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Group Members

Debra Perry Reed (1970-1988)
Denise Helton (1988-1993)
Nicole Watts Jenkins (1994-2000)

Libbi Perry Stuffle (1970-Present)
Leah Page (2013) (filled in for Libbi)

Randy Perry (1970-1994)
Barry Scott (1994-1995)
Mike Bowling (1995-1998)
David Hill (1998)
Loren Harris (1999-2006)
Joseph Habedank (2006-2013 switched from baritone)
David Ragan (2013-present)

Curt Davis (2001-2003)
Joseph Habedank (2003-2006 switched to lead)
Nick Trammell (2006-2009)
Troy Peach (2009-2010)
Bryan Walker (2010-Present)

Mitch Sims (1984-1985)
Tracy Stuffle (1985-Present)

Debra Perry Reed (1970-1984) (then switched to just singing soprano)
Tom Pike (1984-1986)
Darrell Price (1986-1987)
Mark Willett (1987-1990)
Tab Beechler (1990-????)
Rodney Lashum (1993)
Chuck Trivette (1994-1997)
Justin Ellis (2002-2004)
Matthew Holt (2004-2008)
Bryan Elliott (2008-2010)

Kevin Grant (1984-1986)
Mike Eason (1986)
Jason Jenkins (1986)
Jerry Wells (1986-1989)
Randy Kilgore (1988-1989)
Rodney Underwood (1990-1991)

Bass Guitar
Greg Johnson (1984-1985)
Kenny Ambrose (1986)
Reggie Grimmett (1986-1989)
Jerry Jennings (1989-1990)
Calvin Cox (1990-1992)

Lead Guitar
Jimmy Loudermilk (1984-1986)
Kelly Back (1992)

Steel Guitar
Jeff Cox (1990-1992)

The Perrys (1970-Present)


Singing News Fan Awards
Favorite Mixed Quartet (2004, 2005, 2006)
Album of the Year (2006 - Remembering The Happy Goodmans)
Song of the Year (2010 - If You Knew Him)

NQC Music Awards:
Album of the Year (2012 - Celebrate Me Home - Oak Tree)


1973 Lord Itís Just Another Hill (Majestic Records)

1976 I Wonít Walk Without Jesus (Majestic Records): I Won't Walk Without Jesus; Someday Soon; I Came On Business For The King; Greater Is He That Is In Me; Amazing Grace; Where The Song Will Never End; On The Other Side; Just Look For Me In Glory; There Is Joy In Serving Jesus; I'm Gonna Move Away; Daddy Sang Bass.

1979 Donít Ever Let Me Stray (KHP Records)

1982 Under Control (KHP Records) (subtitled: In Living Memory Of ďLittle GeorgeĒ) When Jesus Steps Out On The Cloud; He Knows Me; Under Control; I Hold A Clear Title; I'm Gonna Go There; I've Got A Better Place To Go; The Fire Has Never Gone Out; Lay It Down And Leave It; I've Got My Foot On The Rock (And My Mind's Made Up)

1983 Iíve Been There (Eddie Crook Company / ECP-2047) I've Been There; Heaven's Call; Life's Living Water; When My Jesus Calls Me Home; They're Holding Up The Ladder; It Takes Jesus; Them Old Shoes; I'll See Them Again; Though I'm Tried With Fire; I'm Gonna Move; I Know A Man Who Can

1984 Looking Back (Eddie Crook Company) Look What He's Done For Me; The Light Ahead Is Gloryland; I'm Walking; Imagine; I Got It That Way; I Wanna Die Climbing; Stand Up And Be Counted; Mama's Making Memories; Hold On A Little Longer; The Song Will Never End.

1985 Involved (Morningstar Records) Get Involved; Dig A Little Deeper; That Mountain Wouldn't Be There; Sweet Home Of The Soul; Covering For Me; Called Out; Jesus Said It; My Mountain; The Night I Knelt Down; Hittin The Road.

1986 Songs Of Power (Morningstar Records/MST4068): What Manner Of Man; Call On God For Power; Only Sleeping; When We Are Called Away; I'm Gonna Overcome; We Shall Reign; Walking On The Water; The Devil's List; Winter Of His Mercy; Get Thee Behind Me Satan

1987 Tradition (Morningstar Records): There's Never Been; We'll Travel On; Jesus Sits By The Throne; My Mind's Made Up; He's Leading Me On; He Only Sees The Blood; After The Victory; Keeping On; His Power Is Alive; I'll Rejoice.

