Greenes, 1982

Group Members

Marc Ivey (2011)
Tony Goforth (2011)
Keith Skiles (2011-present)

Tim Greene (1979-2002, 2011-Present)
Corey Wilson (20??-20??)
Brad Hudson (2005-2008)
Paul Lancaster (2008-2009)
Jeff Snyder (2009-2010)
Stacy Saunders (2011)
Jason Gordon (2011-201?)
Scott Mullins (201?-201?)
Daniel Albritton (201?-201?)
Connor Bost (201?-2019)

Tony Greene (1979-2010)

Kim Hopper (1979-1989)
Amy Lambert (1989-1994)
Milena Parks (1994-1998)
Taranda Greene (1998-2010)

Everette Greene (1979-1984)

Everette Greene (1979-1986)
James Rainey (????-????)
Chris Bollinger (1990-1995)
John Jeffrey (2004-2010)

Position And Years Of Service Unknown
Robbie Stevens (????-????)
Roger Fortner (????-????)
Dennis Murphy (????-????)
Vince ???? (????-????)

The Greenes (1979-2010, 2011-Present)


History Everette Greene formed The Greenes in the late 1970s in Boone, NC with his children Tim, Kim, and Tony Greene. They were strictly a family group until 1988 when Kim left to join her husband Dean Hopper as a member of The Hoppers. Amy Lambert was followed by Milena Parks singing soprano during the late 1980s and 1990s.

Taranda Kiser joined the group to sing soprano in 1998. She would later marry Tony Greene making The Greenes and all-family group again until Tim Greene left in the mid-2000s. Brad Hudson, Paul Lancaster, and Jeff Snyder filled the lead role successively over the next few years until Tony Greene passed away in 2010.

Tim Greene launched a new in 2011 initially billed as The Tim Greene Trio. By 2012, the group name was shortened to The Greenes.


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