Group Members


Barry Rowland (2004-Present)
Tammy Rowland (????-Present)
Shawn Rupert (????-20??)
Matthew Burgess (2017-Present)

Barry Rowland And Deliverance (2004-Present)

Barry Rowland began performing with his family group the Rowlands in 1983. They were later billed as Kyla Rowland & Deliverance.

In 2004, Barry and his wife Tammy formed their own group, Barry Rowland & Deliverance.


2011 Prior To A Prayer (Crossroads Music): It's No Wonder Why I Sing; I Was Worth Calvary; I've Heard Of A Land; I Am A Soldier; Prior To A Prayer; There Is No Other Savior; The First Step; A Place To Spend The Night; Did I Mention; The Rest Of The Story; Pray.

2012 Make Mine The Real Thing (Crossroads Music): He Took My Case; I Can Still Pray Through; All Our Hope; Make Mine The Real Thing; He Crossed Out My Sin And Shame; What's That For A Healer; The Blood And Its Power; My Prayers Are All Over You; God Handled It All; But He Did; One Prayer Away.

2013 He's Alive (Crossroads Music): He's Alive; Simply Because I Believe; Death Had To Let Him Go; Fear For Faith; No Place That Far; We'll Go Down Standing Up; God Has Been Good To Me; He's Still God; Sweet Things Out Of Dark Places; What A Wonderful Time (To Be A Christian).

2014 A Family Affair (Crossroads Music): Our Third Day; How Blessed; I Think I'll Just Go With God; A Family Affair; Somebody Go Get God; Tell Me The Story Of Jesus; Glorious Night; Purpose; Telling The Story; Because; Heaven Is Waiting; This Jordan.

2016 The Light (Horizon Records): God Delivered Me; Looking At A Risen Lamb; The Light; That Tomb Is Still Empty; God's Word Will Stand; So, I'll Tell Jesus; He's Still On The Throne; God Understands; Holy, Glory To The Lamb; Marching In Victory.

2017 It Is Time (Horizon Records): Delivered Again; He Can't Follow Me Home; Hold Your Ground; The Ark; God Will Take Care Of It All; It Is Time; Redemption Draweth Nigh; How Long; Help Me Make It; There Rose A Lamb.

???? Glory Burst Through The Darkness: Insured Beyond The Grave; Every Need Supplied; Heíll Do It Again; One Prayer At A Time; Out Of Harmís Way; You See To Me; Glory Burst Through The Darkness; I Know Something About Godís Grace; Somewhere A Warrior; My Home Is Not For Sale; Itís My Desire.

???? Songs We Remember: I Made It By Grace; This Old Sinner Testifies; More Than Just A Hill; Forever Changed; Stand Still; I Rest My Case At The Cross; Miracle In Me; Through The Fire; I Can, I Have, I Will; Safe Thus Far.

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