984 Heart Touching (Morningstar Records/MST4038): Rise; Iíll Go, Iíll Do, Iíll Be; Iím Gonna Sing Till I Die; What A Meeting; God Sent An Angel; Leaning On A Mighty Strong Arm; Bring Your Children Home; Wings Of Love; Millions On Millions; When The Redeemed Are Gathering.

1985 Claim The Blood (Morningstar Records/MST4054): I Claim The Blood; Well Of Mercy; When We Look; If You Fail To Reach Heaven; Thank God For The Lilies; Oh What A Savior Is Mine; I Welcome You Now; Look For Me; Robe Of White; I Will Never Turn Back.

1987 Never Cry Again (Morningstar Records/MST4085): We'll Never Cry Again; Thank You Lord For Holding Me; When He Calls Me; The Proof Is In His Feet And Hands; How About You; It's All Over; I Hear Them Singing; Homecoming; Love Paid A Sin Debt For Me; Just One More Time.

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