1988 Godís Little People Live (Morningstar Records/MS4091): God's Little People; I Remember The Day; When I Call His Name; We're Gonna Rise; God Walks The Dark Hills; Pressing On; Glory Spout; The Mountain. (Randy Perry, Denise Helton, Libbi Stuffle, Tracey Stuffle, Mark Willett, Reggie Grimmett, Jerry Wells, Jimmy Loudermilk).

1989 The Best Four You (Morningstar Records/MSC4101): I Hear Them Singing; Glory Divine; I'll Live Again; I'm Gonna Take A Vacation; Never Again; You Were There All Along; I Want To Hear It Again; America, Stand Tall; Light Ahead Is Gloryland. (Randy Perry, Denise Helton, Libbi Stuffle, Tracey Stuffle, Mark Willett).

1990 Little Thunder Live In Alabama (Morningstar Records/MSC4119): Holy Manna; New Shoes; It'll Be Wonderful; Tears Will Never Stain The Streets Of That City; He Knows How; He Took Me In; Amazing Grace; My Soul Is Satisfied; This Is What Heaven Means To Me

1991 Royal Descendants (Morningstar Records/MSCD4129): That's What He Did For Me; Holy Angels; The Day He Autographed My Heart; Brand New Experience; We're Sailing Home; Royal Descendant; It's About Time; I'll Take The Old Highway; City Of The Living; I'll Leave In A Moment

1991 Through the Years with the Perrys (Morningstar Records)

1992 Going On (Morningstar Records/MSC4148): I'll Go On For You; I'm Gonna Be There; The Master Locksmith; One Step Behind; Jesus Took It Away; I Can't Hardly Wait; King Of It All; Happy Home; The Medley; The Captain Of My Soul

1993 Grace (Morningstar Records/MSCD4170): Grace; The Blood Found Me; He Can't Follow Me Home; He Didn't Have To Go; Look What I'm Trading For A Mansion; The Rock Of Ages; I'm Going Up; Mother's Day; Consider The Price; I'm Outa Here

1994 Full Circle (Morningstar Records/MSCD4193): I Have A Reason; Full Circle; This Is The Last Mile; The Lord Just Sent An Angel; This Could Be The Day; I'm Bound For A City; Send The Blood; He's All I Need; Jacob's Well; My Mountain

1995 25 Years and More (Morningstar Records): This Ship Was Made To Sail; I'm Forgiven; He'll See Me Through; Delivered Out; He Won't Leave Us Now; The Hem Of His Garment; Joyful Morning; Prepare To Meet Your Maker; I'd Do It All Over Again; I'm So Glad I've Got A Better Place To Go

1996 Center Stage Live (Morningstar Records/MSCD4234): I'm Happy Knowing; Gonna Be, Someday Will Be; Joy In The Morning; Marriage Supper Of The Lamb; God Sent Angels; Back On The Mountain; Goodbye World Goodbye; One Of These Days; A Place We Can Really Call Home; Power In Prayer; I Like The Promise

1997 Crossings (Daywind Records/DAY1134D): He's Leading The Way; Not Even A Stone; After All; I'll See What John Saw; All He's Done For Me; Peace Of Mind; By Faith I Can Touch Him Now; Send A Miracle; I'm Not Afraid To Cross Jordan; Another Burden On The Altar

1998 Come To The Fountain (Daywind Records/DAY1157D): March Around The Throne One Time For Me; His Grace Is Sufficient For Thee; Come To The Fountain; Run And Tell; When He Spoke; That's Why; A Mountaintop For Me; Another Shoutin, Hallelujah, Gone To Meeting Song; Redeemed; He's Never Failed One Yet

1999 Absolutely Positively Live! (Daywind Records/DAY1188D): In That Number; Absolutely Positively; I'm Still Amazed; He's Already Climbed That Mountain; We'll See Jesus Christ The King; My Lord's Been With Me All The Way; Oh The Glory Did Roll; He Included Me; Until The Day; Praise God, It's Settled, I'm Saved; Oh Daniel; I'll Pray For You

2001 Hits & Hymns Vol. 1 (Daywind Records/DAY1238D): I'm Too Near Home; What A Beautiful Day; I Remember The Day; Royal Descendant; Living By Faith; The Sweetest Song I Know; God Walks The Dark Hills; Where We'll Never Grow Old; Land Of The Living; Thinking Of A Mansion

