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M Whitmark And Sons
Mack Taunton Music
Magna Records
Magnolia Hill Music
Main Tripp Publishing
MainStream Records
Majestic Records
Makem Smile Music
Makkedah Music
Mal 'N Al Music
Mallie B Music
Malvern Music
Manna Music Inc
Manna White Music
Manor House Records
Manuel Family Band Publishing
Maplesong Music
Marcia Henry Music
Mark Five Records
Mark IV Music
Mark IV Records
Mark Jones Music
Mark Lanier Music
Marquis Music
Mastercraft Music
Masters Records

Masters Touch Publishing
Matco Publishing
Material Music
May Sun Music
Mayberry Records
MCA Music
MCA Records
McKameys Publishing
McKeehan Timmons Publishing Co
McSpadden Music
McSpadden Smith Music
Meadow Green Music
Melmo Music
Melotone Records
Memorial Records
Memory Lane Gospel
Mercury Records
Mercy Cross Music
Merinet Records
MGB Songs
MGM Records
Michael Garvin Music
Mid-America Recordings
Mighty Nice Music
Mighty Wind Music
Mike Murdock Music
Mike Stoller Music
Milene Music
Miracle Records
Miss Surrett Music
Mission Records
MLS Publishing

Mole End Music
Monk And Tid Music
Monk Family Music
Moonlight Canyon Music
Morada Records
Morning Joy Records
MorningStar Records
Mosie Lister Publishing
Moss Rose Music
Motesart Music
Mother Bertha Music
Mountain Heritage Records
Mountain Top Publishing
MPCA Lehsem Songs
Ms Lumpskin's Poodle
Mt Paran Music
Mt Pilot Music
Mullins Family Music
Music Box Records
Music Corporation Of America
Music Mill Records
Music Of Calvary
Music Of The Ark
Music Of The West
Music Publishing Company Of America
Music Sales Corp
My Abbey Publishing
My Abby Publishing
My Father's Music
Myrrh Records

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