Kyla Faye Rowland Mullins (August 11, 1945 - January 12, 2022)


Kyla Rowland was a Southern Gospel songwriter, singer, author, and speaker. She was the mother of singer Barry Rowland. She sang with the Rowlands, later known as Kyla Rowland & Deliverance. She headed up the ministry Pray A Day and coordinated the Pigeon River Revival.


SGMA Hall Of Fame (2022)

Solo Discography

???? Songs From The Long Journey: Heaven Will Fix It All; Royal Descendant; Loving The Lamb; One Scarred Hand; Rejoice My Children Rejoice; He Will Roll You Over The Tide; Safe Thus Far; Still Blessed; Wall Of Prayer; When Daddy Preached And Momma Prayed.


???? Between Me & The Storm

???? Girl Talk

???? Everyday Life

???? Long Journey

2012 Something’s Happening

???? Divide and Conquer

Songwriter's Résumé

(Partial List)

A Few Steps From Home
A Wedding Invitation
A Willing Heart
All Our Hope
As Home Time Draws Near
Behind The Line Of Grace
Between Me And The Storm
Born To Mourn
Both Sides Of The River
By The Word
Called In Called Up Called Out
Calvary Touched
Coming Out And Moving In
Damascus Road
Delivered Again
Did I Mention
Dreaming Of A Mansion
Echoes From The Other Side
Everlasting Yes
Every Time I Need Him
Everybody Needs Jesus
Fear For Faith
Field Of Grace
Fighting On
God Handled It All
God Has Provided Himself A Lamb
God Made A Provision
God Saves Old Sinners
God Will Take Care Of It All
Hallelujah I Got Saved
Hallelujah Jehovah Is Mine
Have You Visited Heaven Lately
He Can't Follow Me Home
He Looked Beyond The Cross
He Sees The Blood
He Will Hide Me
He Will Roll You Over The Tide
Hear Me When I Pray
Heavenly Honey
He's A Great And Mighty God
He's So Good To His Child
He's Still On The Throne
He's The Foundation
He's The God Of Second Chances
His Greatest Work In Me
His Name Was John
How Blessed
How Could I Know
I Am A Soldier
I Am The Sinner
I Can Still Pray Through
I Don't Want To Travel This Way Again
I Got A Hold Of God This Morning
I Have Nothing
I Know What I'm Singing About
I Needed To Hear That Today
I Want To Give It Up
I Want To See A Big Revival
I'll Drop My Anchor
I'll Take The Old Highway
I'm Going Home
I'm Thinking Of A Mansion
It's Good And It's God
I've Got It Made
Jesus Has My Soul
Jesus Is The Love God Gave To Man
John Do You Remember Me
Landing Light
Leave The Rest To Him
Let's Stop For A Moment
Look What I've Traded For A Mansion
Loving The Lamb
Marching In Victory
Middle Of A Miracle
Moving The Hand Of God
My God's Bigger Than That
My Heart Is Already Home
My Home Is Not For Sale
Nothing Was Burned
One Glorious Moment Of Faith
One Precious Moment
One Scarred Hand
Ordinary Hill
Prayer Will Take Heaven By Storm
Prior To A Prayer
Rejoice My Children Rejoice
Safe Thus Far
Somebody's Praying For Me
Something's Happening
Sounds Like The Truth To Me
Still Thrilled
Sweet Bethlehem
Telling The Story
That's All That Matters
The Anchor
The Blood And Its Power
The Landing Lights
The Light
The One In The Water
The Only Thing Broken
The Past Is A Promise
The Way In The Wilderness
There Rose A Lamb
They Sang A Hymn
Thinking Of A Mansion
This Old Sinner Testifies
This Ship Wasn't Made For The Harbor
This Side Of The Grave
Thy Perfect Will
To Look Upon The King
What A Blessing
Where Is God
Where Is The Fire
Windows Of Home
Within The Reach Of A Prayer
You Cannot Improve On The Truth
You See To Me

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