2001 Changed Forever (Daywind Records/DAY1260D): I Was There When It Happened; Gentle Shepherd; I Can, I Have, I Will; Jesus Alone Is Mighty To Save; When We Hear Him Say Well Done; I Rest My Case At The Cross; Changed Forever; Come On And Join Us; Still Blessed; Thank God I'm Saved; Love Brought Me Back; Waiting Triumphantly

2002 Hits & Hymns Vol. 2 (Daywind Records/DAY1333D): Holy Manna; We Shall Reign; I've Never Been Sorry; The Love Of God; When Morning Sweeps The Eastern Sky; Wait'll You See My Brand New Home; Oh What A Day; Look What I'm Trading For A Mansion; By Faith I Can Touch Him Now; Not Even A Stone

2003 This is the Day (Daywind Records/DAY1321): This Is The Day; The Lord Knows What To Do; Calvary Answers For Me; Out Of Harm's Way; Oh, That Wonderful Promise; His Scars; I Wish I Could Have Been There; Until I Start Looking Ahead; Better Saved Than Sorry; The Blood Of An Old Rugged Cross; He Gave His Only Son; Damascus Road. (Libbi Perry Stuffle, Loren Harris, Curt Davis, Tracy Stuffle, Justin Ellis).

2004 Life of Love (Daywind Records/DAY1404D): Jesus Opened Up The Way; But I Met A Nazarene; His Grace Will Lead Me Home; His Name Was John; Living A Life Of Love; What A God; We Will Be Changed; City Not Made With Hands; I Will Find You Again; I Am The Water; David And Goliath

2005 Remembering the Happy Goodmans (Daywind Records)/DAY1459): When They Ring The Bells Of Heaven; Who Am I; Shoutin' Sounds; Over The Next Hill; I Wouldn't Take Nothing For My Journey Now; How Much More; When It All Starts Happening, I'll Be There; Eastern Gate; I'm Living In Canaan Now; I Don't Regret A Mile; The Sweetest Song I Know; Wait'll You See My Brand New Home; I'm Too Near Home; God Walks The Dark Hills; What A Beautiful Day; When Morning Sweeps The Eastern Sky. (Libbi Perry Stuffle, Loren Harris, Joseph Habedank, Tracy Stuffle, Matthew Holt).

2006 Come Thirsty (Daywind Records/DAY1481D): Until The Last One Is Home; Still Thrilled; A Day That Never Ends; He Will Hide Me; Walk Away Free; When Jesus Prays; Come Thirsty; They Sang A Hymn; Why Trouble The Master; He Forgot; Mary For A While

2007 Look No Further (Daywind Records): I Know It Was The Blood; The Potter Knows The Clay; Every Question Will Be Answered; Grip Of Grace; Look No Further; All Is Well; Product Of Love; The Holy Hills Of Heaven Call Me; Come And Get Me; Holding On To Me; Holy Shore; Second Opinion

2009 Almost Morning (Daywind Records DAY1647D): This Old Sinner Testifies; If You Knew Him; An Old Fashioned Altar; Almost Morning; I Love To Tell Of His Love; The One Who Is Unworthy; Dying Is A Day; Prior To A Prayer; You Cannot Improve On The Truth; Did I Mention.

2011 Blue Skies Coming (Daywind Records): Blue Skies Coming; Grace Doesn't Remember; His Love Lights The Way; Celebrate Me Home; Nothing Was Burned; Rejoice, My Children, Rejoice; Sounds Good To Me; He Loves To Save; Every Time I Need Him; I Know What I'm Singing About; The End Of The Aisle.

2012 Through The Night (Daywind Records): I Got A Hold Of God This Morning; Whosoever Will; Everywhere I Go; Through The Night; He Is Good To Me; Too Good To Not Be True; The Blood And Its Power; One Of These Mornings; Unspoken Request; When He Spoke. (Tracy Stuffle, Bryan Walker, Libbi Stuffle, Jared Stuffle, Joseph Habedank).

2014 Into His Presence (Stow Town Records): Into His Presence; When He Comes Walking On The Water; I Can Trust Him; How Long; Reminders; Lord, I'm Thankful; Sooner Than Later; Three Men On A Mountain; I Owe Him Everything; Just Stand Still; Privilege Of Prayer. (David Ragan, Tracy Stuffle, Bryan Walker, Libbi Stuffle, Jared Stuffle).

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