Group Members

(Partial List)

Bobby Clark (1995-1998)
Rick Solomon (1998-????)
Steve Warren (????-????)

Jim Wesson (1995-????)

Cleon Yates (1995-2002)
Chris Smith (????-????)

Chris West (1995-1997)
Mike Bullock (1997-????)

Buddy Burton (1995-1998)
Ralph Green (1998-????)

Men Of Music (1995-2007, 2009-Present)


The Men of Music was formed in November 1995 in Austin, Texas through the love of Southern Gospel Music and the love of God under the direction of then owner Cleon Yates. Yates brought in some of the greatest names in Southern Gospel to fill the positions such as Bobby Clark, Buddy Burton, Chris West and Jim Wesson. In 1996, the group was nominated for Horizon Group of the Year in Singing News Fan Awards.


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