Group Members

Kyla Rowland (????-????)
Ronald Martin (????-????)
Aquilla Dyke (????-????)
Barry Rowland (1983-????)
Bob Mullins (????-????)
Tammy Rowland (????-????)
Bill Martin? (????-????)

Rowlands/Kyla Rowland & Deliverance (????-????)

The Rowlands were a family group during the 1970s and 1980s which included singer/songwriter Kyla Rowland. Kyla later operated her own group billed as Kyla Rowland & Deliverance which included her husband Bob Mullins as well as her son Barry, daughter-in-law Tammy, and Tammy's brother Bill Martin.

In 2004, Barry and Tammy Rowland launched their own family group billed as Barry Rowland & Deliverance.


1986 The Best Loved Of Kyla Rowand (Custom Records): A Wedding Invitation; He Sees The Blood; He Will Row You Over The Tide; His Name Was John; Thinking Of A Mansion; Both Sides Of The River; I Want To See A Big Revival; The Landing Lights; Heavenly Honey; What A Blessing.

1988 I Got A Hold Of God This Morning (Custom Records).

1990 One Scarred Hand (Custom Records): One Scarred Hand; God Saves Old Sinners; Thy Perfect Will; A Willing Heart; The Savior's Voice; Windows Of Home; Hear Me When I Pray; I Have Nothing; I've Got It Made; Where Is The Fire. (Ronald Martin, Kyla Rowland, Aquilla Dyke).

1992 Where Is God (Pinnacle Records): Where Is God; There Rose A Lamb; He Can't Follow Me Home; Look What I've Traded For A Mansion; I Want To Give It Up; God Made A Provision; I'm Going Home; Sounds Like The Truth To Me; John Do You Remember Me; Both Sides Of The River. (Aquilla Dyke, Ronald Martin, Kyla Rowland).

???? Field Of Grace: It Is Time; I Got It All; He Rescues Me; Itís Too Late; I Am Your Brother; Field Of Grace; Hold On The Rope; The Angels Will Carry Me Home; Until Iíve Seen The Savior; One Scarred Hand.

\\ ???? Did I Mention: This Traveler Protected By Grace; I Know What I'm Singing About; Repair The Old Altar; Did I Mention; I Just Wanted You To Know; I Got A Hold Of God This Morning; I See Him; The Pathway; Trouble Can't Get Through A Prayer; All I Had To Do Was Bow.

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