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Ruppes (1974 - 2006)


1975 The Way, The Truth, The Life (Sweet Spirit Records/1001): The Way, The Truth, The Life; The Blood Of The Son; Just For A Day; How Graciously Grace; King Of Kings; Jesus Thou Art Fairer To Me; If That Isn't Love; Until He Comes; Jesus; I Call Him Lord. (Heather, Brenda, Kim).

1978 Jesus For Me
1984 Just Praising Your Name

1985 Put That On My Account (Benson Music Group): Put That On My Account; This One Thing I Know; Just For Me; Overcomer; He Rescued Me; He's On The Throne; Welcome To Heaven; The Truth Remains (He's Coming Again); Then I Met The Master; Hosanna.

1992 Until He Comes (Summit Records/SR00128): Thorns Crowned The Rose; Uprising; Jesus You Are Him; The Only One; The Sparrows And The Lilies; When Faith Turns Into Sight; Until He Comes; Heaven Is Gonna Be Better; The Answer; The Master's Mercy. (Brenda, Valerie, Kim).

1993 Up There Somewhere (Pinnacle Records/PR0124): All I've Given Him; Up There Somewhere; In The Name Of Jesus; He Will; My Shepherd's Hand; Home; Come In My Child; No Condemnation; They Can't Take That Away From Me; God's Sacrifice. (Brenda, Kim, Valerie).

1995 Through The Fire (Makkedah Music/MM0134): Holy Is Thy Name; We're Gonna Rise; Through The Fire; He's Not Here; Jesus Is Faithful; The Father's Compassion; Grin And Give It To God; Cross By The Cross; Follow The Leader; Under His Wings. (Valerie, Brenda, Kim).

1997 Seasons (Springhill Records/724382544524): Endless Season; When Jesus Speaks Peace; Angels In The Room; Come Sweet Anointing; My Eyes Have Seen His Glory; Bless The Lord; Holy, Holy; Rest In Me; My Comfort; Redemption Complete; Light From Heaven; We Shall Behold Him. (Brenda, Valerie, Kim).

1998 Something Old, Something New

1999 Harbor Of Hope (Springhill Records/724382547921): The Shepherd's Voice; Harbor Of Hope; My Want's Been Changed; Every Time I Speak His Name; The Victory's In The Shout; Do You Love Me; Wounded Soldier; He Is; Mended Wings; Right Road; By The Way Of The Cross; Harbor Of Hope (Reprise). (Brenda, Valerie, Kim).

2000 Your Presence

2001 Born To Serve (Springhill Records/789042101523): There You Are; Singin' In The Rain; The Love Of God; Hold On To Hope; Ten Thousand Angels; Surely This Man; Taking A Turn For The Best; God Will Take Care Of You; Near The Cross; Name Medley; The Shepherd's Vow; My Jesus I Love Thee; Higher Ground Medley; Jesus You Are Him; Born To Serve The Lord. (Brenda, Valerie, Kim).

2002 Free (Springhill Records/789042103329): Faith Is The Only Proof; You Are Here; Tell The Story; You Thought Of Us; Free; Made By Mercy; This Day; She Touched His Heart; Serve The Lord; Jesus, Jesus; Mantle Of Faith. (Valerie, Brenda, Heather).

2004 Something In The Air (Springhill Records/789042106221): Great God; Hope Is Alive; Just Keep Your Eyes On Jesus; Something In The Air; Lord It Hurts (But You're Still God); Gonna Make It; Sing It Again; Fall To Fly; Make Me An Instrument; Isn't It Amazing; What If Later Never Comes; One Day; Like A Blanket. (Valerie, Heather, Brenda).

2005 Sweet Forever (Springhill Records/789042109628): Give Us This Day; I'll Praise You With My Heart; Take It From One Who Knows; God Did It; The Healer; Are You Ready To Fly; Amazing Grace A New Song; What A Beautiful Day; Standing In The Presence Of The King; Some Things Never Change; I Can't Live Without You (Simon's Song). (Brenda, Heather, Valerie).

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