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Group Members

(Partial List)

A V Wall (1947-????)
George Melton (????-????)
Danny Pollard (????-????)

Art Haynes (1947-????)
Danny Pollard (????-????)
James Farmer (????-????)

Bob Jones Sr (1947-????)
James Farmer (????-????)
Ronnie Smith (????-????)

Don Smith (1947-????)

Billy Clanton (1947-????)
Ray Cude (????-????)
Ray Cooper (????-????)
Don Ball (????-????)

Larry Turner (????-????)

Cletus Clark (????-????)

Gospelaires (1947-????)


The Gospelaires Quartet began in Fresno, California in 1947 and was formed by Don Smith and Bob Jones Senior. Don Smith sang bass for the Blackwood Brothers prior to moving to Fresno, California and orginizing the Gospelaires.


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1958 Musical Moments of Inspiration (Gospel Records - Don Smith Enterprises/LP-9757)/(Bonnie Records/BON LP-9757): I'm Feeling Fine; I'm Thankful; On The Jericho Road; How Great Thou Art; Take A Moment To Live; The Upper Window (featuring James Farmer); Old Time Religion; Peace In The Valley; I Wouldn't Trade; Stop And Pray; I Don't Mind; Only A Look (Ray Cooper, James Farmer, Ronnie Smith, Don Smith, Cletus Clark).

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???? Songs You Have Requested (Gospel Records - Don Smith Enterprises/LP-795): Heavenly Love; Living With Jesus; Where Could I Go; Mail Order From Heaven; Because Of Him; Taller Than Trees; It's Different Now; Have I Done My Best; Oh, How I Love Jesus; Sorry, I Never Knew You; I Want To Walk As Close As I Can; I'll Be There (George Melton, Danny Pollard, James Farmer, Don Smith, Ray Cude).

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???? The Best Of The Gospelaires (Gospel Records - Don Smith Enterprises/LP-796): I'm A Debtor I Know; Way Down Deep In My Soul; Sweet Jesus; Dear Jesus Abide With Me; Without Him; He's Everything To Me; When You Walk With Jesus; Oh, What A Saviour; Closer To Thee; Christ Is The Light House; Come And Go With Me; Angels Watching Over Me (George Melton, Danny Pollard, James Farmer, Don Smith, Ray Cude).

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???? Something Old Something New (Gospel Records - Don Smith Enterprises/LPS-800): Rock-A-My Soul; No, Never Alone; Don't Point Your Finger; Standing By The River; Who Am I; Listen; Oh, What He's Done For Me; Just A Little Talk, With Jesus; I'm Free Again; Glad Reunion Day; First Day In Heaven; Medley: Precious Memories/Sweet By And By/Haven Of Rest (Danny Pollard, James Farmer, Ronnie Smith, Don Smith, Don Ball)

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???? Wrapped In His Love (Gospel Records - Don Smith Enterprises/LPS-804): Step Into The Water; Wrapped In His Love; When I Get Home; The Dawn Of This New Morning; It's The Little Things; Angel Song (He Sent His Son); Swing Down Chariot; Already Forgiven; Movin; Into His Presence (Anita Smith, Ken Hurley, Guy Smith, Ron Smith).
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