Harold Timmons


Harold Timmons is a gospel pianist. The first group he played for was a regional, local group, The Songmasters from Rural Hall, NC. Later he played part-time with the Original Singing Americans from Winston-Salem, NC, and moved to Greenville, SC in the 1970-71 era to join The Sheltons. Moving to Nashville in 1971, he joined Alvis and The Barnetts, and remained there for about a year. He played piano for for the Hemphills from 1973-1978, and several years he was a member Sof the Chuck Wagon Gang from 1985-1994. He also owns the McKeehan Timmons Publishing Co.

Songwriter's Résumé

(Partial List)

In Canaan's Fair Land - (Co-written with Betty Jordan}
Once Upon A Starry Night - (Co-written with Betty Jordan)
The Best Is Yet To Be - (Co-written with Betty Jordan)

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